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TOPIC: [Audio Log #078] Darren, Kethal

[Audio Log #078] Darren, Kethal 1 year 7 months ago #16942

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[Note to all reading; This is simply what I’ve gathered from my limited roleplay in regards to the infection, so if there’s anything that’s not correct, by all means, point it out! Since by Gods, I probably have missed something along the lines]

//Processing biometric data.
>> Complete. Welcome Kethal Darren.
//Creating new audio log.
>> Log number #078. Time since last recording; six months and twenty-seven days.
//Begin recording.

[A heavy sigh can be heard, followed by the squeaking of a chair as someone sat down. Shortly thereafter a calm, professional voice cuts through the silence belonging to Darren.]

Specialist Kethal Darren, audio log 0-7-8, first recording after boarding the Empress Teta. It’s been a while, but felt the need to clear my head after everything that has happened in the past weeks time. This file will be concerning the, still, unknown viral infection the marines dragged back with them after their tour of the derelict vessel Casshem.

[A brief moment of silence before a throat clears and the voice continues.]

After they returned to the Empress, it didn’t take long for symptoms to develop - most notably a rising fever, joint pain, muscle spasms and, in later stages, delirium. Whatever the cause of the infection, it was not contagious, as only the marines who’d boarded the vessel fell ill. All other personal retained their vigor. We got lucky on that one, since had it been contagious, we’d be facing a catastrophe.

We also got joined by the unfortunate crew of the Casshem. They were transported onto the Teta – fifty odd ones if I recall correctly – and stored in one of the hangar bays. At first, they were of no interest, since the infection took priority over anything else, but after we figured out we had no idea what we were dealing with, no way of curing the afflicted and unable to do a darnable flipping thing to save our crewmates…

[The voice rising, sounding more infuriated and emotional with each passing word, almost progressing into a yell as a loud thumb rings out – the sound of fists slamming into a metal surface – before all falls quiet. Deep breaths could be heard for a few moments until he spoke out again, his usual composure regained.]

And since by this point the infection had already claimed one life and we were none the wiser. So, I took it upon myself to perform an autopsy on two of the Casshem crewmembers, hoping to find some answers. I found two somewhat similar bodies in regards to physique and age - #31 Recruit Ashtkel Basgaul and #46 Corporal Hastan Blacha, both identified through dog tags -, believing I’d rule out anything that’d influence the final findings. The autopsy wasn’t masterfully performed, but I followed the guidelines contained in the 'Autopsy Procedure Manual' by the Department of Anatomic Pathology at University Hospital of Coruscant to the best of my ability.

The actual examination of the bodies or the analysis of blood and tissue samples thereafter gave us no solid leads; apart from the cause of death for both of them were asphyxiation. It’s safe to assume the rest of the crew suffered a similar fate. My original goal to track down and isolate a strain was unsuccessful, as I found no traces in either of the bodies.

[Another brief pause in the recording before the sound of a cup being placed on a hard surface echoed through, as the voice continued where it left off.]

So, we were back to square one. We’d treat symptoms, and complications that were unique to some of the patients, - some more severe than others - as they arose. At this point, we’d lost an additional marine, but, at the same time, some actually started showing an improvement in their condition, waking from their delirium. At the point of recording, Staff Sergeant Eskkaar Ragnarson, Sergeant Aldylas Targen and Sergeant Gloridenis Rex are all responsive to stimuli. Rex has been in a meditative state since the infection took hold and hasn’t fallen into delirium at any point, as far as I know. It’s unknown as to why they’ve recovered to such a degree, but I shan’t complain. Mayhaps we’ll get out of this without any more deaths.

From this point on, while improbable, we’ll continue searching for a cure and hope the rest will show the same signs of improvement as the previously mentioned three. A portion of all so far gathered samples will be kept and sent to a proper laboratory when the first chance arises. Since one way of another we will, and must, find the cause and cure if ever we face a similar situation.

[A thoughtful pause, lasting barely a few seconds, before he speaks up once more.]

Before I forget; Lieutenant Margo Faulkner, who is also suffering from the infection, is onboard her personal ship, per request of herself and Commander Braya Yasra. I am a firm believer that the patient’s wishes should be respected to a certain degree, so until her condition deteriorates, the medical personal has allowed her to stay onboard.

[An audible sigh of relief is heard as if a burden had been lifted from his shoulders. The tone of his voice changing, sounding slightly more cheerful than throughout the log.]

With all of this said, I’m confident brighter times are ahead, since if not, I’ll need to dig into my reserve of Novanian grog, or some of that foul concoction the pilots drink.

Anyway, end recording and save log.

//Ending recording.
//Saving audio log #078.
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