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Tales of the Old Republic is the place to post stories you have written about your character or others, either based upon roleplay that has occurred, or an entire side-story to events in-game which shed light on other parts of your character's life.

TOPIC: Kento Roku's Journal

Kento Roku's Journal 1 year 10 months ago #16683

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In the aftermath of reclaiming the Empress Theta

A Jedi died today.

Of course, we’ll say she “became one with the Force”, or “found eternal peace”, or some other self-affirming nerf-shit at her wake.

Truth of the matter is, she was crushed to death. Her final moments were most likely filled with agony on an unimaginable scale.

We’ll say she died in service of her beloved Republic. That her sacrifice ensured the First Expeditionary Fleet’s mission was a success, that it allowed us to fight another day.

Truth of the matter is, she died in a raid that destroyed a Republic spaceport on a Republic planet. Tonight, citizen of Corellia will be too scared to sleep, wondering whether the terrorists will return to blow up something else, claim more lives. Tomorrow, they will feel the iron boots of Zakuulan Skytroopers on their necks, as they go from home to home, demanding information that none of them will be able to give. Tomorrow, gossip and rumours will morph into stories and urban legends of yet more villains Republic citizen should be vary of.

We’ll say all that destruction was necessary for the greater good. That we needed to claim the Empress Theta, our birthright, to bring the fight to the Eternal Empire! We’ll say that Zakuul forced our hand and that we’ll repay them the atrocities they forced us to commit, a hundredfold!

Truth of the matter is, we are but a lonely starship, cruising the forgotten corners of the galaxy. We are no mythical battleship of ancient legends, capable of taking out entire battalions of the Eternal Fleet with a single shot. We are not lead by the chosen Outlander, the Emperor Slayer, the Great Unifier. The Eternal Empire doesn’t fear us; it doesn’t even know we exist.

We’ll say we achieved a great victory over the Eternal Empire today. That we stood up to years of oppression and emerged as champions! That we finally stood up to an invincible god and wounded it.

Truth of the matter is, our grand victory was barely a fraction of a scratch on Zakuul's backside. It is too preoccupied to notice, preparing for war against the Outlander, who has slain yet another one of their Emperors. Zakuul exerts the bare minimum of effort to keep their serf planets in line. And it was nearly enough to stop us.

We’ll say our defiance will inspire others to rise up against their cruel Zakuulan masters! That in our wake will burn a righteous fire that will liberate the Republic!

Truth of the matter is, Republic citizen abandon their tortured nation by the millions every day now. The Battle of Odessen has become a rallying cry for all who oppose the Eternal Empire. The Outlander has become a beacon of hope for the galaxy, and has overcome monumental challenges without shedding a single drop of Republic, or Imperial, blood.

We’ll say we’re doing what needs to be done. That we cannot sit idly by, while Zakuul enslaves our people. That we cannot bow to an oppressor!

Truth of the matter is, we’d celebrate any oppressor, as long as it bore the Republic’s colours. For five long years we stood by powerlessly as Zakuul humiliated our nation over and over again. We watched as the Republic we fought to protect for so long was slowly beaten into degrading servitude.
Like any cornered, beaten animal, we lash out with primal fury. We'll use whatever we find against our abuser. We have no higher goal other than to hurt him. Hurt him for what he did to our Republic. Hurt him for what he did to us. And we don’t care if we have to burn down every single world to do so.

A Jedi died toady and we'll say she gave her life to the Republic, as have so many before her.

Truth of the matter is, Joanna Selara died a meaningless death to further the agenda of a dying regime...


Truth of the matter is, I need a drink.
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