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Tales of the Old Republic is the place to post stories you have written about your character or others, either based upon roleplay that has occurred, or an entire side-story to events in-game which shed light on other parts of your character's life.

TOPIC: The New Journey! (Part 2)

The New Journey! (Part 2) 2 years 1 month ago #16221

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"Ready for take off!" Haley shouts over to Vik, a smile would stream across her face. The ships rises up over Anchorhead and zooms up to the atmosphere! The ship now floating, preparing for light speed.

"Where are we headed?" Vik asks curiously, she wrinkles her nose and offers him a toothy grin.

"I don't know, anywhere... We're spending time together! stop asking questions." she chuckles slightly after, he would smile and looks over the Dashboard of the Ship.

"How is my father?" Vik says worryingly, she shrugs at him.

"I haven't seen him in a long while to be quite Frank, but I assume he is well, nonetheless." she says as she types into the Nav-Computer random Co-Ordinates.

"What about my little brother Danvari?" she looks up from the Computer with a neutral expression on her face.

"Last I heard he is a Captain in the Republic Military, serving in a special forces squad called... 'Spartan Team' I believe." she says rather unsure of the teams name.

"He is? well, I am very proud of him." he smiles and thinks about his brother for a moment. The ship then hits lightspeed, Vik looks up at the colors of the Hyperspace Lane, admiring the beauty of it.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" she says to him as he gazes over the Blue Stream.

"Very, I have always admired it, reminds me of a calm river... the ripples moving ever so slowly." she would listen to him and then turns her gaze to view it, she would smile.

"That is very insightful, Vikki." she would turn her gaze back to him, smirking.

"Indeed..." he says slowly. "So what have you been doing these past twenty-something years?" She thinks for a moment about his question.

"Just doing this and that, nothing really special, This -was- my dads ship, it got given to me when he died." she says quite weakly, the thought of her father seemed to have hurt her slightly.

"I am sorry, I never knew." he frowns slightly, she then forces a smile.

"Enough about that! How did you end up on Tatooine and why were you alone?" she asks curiously.

"A very long story, not something I want to get into right now." she nods slighty, but she would still ponder about it in the back of her mind.

Hours have passed, Vik and Haley have been enjoying each others company, telling stories and laughing, the Ship then comes out of Hyperspace it has arrived to where ever Haley chose!

"Oh! we're here!" she says jumping up to her feet and heading to the Cock Pit. Vik follows but the ship would violently shake, something hit and the ship becomes disabled.

"What was that?!" Vik shouts to Haley, she then comes rushing through to Vik, her facial expression full of fear.

"A Fury Class Interceptor has just disabled my Ship!" she then starts pacing, her fear taking over.

"Wait a what?" he says curiously! she then turns to him, shaking.

"A Sith's Starship! What do they want with me?!" she shouts, still pacing in the spot. But Vik shakes his head, reaching over to her and holding her still as he looks her straight in the eyes.

"It is not you the Sith is after, Hide in the escape pod and I will deal with the intruder." he says to her as confidently as he could, trying to calm her, she shakes her head.

"I am not leaving you to fight a Sith on your own!" she shouts rebelliously, but he shakes his head.

"I am not going to risk you getting hurt, now do as I say, please." he says calmly. she then begins to tear up and then nods lightly.

"I will kill you if you die, Vik." she then smiles slighty, he would also! she then makes her way over to the escape pod, Vik now prepares himself. The Siths Ship would now attack itself to the Airlock to Haley's ship. Vik paces slowly, gathering himself, his saber ready in his hand. All of a Sudden the Airlocks doors would swoosh open, a Sith in long black robes would slowly step out of it.

"Ah! Young Vik Atraric, how I have been searching for you for so, so long! you see, Jedi, I am here to kill you under the request of Warlord Darth Hydra." the Sith would then smile mockingly to him, Vik then steps forward getting close to the Dark Sider.

"It has been five years and he still holds a grudge? Pathetic..." he crosses his arms, Eyeing the Sith.

"Oh? Such harsh words from a Jedi, Lucia Girwan would not be proud to hear such things of you, Vik." The Sith cackles at the Jedi, Vik grits his teeth shaking his head.

"Do not bring her into this!" he then shoots a glare at the Sith, but he would return a Toothy grin to Vik.

"Oh why not? still sad that you couldn't save your master? you're weak, if you embrace the Dark Side, you could have been strong enough to save her!" his Toothy Grin still flashing at Vik.

"Oh! I had also forgotten about the young female you entered this ship with, where is she? she might love watching you die." Vik would now at this point had enough! he then brings his hand back and firing it forward, sending a powerful Force Push towards the Sith Lord, He wasn't prepared and is flung across the Ships all way. the Sith returns to his feet quickly. igniting his Crimson Blade and pointing it to Vik.

"So be it!" the Sith lunges forward down the Hall Way with astonishing speed, his Crimson Blade coming up and slashing downwards to Viks head, Vik swiftly activates his Blue Blade reversing it in his Grip and meeting the Siths own head on, both sabers locking.

"Ah! you're swift, Jedi. But you are nothing compared to the Power of the Dark Side." Vik now holding his ground strongly he then looks the Sith dead in the eye.

"The Dark Side won't save you from me!" he forces the Sith back! breaking the Saber Lock, he then gains some distance before rushing back into the fight, his Blue blade is fast, moving at such a speed that the Sith Lord would only see a blue blur, Viks strong Djem-So counter offensives puts the Sith into the defensive nature of Soresu, his blade is heavy feeling like a bag of bricks are being hit off of his Crimson Saber with each strike, Vik would then turn attacking from another side, pushing the Sith's defense to it's complete limit, The Sith now backing into the Cockpit, where they continue to fight, their sabers hitting off the walls and ceiling of the small room, out of nowhere, The Sith Lord lets out a Powerful force scream! stunning Vik slightly, giving him the upper hand! The Sith then strikes at Vik as he is recovering, Vik defends but would be overwhelmed by his power, The Sith strikes at Vik with Juyo, his Dark Rage guiding his lightsaber attacks, forcing him to now go into the defensive state of Soresu. Vik now pressed against the wall by the Sith his flurry of saber strikes would be putting his defense to it's complete limit.

"There is no death, there is only the force." Vik thinks to himself, now a calmness would quickly over take his body, the Light Side of the Force rushing through him. He would feel at peace, his time is to come and he would not be afraid to die, his thoughts now would reach out to Haley, Lucia and all the others that he held so close in his life, was he about to fail them? Haley is locked in the escape pod, his Master would have died for nothing and his father would be left with regret of letting his son go off into the Jedi Order. Vik now at this moment would not give up, he himself still has his defense strong, but barely! The Sith is still smashing at them keeping him in the corner, Vik then watches carefully! the Sith would quickly exploit himself in which Vik would take complete advantage over, swiftly ducking under the saber and igniting the second blade that was on his belt, the long emerald green blade would quickly be reversed in his Grip, lunging forward with an overwhelming offensive, Vik is fast with one blade, but with two... It would look like a blur of nothing but Blue and Green, The Sith was not prepared, attempting do defend but could only do it for a moment as his leg would get stroked by the green blade, disabling his leg and then his blue blade coming down, cutting the hand that held his saber clean off! the Sith drops to the floor, but curling up in a corner.

"You have lost!" Vik shouts down at him, the SIth looks up in fear.

"Please do not kill me." the sith says as he shakes with fear on the ground, Vik then extinguishes his blades, clipping them to his belt.

"I am not going to kill you, you can leave on your ship and you will never return..." Vik says demandingly, but the Sith looks up and his face turns from a frightened expression to a Evil Grin.

"No, you all will die with me!" The Sith reaches into his robe, bringing out a small device that looked like a remote detonator for a bomb, Vik would try to stop him but he would not be quick enough! The Fury Class Interceptor would explode, nearly destroying the ship that they were on, disabling near enough everything except for the Escape Pods back up generator, but the Ship would begin to fall towards the Planet Below! The Sith laughing at Vik. The Jedi then turns staring at the Sith coldly, but he was not about to strike down an unarmed man, he then rushes over to the escape pod, it's door would be locked. Vik sighs Slightly, he then goes over to the controls for the escape pod, pressing it's eject button. The Escape pod would soar out into space, now safe. he smiles to himself knowing that Haley will not die along with him. His Holocom begins to vibrate in his pocket, he takes it out and answers it.

"Vik! what is happening?!" Haley says, her voice full of confusion.

"I am sorry Haley, but the Ship is about to crash onto the planet below, I am not going to let you die with me." he lowers his head, she then screams over the Com.

"No! Vik!" tears strolling down her eyes, he looks back up to her frowning.

"I am sorry it had to end this way." he says as calmly as he could, she stays silent for a moment, just looking at him as if taking in her last look of him, he would then pull a smile and hangs up the call. after a moment of thought he would walk back into the Cockpit of the Ship, looking down at the Sith with the frown still on his face.

"Look at what you have done, you killed us both and for what? I could have saved you! you did not need to be a servant of that Snake, Darth Hydra. I could have saved you!" he repeats but the Sith shakes his head.

"It would have never went that way, I would have been forever hunted by the Sith for my betrayal." The Sith then closes his eyes, grabbing his saber and igniting it. Vik would also ignite his saber and cuts down the now armed Sith Lord.

"I am sorry..." he then extinguishes his blade and looks out the window of the ship, it then hits the atmosphere! Vik would Sit in the captains chair, waiting for the inevitable.

After falling for a while, the Ship crashes! but no explosion... nothing but smoke, and a lot of debris from the ship. It is quiet and nothing can be heard but the sound of the flames burning. but a loud sound of a large pile of metal falling would echo out into the distance.
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