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This is the place to post stories you have written about your character's timeskip; what happened to them in the five years between the fall of the Gav Daragon and the rise of the Empress Teta.

TOPIC: [DARK HORIZON] Grand Finalé : Epilogue Transcript

[DARK HORIZON] Grand Finalé : Epilogue Transcript 1 year 10 months ago #15608

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Epilogue Script

[Defeat. The Gav Daragon lies stricken, aflame and drifting in space. Her hull is scarred and her spine broken; she’ll never jump again. Escape pods and shuttles spew forth from the doomed vessel.]

[A small Republic Fleet rallies to the survivors’ defence, drawing the fire of the Imperial Dreadnought as escape pods and shuttles are retrieved. It is too late, however, to save the Gav Daragon.]

[The Khar Delba looms above the dying cruiser, casting a shadow that eclipses the Gav Daragon. Unrelenting, its turbolasers turn against the rescuing ships, and the survivors, still huddled in their escape pods.]

[Lances of green and red intermingle. Several escape pods disappear in a flash of destruction, as Moff Karos enacts his will upon the enemies of the Sith Empire.]

[An explosion consumes the Gav Daragon, at once extinguishing the lives of those left onboard. The searing fireball scorches the hull, and the ship breaks apart, the drive section severing from the main body.]

[The Peko-Peko rises from the deck of the Resolute’s main hangar bay. Vapours swirl beneath her as she lingers, an extra breath, before wheeling about to head for the exit. She returns to the stars, to the battle raging outside.]

[The Peko-Peko weaves her way between slow scattered debris, towards the buckling wreck of the Gav Daragon. Towards the handful of escape pods that still await recovery.]

[“You can save them.” The words still ring in her ears. How can she live up to that…? She can. She will. She must.]

[Margo gazes from her viewport as her ship grows ever nearer to the pods. Her eye is drawn to her home, torn apart, before shifting to the sleek, looming mass of the Khar Delba as stray fire buffets her shielding.]

[Margo grits her teeth, before calming. She utters to herself a low, solemn vow, before continuing her path towards her stricken comrades.]

[Across the depths of space, on a distant, dark horizon, a thousand flashes herald the arrival of the Eternal Fleet. An endless, towering grid of cruciform warships fills the space beyond the Gav Daragon, dwarfing the ongoing battle.]

[The armada advances, inexorable and unstoppable, preparing to unleash untold destruction on the ships before them. The Republic vessels come about, and the Khar Delba quickly breaks off its attack.]

[Vice Admiral Reugen] All ships -- this is Vice Admiral Reugen. The Eternal Fleet has arrived; we must retreat immediately! Come about, one-hundred-eighty degrees and prepare for emergency hyperspace jump!

[The Resolute, Mersil Kebir and Bacca’s Blade strain to reach the last survivors within reach, before reluctantly peeling off to keep out of range of the encroaching fleet, consigning the remaining survivors to certain doom.]

[The Khar Delba disappears, quickly retreating into hyperspace to places unknown. Lances of blue energy replace the green as the Eternal Fleet opens fire. There is no delaying the inevitable.]

Peko-Peko – Commander Yasra. Margo… There’s no time left. We have to leave – now! Come about and prepare for an emergency hyperspace jump! I’ll see you at the rally point.

[Margo brings her hyperdrive online, turning to begin the automated calculations for the jump into hyperspace. A warning flares, forcing her attention to the state of the hyperdrive itself. She pauses, for a moment. [...]

[...] Though only for a moment. The noise of the warning alarm, the battle raging outside, all still as she gazes upwards at the RSS Resolute. She makes her decision, reaching for the manual override and forcing her hyperdrive into activation.]

… All systems green, Commander. I’ll follow you in.

[The quartet of Republic vessels retreat, hopelessly outmatched by the immensity of the Eternal Fleet. Returning fire to cover their escape, one by one, they flee into hyperspace, leaving three dozen escape pods behind.]

[The Peko-Peko trembles as the blood spattered starfield begins to blur, the stars elongating into the spiralling tunnels of hyperspace. Margo closes her eyes as the bright blue kaleidoscope envelops her ship, plucking her from the battlefield… ]

[Aboard the Gav Daragon, one of the last escape pods has yet to launch from the secondary bay. Within it, Emrys Graves, and one of the starship’s janitors, Lou’fer C’i.]

[The older man appeared to be in a panic, unused to the hubbub and clatter of massive fighting.]

[The marine Staff Sergeant strapped him in before sitting down himself. He popped the door closed and launched the pod. The rest were images in a nightmare.]

[Searing heat.]

[Life support failure.]

[Lights blinking.]

[Breaths quickened. Veering off course. Battle raging. Time passes.]

[Sudden reentry. Groaning metal. Waiting for death. Bone-chilling cold. Another impact. Hard landing.]

[Two crawl out. Snow. Blizzard. Exhaustion. Death visits the janitor. Deep, slow breaths.]

[No contact.]

[No communications.]

[Dead Air.]

[Empty planet.]



[After the fall of the Gav Daraon, an escape pod carrying Jeriath Serasai was picked up by the Empress Teta. On this ship, he spent a lot of time wondering what would happen to him and the others.]

[In the coming days, in wake of the disappearance of ranking officers from the marine detachment, Jeriath Serasai was re-assigned to another republic vessel – the Callion’s Spear – to bolster its crew after recent losses.]

[Sleep slowly became a rarer thing for the marine as things fall into place for him. Only time would tell where he would end up.]

[Nikodema Ayyin steps out from the space port, raising her veiled visage toward the setting Coruscant sun. She smiles musingly, thinking back on all that has transpired on the Deliverance, in the service to the Republic and naturally the Jedi Order.]

[She feels certain that there is more to come. A new vision was bestowed upon her. She will seek out her Jedi brother Shardyn, knowing that as assuredly as the sun that sets will rise again, so will the future bring another day.]

[Nikodema proceeds toward the Senate Plaza, the lightsabres on each hip reminding her of their presence. More tales and stories will likely come from what is in store for all Jedi, she muses. That notion gives her comfort.]

[The day after the Gav Daragon went down, Kordall went back as part of a salvage crew.]

[There, he rescued two droids; med-droid MA-77 and the astromech H4-G8 that Kordall saved on Coruscant. The droids had a bickering friendship, but both sought to follow Kordall after being saved from the Gav Daragon.]

[When things had settled, the remnants of Red Squadron were merged with another Republic squadron. Kordall again found himself flying with Specialist Errikos Avantis, under the leadership of Padawan-Corporal Saraani Sada.]

[Together, they fought a losing battle against the relentless and overpowering Eternal Fleet, a battle that waged months against the diminishing Republic Navy.]

[But Kordall went missing shortly after a battle with the Sith Empire…]

[In Silence, Shardyn watched the park in front of the senate. The others had mostly dispersed by now. “Every end is a new beginning,” he whispered. He remembered Nikodema’s words. He himself was not as open to visions as she or Knight Vurdan.]

[But Shardyn could feel it, when the force was pointing him a new direction. He would find those Nikodema had heard calling in her vision, and he would help them. But who would come with him?]

[Reassignment. The word had finally been passed down to the survivors of the Gav Daragon.]

[Upon hearing it, Eskkaar had marched to the most senior ODR officer within his reach, admittedly his emotions running high, having still not fully processed the events of the past few days.]

[Arguing to keep Shield Squadron together – all thoughts of respect gone – as he tried in vain to honour the memory of fallen brothers and sisters, and to keep a promise made.]

[The crew of the Empress Teta later swore they heard the raised voices decks below. Two weeks later, Eskkaar found himself back on Coruscant, part of a garrison force, and under no illusion as to why he was there.]

[Eskkaar had no regrets about his actions, at least, for now.]

[In the weeks following the appearance of the Eternal Empire, Sarani Sada, now leading the remnants of Red Squadron, flew with renewed passion against the advanced forces of the Eternal Empire.]

[Though, at first, she scored several victories in revenge for the Gav Daragon, she could not stay ahead of her past forever. During one fateful engagement, her beloved starfighter took critical damage in an engagement with Zakuulan forces.]

[Though she was able to escape death at the hands of the Zakuulan forces, a lone Terminus-class Destroyer put an end to her hopes of escape.]

[Commanded by Lord Larasha Sada, the Sith was determined to end her traitorous offspring, even if she had to cut a deal with the Eternal Empire to do it.]

[Above a distant, swampy world, Red One disappeared off of radars in a torrent of Imperial fire. It crashed upon the jungle moon. Its pilot’s remains missing…]

[The RSS Dodonna sails quietly through hyperspace, far and ahead from the rest of the Third Expeditionary Fleet, carrying its cargo of soldiers and specialists to a string of worlds on the verge of Wild Space.]

[In one of the many makeshift meeting halls Jedi Knight Arantir Frostbrand has just finished briefing his unit as to their mission objective and turns to face the viewport and the uncertain future beyond.]

[After the destruction of the Gav Daragon, Errikos spent time healing, rethinking her life and finally moved on to a new chapter in her life, as the previous one had drawn to a close.]

[She kept on flying with the remnants of Red Squadron under Saraani Sada, working tirelessly for the Republic, and for her newfound familly, untill Corporal Sada mysteriously vanished.]

[The young Echani could not handle more loss, and spent days pulling at her hair, frustrated and angry, before she finally set off with Kordall.]

[The two banded together to look for their lost friend, and were listed as Missing In Action a few weeks later.]

[Roganor, having left both the Enclave and the Jedi Order, remained on Coruscant. He returned to his family, and reconnected with his old friends, keeping updated on the war effort, and helping local law enforcement against criminals.]

[After half a year passed, Roganor maked various calls, then seemingly dissapeared without a trace. No further activity was seen from him, and there were no responses when trying to reach him through comm channels.]

[Aldylas spent a few days aboard the Resolute, before requesting to be reassigned to his homeworld of Corellia for the conflict’s duration.]

[Due to the planet’s location, and its shipyards in a galaxy rapidly losing its ability to produce warships to combat the Eternal Fleet, his request is granted.]

[For almost a year, Aldylas aided the Corellian Security Force and planetary militia in defending his beleaguered world, but like the rest of the galaxy, it was quickly overrun.]

[Before long, Zakuulan overseers arrived to manage the planets citizenry and infrastructure.]

[Over time, Corellia adapted, sending its negotiated tithe to the Eternal Empire, and any insurrection by the CSF was quickly repaid in innocent blood. Not wishing to bow to Zakuul, Aldylas vanished on one of the many ships leaving the system.]

[Svenaq ventured forth into the light from the hazy gloom of the spaceport. The sun's ray cascaded down upon his face, it's warmth and hospitality embracing him. Still, the fresh, crisp air that descended from the mountains was welcoming.]

[In the distance, the looming spires of Castle Organa were indicative of the beauty, grandeur and resplendent nature of the planet. This was the home of the Republic itself, and it was delineated as such.]

[The Jedi inhaled the passing breeze, closing his eyes. He found solace from the recent events here. He was part of the Order, that would never change, but Alderaan was his home.]

[During the early, chaotic effort to fight the Eternal Fleet through means of conventional warfare, the Republic Navy lost all too many Starfighter pilots. The story of Valhein Ravion was among many to reach its final chapters during this turmoil.]

[After the Gav Daragon was lost, the remnants of Red Squadron, flying under the leadership of Saraani Sada, threw itself into the fire; a campaign to fight the Zakuulan invaders.]

[Ravion – Red Six in times past – never returned from this campaign.]

[A sophisticated Zakuulan drone did what no Imperial Pilot had managed; Valhein’s FT-6 Star Guard fighter was utterly destroyed, along with the man inside.]

[As the war dragged on, Aerón watched the Republic grow weaker and weaker, struggling to defend against the new threat. But he didn’t give up hope, fighting until the capital was blockaded and the treaty was signed.]

[Afterwards, he remained on Coruscant, starting to resist in his own way, fighting crime and helping the people of the capital as a vigilante.]

[At first, Aerón acted alone, but as time passes more people join him – people of various backgrounds – all tired of criminals extorting innocents in desperate times.]

[Years go by. Despite success the group disbanded; members left and died over the years, the remaining wishing to live a normal life again. Aerón continued the fight on his own. Eventually leaving Coruscant, to join the recently formed Alliance.]

[After fighting against the Eternal Empire’s invasion for its entire duration, Kakyro continued his duty as a Jedi, chosing backwater planets where the Eternal Empire hadn’t established as strong a presence as the Core.]

[Upon the formation of the Alliance, Kakyro was made aware of it through contacts still retained within the Republic Armed Forces. He Joined the Alliance just before the Outlander destroyed the first Star Fortress.]

[Since then, Kakyro has activly partaken in both the Alliance’s Force Enclave, as well as the Military Branch of the Alliance, using his experience and expertise where needed.]

[When he received the news that the Gav Daragon had been lost in action, Junn was training his first class of cadets on Borleias.]

[In the days and weeks that followed, the elite pilot considered returning to active duty, but ultimately chose to remain as part of training command.]

[During the conflict with Zakuul, he trained dozens of squadrons of pilots, the only way he knew how: In the simulator, fighting battles with each other, and with other units of trainees.]

[If one of the cadets got cocky, he’d jump in, to remind them what an elite pilot can do.]

[After the Republic surrendered, he continued as an instructor. Rookie pilots often spin tall tales about how he earnt his ribbons and scar.]

[Every year, on the anniversary of the loss of the Gav Daragon, he would raise a glass to Valhein Ravion, his former wingman, killed defending the Republic.]

[Disenthralled with violence after a training accident and firsthand witness to the dangers of zealotry within the enclave, Tanvee took her leave and followed the call of the Force to Iridonia.]

[There, she found her grandmother’s tribe, who shuned technology in favor of traditional Zabrak ways.]

[Under the tribal name of Rinyokaenwu (Bright Song-serpent), she began learning the ways of the druid-like shamans of the old Zabrak religion, immersing herself deeper than ever into the mysteries of the Force.]

[As the years pass, it became clear that Zakuul was persecuting Force-sensitives, rounding them up for indoctrination as Knights of Zakuul.]

[At Rinyokaenwu's plea, the village joined the 'Subspace Hyperlane', an alliance dedicated to hiding and protecting Force-sensitives from Zakuul's tribute-masters.]

[With the loss of the Gav Daragon, Gloridenis Rexicalus rallied with the Republic Navy to fight on against the Eternal Empire, despite knowing it was a doomed cause. Loss after loss, the Republic could not counter such an onslaught, only buy time.]

[An unjust peace; signed. The Supreme Chancellor; betrayed. But the crimes of the Empire demanded a reckoning Gloridenis vowed to deliver. His ruthlessness would earn him recognition and commendation, as would his lack of mercy.]

[Resignation followed not long after, as did a return to Alderaan, to home and family. Exile, he told the Jedi, but his campaign for justice would begin here. The Sith would pay for the suffering they had caused, as would Zakuul. He would ensure it.]

[Following the fall of the Gav Daragon, Kento Roku returned to Tython to stand by his brethren against the invasion of the Empire of Zakuul.]

[In the following months he would prove himself in battle time and time again, but in the end nothing could stop the brutal march of the Eternal Fleet.]

[When the Core Worlds eventually succumbed to Zakuul and the surviving Jedi were recalled to Tython, Kento once again turned his back on the Republic and fled to the distant Outer Rim.]

[No one had heard from him, until, one day, a small parcel found its way to Tython. Inside lay the old and weathered lightsaber hilt of Kento Roku…]

[Ryanna left the Gav in much the same way she came, a bag slung around her shoulder carrying the few things she was able to salvage. She was debriefed on Coruscant and asked only for a chance fulfill the vow she made.]

[The mission was approved; A small shuttle, three individuals and a plan to strike back. Fortune was with the Empire that day; Moff Karos faced justice in the form of a titanium slug and lost a hand. He would never forget.]

[The Imperial statement followed later that week, describing it as a ‘Low attack against a renowned war hero’.]

[Ryanna was seen once more on Coruscant, leaving a military hospital. A camera caught a few hinky steps with a walking stick, before a speeder door opened, obstructing her from view. Then, she was gone.]

[It was quiet for the most part. Surprising, given it was a café located in one of Coruscant’s spaceports. Alera sat looking at the holocom on the table in front of her, sipping from a cup of caffa, holofrequency already entered.]

[Setting her drink down after a few long moments, she reached over to begin the call. The beeping sound was briefly drowned out by a ship passing by, a freighter, perhaps. Then the blue light above the device took on the form of a person. “Hello?”]

[She smiled at the figure. “Hey, it’s Alera. Remember me?”]

[With her resignation from the Republic Navy and the passing of Felixus Rocoro, Lucasta Ren flew to Ord Mantell to inform his family in person. Finding only his devastated older brother, Lychus, she began to lay the groundwork of her future plans.]

[Together with Lychus, Lucasta brought together a talented and capable crew to help her achieve her goals. Years later, rumours of a ship travelling along the fringes of the galaxy with its Zabrak Captain make their way to Republic space…]

[The death of Felixus shattered the Rocoro family into four pieces.]

[The father, consumed by guilt, became a victim of suicide in the week following the loss of his second son.]

[The mother, suffering from long-term illness, surrendered her will to live and succumbed to the disease three days after her husband's suicide.]

[The two remaining brothers attempted to make peace with the sudden turmoil in their own separate ways, though bitterness and blame divided them.]

[Caldus, ashamed for his part in the Separatist Movement and angry that he had pushed Felixus into enlistment with the Republic Navy, vanished without a word of apology.]

[Lychus abandoned Ord Mantell forever. He was last seen chasing shadows through The Void with Captain Lucasta Ren.]

[Somewhere unknown, between the desolation at Fondor and the beckoning call of the Core, the quiet stillness of space embraces a new arrival.]

[The Peko-Peko is thrust, battered and broken, from her escape along the hyperlanes. Her hyperdrive finally, violently, ceases to function. The vessel lurches into realspace, spinning a slow cartwheel across the system.]

[The ship is dark, unresponsive, even as a warning siren cries out from within. A trail of vented plasma marks her path as she vanishes into the darkness, Lieutenant Margo E. Faulkner never heard from again...]

[Fallen Republic troopers litter the ground. The rest retreating to evac shuttles as Zakuulan forces overrun their positions. One soldier looks out from the shuttle ramp, the reflection of the scene in his visor as he deactivates his lightsaber.]

[Holding the battle-worn helmet in his hand, he’d watch his reflection in the visor for a moment, before looking to the door as a man garbed in ragged equipment enters the room. He’d say nothing as he hands Rasheke a datapad.]

[Rasheke puts the helmet down, rising from his seat as he’d exit the room to a balcony overlooking a sandy outpost. Militia troops patrolling while starfighters lift off from the hanger.]

[He’d take his saber hilt and look at it with a smirk.]

[A man steps up to a closed door, a voice from the other side calling for him to enter. The man bows his head and steps through into the room, glancing warily at the two HK-series droids that guard either side of the entrance. “Broker?” He asks.]

[From behind his desk, the Cathar rises, extending a hand out front of him for the visitor, who promptly takes a seat in front of the table. “Have you found them?” The Cathar asks the visitor, taking his seat once more. The door closes behind him.]

[“Yes, sir.” The visitor states, looking around the room as if to check they aren’t being watched. “The Jedi are still out there.” He watches the Cathar for a reaction. In response, the Cathar simply rises and nods. “Then we have work to do.”]

[Flickering neon lights from a holoboard cast barely enough light on the desolate streets. Darting between flickering shadows, an Ubese proceeds down the street towards a decrepit warehouse. On the side, she finds a rusted ladder and climbs it.]

[Inside the warehouse, several armed thugs look on as handfuls of collared beings load crates into a closed roof skiff. One collared Rodian stumbles and drops his crate, spilling its hold of coloured powder. Spice. A Houk closes in on the Rodian.]

[Up in the rafters, the Ubese lowers herself onto a support beam and surveys the spice trafficking. Raising a hand to the side of her helmet, she presses a button and begins recording.]

[A small second-hand shuttle touches down among jungle trees, the thrusters lighting up the night. Alen steps out, cutting down branches with a green light-blade before hiding his ship underneath them.]

[That done, he sets a branch alight for a torch, and walks through the trees towards something in the foreground, face sad and head bowed. We soon see it's an overgrown stone building, blocky and grey.]

[Once inside, he settles on the floor and takes something out of his pocket - a palm-sized cube. He closes his eyes, and after a few moments, the cube glows a soft blue, lighting his face... no longer sad, but resolved.]

[The view pulls back from a battered Defender-class ship; a rumbling, grinding sound as large rocks and stones assemble themselves around the ship to hide it from view, until soon it's nothing more than a rocky outcropping.]

[Hidden from view, a large man clad in a voluminous robe stands from where he'd been meditating nearby. The last rays of Tatoo II's sunset illuminate the landscape as it sinks below the horizon. The scene falls into darkness.]

[There is a slight crack, and a small fire illuminates the bearded face of Harabec Weathers as he lights a carved wooden pipe.]

[Face cast into shadow and green eyes glittering, he bends down to heft a pack to his shoulder and turns to look down from the rocks, across the dunes to a distant moisture farming compound, ruined and drifted with sand.]

[With a lingering look up to the stars above, he closes his eyes and nods firmly, finally speaking "The Force will be with us. Always." Then, with a determined tread, he sets off through to dark towards the distant, ruined farm.]

[The Deliverance floats idly through a System of alien stars free from the calamity of the galaxy.]

[Its broken, groaning back fills a silence where none may hear it venture forward, with nothing to trust but the Force; to hope, to dream, to one day return to those left behind – those that might, now, have died long ago.]

[There is no direction but forwards. There is no time but now.]

[The Force kept them thus far; the Force will take them further, unto the trials they must face.]

[These are the thoughts of the Jedi huddled in the Enclave Hall of the Lost Praxeum – never had the name been so pertinent. The expanse is dim; banners of the Jedi Order once elegantly draped down the walls hang skewed and in tatters.]

[The hall, once busy with Jedi going about their daily lives, is strewn with beds and supplies.]

[Those few that remain sit in a circle with their heads bowed, in deep meditation, unmoving, and entirely trusting; in the Force, and in each other. At once, they raise their heads.]

[The Deliverance launches itself into the swirling vortex of Hyperspace, leaving the space it had inhabited, once again, silent. Whether it survived, this time, is unknown.]

[At the Republic rally point, the battered survivors of the battle with the Eternal Empire limp through deep space, scattered and demoralised. A lone starfighter passes by the RSS Resolute, leading the fleet onwards into darkness.]

[Towed behind the flotilla is the wreckage of the RSS Gav Daragon, broken and beat. A myriad of salvage ships fly to and fro, tending to the remains of the great vessel. Aboard the Resolute, a figure looks out at her former home.]

[Braya Yasra surveys the scene, a look of solemnity as she reminisces about the Gav Daragon, and her brothers and sisters in arms, scattered among the stars. She thinks on all the promises she made, and all the ones she may still keep.]

[Braya gives one final look over to the Gav Daragon, as the Resolute leaves the mighty cruiser behind, turning away to venture toward an endless sea of stars.]



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[DARK HORIZON] Grand Finalé : Epilogue Transcript 1 year 10 months ago #15609

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