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Tales of the Old Republic is the place to post stories you have written about your character or others, either based upon roleplay that has occurred, or an entire side-story to events in-game which shed light on other parts of your character's life.

TOPIC: New Journey (Part 4)

New Journey (Part 4) 1 year 11 months ago #16574

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From black to blue, the shade black fluttering and then to just blue- It is a sky...

"Where... am-" Vik says as he begins to sit up.

"You're on Alderaan." a voice comes from behind him. Vik then turns to face the voice, hethen smiles widely.

"Haley!" he then tries to move over to hug her, but the pain in his side would stop him, he then falls over onto the bed that he was laying on.

"Don't move to quickly, Vik." she says calmly

"We're home..." Vik says somewhat happily, he then looks back over to Haley.

"You saved my life up there, I can never repay you." she then comes over to the Medical bed that he is laying on, leaning on it's side as she gazes into his Blue Eyes.

"Don't worry about it..." he says quietly, like a whisper. but she leans in close, kissing him on the cheek. He looks back, but a tired expression on his face.

"Honestly, it was nothing." he then begins to close his eyes.

"It was everything to me." she says quietly, rising and departing.

Later that day, Vik awakes in the night- he was moved during his slumber into someones home, he looked around. it seemed to have been a guest's bedroom. It would then catch on that Haley let him stay the night at her house, he would look down himself- he would not be wearing his clothes, but instead pajama's, he then scratches his head.

"Who stripped me off while I was unconscious?" he says to himself with slight confusion. He then hears a noise from outside his door. it was probably Haley, he then lays back in bed and as he does so the door to his bedroom opens and in comes Haley.

"Hey. Feeling better?" she asks with a worrying tone.

"Much better, thank you." she then smiles at him.

"I got in contact with your father, he wants to come see you tomorrow." Vik then looks at her.

"I shouldn't, Jedi aren't permitted to see family." she then waves a dismissive hand.

"No one has seen a Jedi in ages, except from you... you might be all that is left." her words wound him deeply.

"No, I must search-- soon." he says eagerly.

"First you rest and see your father in the morning- he has your service record, he can get you back to your previous post in the Republic." he then looks over to her.

"How can he do that? he does not work for the republic..." she then rolls her eyes then looking back at him, she then sits down on the bed. placing her hand on his.

"You forget, silly. You have a brother in special forces, Danvari will help of course." Vik smirks at her.

"So... who put me in the pajamas?" he then flings the quilt off himself, revealing the yellow and blue striped pajamas.

"Ugh... you see, I-- ugh..." she blushes slightly and Vik smirks at her once more as he shakes his head.

"As long as they look good on me, then I am not overly bothered." he then looks down them with a smile on, she then bursts into a laugh.

"You look amazing, obviously!" he then takes the quilt and places it back over him, he then looks at her closely noticing she looks fatigued.

"You're tired, you need to rest." she then climbs under the quilt. Vik would not know what to make of it, but he would play along for the moment.

"Something wrong?" he asks. once she made herself comfortable in his bed.

"I am scared." she replies tiredly.

"Scared of?" he replies sharply.

"The people that are after you, they might kill you." he then lays down, leaning over to her.

"They won't, I promise." he then rests his head on the pillow.

"Don't make promises, that you might not be able to keep." she then turns over, snuggling up to him.

"Can I sleep here tonight? Just in case they come?" he then looks down at her following up with a nod.

"Yes, you can." he then lays back, and after about fifteen minutes, Haley would be asleep, but Vik would be wide awake. He never wanted anyone to try to get so close to him like this, it would be going against the Jedi Code- the things he has done up until now have went against it, like killing the un-armed Sith lord on the ship and losing his temper occasionally, he knows that he has been walking off the path for of the light, but is struggling to keep himself on it.

"I am falling..." he says quietly to himself, he would now feel a sense of shame. He never slept through the night and it would be later that day, Haley had gotten him some new clothes, very tight fitting- he basically looked like a Smuggler with a lightsaber strapped to his belt, he would be waiting inside the Organa Palace with Haley. She would not stop looking at him, he would place his gaze upon her for a moment, until it was broken by a call from the other side of the Hall.

"Vik!" he then turns to the voice, a slightly grey haired man would then come running down the corridor, running past strangers and then finally getting to Vik, grabbing him in his embrace.

"Vik, I have missed you so much." Stephen says, Vik then hold him tightly.

"I missed you too, Father. it has been seventeen years..." They then break the hug, looking at each other.

"It has been far too long, come... we have much to discuss, son." Vik smiles, looking over to Haley who would also be smiling. the two then follow Stephen into some sort of conference room, Vik then stops, crossing his arms and Haley would stop next to him. Stephen then looks at Vik, with a puzzled face.

"I thought you were a Jedi, what is with this... very skinny fitting Smuggler looking outfit?" he then looks his son up and down, Vik then points a finger out at Haley's direction, Stephen looks at Haley with a curious face and kept it back on when he looked back to Vik.

"Uhuh... uhuh..." he then turns, picking up a datapad and then taking it to Vik, handing it to him.

"That has everything you need to find the people you were serving with before everything went to... uh... Batha Fodder, took Danvari some digging to do but he got it." Vik then looks down at the datapad, nodding briefly.

"Thank you, father." he then looks back up smiling.

"Don't you worry, Son. we'll get you back to were you belong." Vik, felt a bit of hop, but also sadness, he is around everyone he loves bit has to leave, or at least feels like he needs to, he then pats his father on the shoulder with a smile.

"Well, how about we go to the Cantina for a drink, hm? we have a lot of catching up to do." he then looks at the two and they both give an approving nod and they make there way out, heading for the cantina.
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