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Tales of the Old Republic is the place to post stories you have written about your character or others, either based upon roleplay that has occurred, or an entire side-story to events in-game which shed light on other parts of your character's life.

TOPIC: The New Journey! (Part 3)

The New Journey! (Part 3) 2 years 1 month ago #16271

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Darkness... it covers everything in it's proximity, Vik stands, seemingly uninjured. The Knight looks around and see's still nothing but Darkness.

"Am I dead?" he calls out, his voice echoes out, he would hear himself three times before the echo stops, he would look to the ground, but their wasn't any ground, yet again just Darkness. He scratches his head, seemingly puzzled, he would also realize he was not in his casual clothing, but back in his Jedi Battle Armour.

"Hello?!" he calls out again, he gets nothing but the echo of his voice in return. He lets out a heavy sigh.

"Well, I am dead it seems." he thinks to himself, he then sits down and takes up the meditative sitting position, closing his eyes and then feels out with the force but once he did so he would be surprised by voice.

"You're far from dead." the voice says quietly, Vik then springs up from his meditative sitting position, his Hilt then flies into his hand, igniting the long blue blade, he then inverts the hilt in his hand, utilizing the reversed grip of Djem-So, he would then note that their was no one around him.

"Why -are- you so quick to draw your blade? you have changed, Vik." the voice would sound familiar, he then extinguishes his blade, clipping it to his belt.

"Master?" he says curiously, the voice would return and would be as soft as it ever was.

"Her voice, but not her. I am just what your imagination conjured up, as powerful as the mind is you can see what you want to see, hear what you want to hear." Vik then looks around the Darkness as she speaks.

"Where am I?" he calls out, the voice again returns.

"This is your mind, it is covered in Darkness, you have changed! you have walked off the path to the light and fell down a path of complete Darkness." Vik would look shocked, he then shakes his head.

"What? I haven't fell to the Dark Side." he calls out to the voice.

"You haven't but you're nearly there, you grow to attached to things and when you lose them it fuels your connections to the Dark Side, this has been happening since you lost me and made an enemy of the Warlords. You have a deep hatred for them I can see it." he then grits his teeth, shaking his head.

"I am not losing anymore people, I -will- do what needs to be done, The Warlords must be stopped! and I will do whatever it takes for them to never -ever- hurt another living being again." his voice would indeed be full of hate and the voice could sense it.

"You speak with hate, are you sure you're not doing this for yourself? you have lost much, making these mistakes will only make you lose more. Stop this lust for revenge and return to where you were, before you fall so far that their is no saving you." Vik lowers his head.

"From what I gathered there is nothing left of the Jedi, most or either dead or went into exile, am I the only one keeping up the fight?" the voice goes silent for a moment, it would then return still as soft as ever.

"I do not know about the Jedi, Vik. you might be the only one left, but no-one knows. you might not be." Vik again shakes his once again.

"Then I will finish the fight, I will not bend or break. People need saving, people need my aid and I will do whatever it takes to keep them safe from the hands of evil, such as the Zakuul and the Sith." the voice then returns, displeased.

"That is not how a Jedi should talk, Vik." Vik raises his head, a frown now displayed on his face.

"Their is no Jedi Order, so I am no Jedi anymore. I am Just Vik Atraric, a normal man seeking to help and save others from the depths of evil." the voice, returns.

"Vik, wait! listen." But Vik shakes his head.

"I am sorry, I am done talking." the now Darkness would fade, Vik also would fade.

A bright light from a Star would be beaming into his eyes as they open, but he would be met with a serious pain in his side, he would also be covered in rubble, he looks down at where the pain would be and finds a shard of Debris lodged into his side, his face would be covered in blood, his lip seriously bust, his nose would have dried blood covering it and the scar that he received many years ago had reopened, leaving half of his face covered in blood, he then attempts to move the rubble off of himself, with great effort. He grunts in agony as he does so, as the Spiked Debris lodged into his side would be sending a fiery pain his body, though after great effort he would be able to remove it from him, but he doesn't move, he would just stay laying on the ground, unable to move. His clothes would be shredded on his body, it would look like he was wearing Slave Rags, but he would only lay there strength less. He then looks back down to the Debris in his side, he would grimace and then grabs hold of it with his left hand and his right hand soon after, he grips it tightly and then grits his teeth, he then yanks it out of his body screaming in pain as he did, the Debris is then tossed to the side, his wound then begins to fill with blood quickly, he is not bleeding out, he then rests his right hand over it, using the ability Force Heal, the would would then begin to close up, but not very well as he is not great at this ability. The would would now be a tender scar, bit he would still need serious medical attention, but at this point, Vik is strength-less and would only stay where his is unable to find the strength to move the slightest, he closes his eyes, now resting himself.
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