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Tales of the Old Republic is the place to post stories you have written about your character or others, either based upon roleplay that has occurred, or an entire side-story to events in-game which shed light on other parts of your character's life.

TOPIC: Outgoing Message: Edwin.toll@uhc

Outgoing Message: Edwin.toll@uhc 1 year 1 month ago #17661

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Salutations, you old coot.

It’s been a while, but I hope the world is treating you as gently as ever and you still get some joy out of messing with young interns. Likewise, I hope you haven’t grown senile or lost your edge, as I’d like to ask for your help – or more like call in a favor.

Long story short; a patient of mine suffered a traumatic injury from a lightsaber slash a long time ago, going from her forehead, across the right side of her face (damaging the eye in the process) to eventually stopping at her shoulder, almost severing the arm. She did receive medical attention, focused entirely on the arm, since given undisclosed circumstances it was a choice between the arm or the eye. Now she’s come forth asking about the possibility of fixing the aforementioned eye. I will note that cybernetics and/or augmentations are out of the picture. Why? I’m not at liberty to say.

Mechanically, she has full ocular movement, no restrictions. She describes the iris being off color, which I’ve noted during examination, but it's not uncommon for an injury like this to leave such result, meaning it’s of no major concern – cosmetic surgery if wanted. She physically can’t see anything, nor does the pupil react to light, which could mean any number of structures may have been damaged – anything from the retina or optic nerve itself to lacerations in the iris sphincter/dilator muscles and/or the short/long ciliary nerves. I still have diagnostic scans to complete so I’ll know more afterwards, but if we theoretically go with worst case, it’d be a rather delicate operation with a substantial recovery period afterwards, depending on the extent of the operation - and therefore I’m sending you this message.

I read some time ago about this project of yours, “Phase III randomized trial of kolto injections into the vitreous humor to accelerate post-eye surgery recovery compared with conventional recovery”. Talk along the hyperspace lanes tell you’re nearing the end, and the results so far have been very promising.
I’d like to ask for everything you’ve got; results, methods, everything. I know it’s highly inappropriate to request such a thing, but if I know of a potential method that’ll help a patient of mine recover faster, and with less post-surgery side effects, then I’d feel as if I’d failed them if I didn’t at least try. After this, the slate will be considered wiped clean, we’ll be even. The documents won't be distributed further, this I can at least promise.

I hope you’ll listen to my plea, or demand if you feel so inclined. But, you can at least laugh at how I managed to reassure said patient it wasn’t too bad before I had all the information. Still failing at Basic Doctor 101, so yeah, go me. Here’s to hoping.

Sincerely yours


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