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Tales of the Old Republic is the place to post stories you have written about your character or others, either based upon roleplay that has occurred, or an entire side-story to events in-game which shed light on other parts of your character's life.

TOPIC: The New Journey! (Part 1)

The New Journey! (Part 1) 2 years 1 month ago #16212

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Months have passed, The Lone Jedi Knight would be still in his Cave just a few Miles from Anchor-head. Meditating, objects swirling around him like planets from the gravitational pull of their near by star. He would be deep in-thought, pondering... always pondering. Being stuck on Tatooine with no word from the Republic or the Core-Worlds makes him wonder.

"Is the Republic and the Jedi Order still around?" he thinks to himself, he then quickly dismisses the thought, he would not think so negatively. Shaking his head and ends his Meditation, he would quickly stand from the Meditative sitting position, making his way to the entrance of the cave, He would watch the Twin Stars above Tatooine slowly set above the horizon, he would smile as he enjoys the Beauty of the sunset. The Knight then looks over to his Holocom, which has been transmitting the distress signal for months. He frowns and then moves over to it, Turning it off!

"Looks like I will need to find another way off this planet." he says to himself, it would make a small beeping sound along with a little green flash to indicate that it has stopped the transmission. He would put the Holocomunicator in his pocket of his tight trousers, after he then adjusts his brown jacket making himself look a bit more presentable, he would then comb his fingers through his hair and his beard and then vacates the cave, allowing the will of the force to guide him.

Temperatures have plummeted, the now once scorching planet would now be ice cold due to the change between night and day, The Knight would be shivering in his worn-out boots, he heads North from his cave towards Anchor-head, He would feel the Force leading him to something... But what? could the force be aiding him on his escape from Tatooine? or did it have something else in store for him? The Knight now is more than willing to find out. His pace then fastens, near to a jog, He can see the lights of Anchor-head in the distance, It would seem so close, yet... it is so far. The Knight would then stop in his tracks, his breath fast. He would have been on a short Jog for about twenty minutes, covering a lot of ground. But not enough, he regains his stamina, though... his light Jog has warmed him up, he isn't cold and now begins to move off in the same direction once again.
Four hours have passed, The Knight still is walking to Anchor-Head, his gaze then looks up towards the sky, he then notices that the twin suns would now be Rising over the Horizon. He, Himself would feel the Planet now rapidly heating up from the powerful heat of the suns, he then looks back down and notices Anchor-head now at-least ten minutes away, a smile would trail along his face and his pace quickens to a power-walk. After ten minutes he is now entered Anchor-head, he looks around... He could sense something, but what? he wanders around, investigating the area, but-- he would find nothing. After a few hours in Anchor-head he would have gotten his beard and hair trimmed, he now would look like him-normal self. He goes back on his investigation, the force now flowing through him- It is trying to tell the Young Knight something, but he would not know what.

"Vik?!" a young female voice would shout, he would swiftly turn around to face the person that called out his name, he would pause... Looking at the female, she would be a human in her mid twenties, long tied up brown hair that would hang from the top and down her back, crystal blue eyes that would remind him of the color of his lightsaber blade, she is around 5ft 7", very slim and would look very healthy.

"Vik?! it that you?!" she calls out again, though he is shocked. the young female rushes over to him, running into his arms.

"I have missed you so much!" she calls out as she hugged him. he would also wrap his arms around her.

"I have missed you too, Haley." he says quietly, She then releases her grip from him- canceling out their hug.

"Everything that has happened... I thought you died." she says mournfully. Vik shakes his head, though he would not help but agree.

"Sometimes... I feel like I have died--" he quickly dismisses the comment "Though... I have been trying to get back into contact with the Republic and the Jedi Order, but I have received nothing." The Knight says rather doubtfully. Haley then frowns slightly, she indeed would realize that Vik has no idea what has happened to the Jedi Order or the Republic.

"The Republic is now in a shambles, The Jedi Order... there is not many Jedi left, either killed by the Zakuul during the invasion or they went into hiding and haven't came back out." she says to him as lightly as she could, but it would wound him deeply- he would try to shrug it off, but it does sit in the back of his mind. She indeed would see this, she would try to move over and comfort him, but he would step back, keeping his space between them both.

"A-Are you okay?" she asks cautiously, her eyes fluttering at him.

"I'm-- I'm fine." he replies weakly, showing no indication that he was okay.

"Well... if you want a place to stay, my ship is in the hanger, I am only here for fuel and then I will return to Alderaan." Vik's eyes then quickly meets hers, this is what the force led him too, randomly bumping into his childhood best friend on the desert planet, she would have a ship and provide him with what he needed to get back to the Republic.

"Haley, I need to get back to the Republic. Please, can you take me to Coruscant? or the Republic Fleet above it?" she nods her head, now smiling to him.

"Vikki, I will, -but- I want to spend time with you first. it has been about twenty years, right? so we -are- going to catch up." she then smirks teasingly at him, he would roll his eyes, but he can't help but smile.

"Persistent as ever, Haley." he replies, and she would nod.

"Right then! Come on Handsome, lets get to my ship." she then raises her finger, using it to beckoning him to follow her. Though, Vik would shrug off her attempt to Flirt, he really needs to get back to the Republic and soon.
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