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Tales of the Old Republic is the place to post stories you have written about your character or others, either based upon roleplay that has occurred, or an entire side-story to events in-game which shed light on other parts of your character's life.

TOPIC: Where Knight Vik Atraric Has Been (Part 3-3 Finale)

Where Knight Vik Atraric Has Been (Part 3-3 Finale) 2 years 3 months ago #15885

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The Hum of two sabers would leave a long echo through out the hall way, each foot step would be slow. Lucia would begin to speak with a very low tone, and then places a hand on Vik's chest to stop him walking any further.

"Stop... he is just through this door."

The entrance would be a large door which would clearly lead into a much larger room. Vik stops and then turns to her and places a hand on her shoulder and brings up a smile.

"Are you ready, Master?"

She nods slowly and then turns her gaze to the door, but in that moment a huge explosion from outside would shake the crashed Starship, the Republic have arrived!

"Well the Republic is here! move!"

She says, then plunging her saber through the door, cutting a hole in the door big enough for the both to walk through, Vik would enter first, his saber stance ready. He looks around the room, the area they are in is massive, his eyes then lock onto a heavily armored man sitting on something that would seem like a throne at the very end of the area. Lucia then comes to stand next to him, she herself would be in a saber form, but she has a different fighting style than Vik, her preferred style would be Niman, a form most common to Jedi Consular's which focus's on the movement of the Force. They both walk closer to the seated Sith before halting ten meters of him.

"Why... have you come here?"

The Siths voice would be deep and cold, it would send shivers down Vik's spine.

"You're under-arrest for your crimes against the Republic, now come with us in peace or we will use force!"

Lucia would say confidently, she really had no fear. She wanted justice and she would face anyone so that many others will safe from men like Varius. the Sith would only laugh at the two, he then raises from the seat and walks closer, and at this point Vik would feel the Dark Side radiate from him, the Sith is now just a few meters from the two.

"Peace Jedi? Peace is a lie..."

The Sith then ignites his long Crimson Blade and entering the Stance that would look like Juyo-Kos, Vik has no extensive knowledge of the Juyo-Kos but he knows a few things. The Sith then opens with an attack, he would move fast and his strikes deadly, his first attack would be directed to Vik, but he would not have been ready... He raised his blade just on the nick of time but it would take him back, once Vik was unbalanced Varius would then turn his attention to Lucia, but she was ready, she would block and parry a serious amount of hits from Varius with great elegance, she then retaliates with an offensive counter hitting him high and low very quickly but not with a lot of strength, the Sith would effortlessly block and dodge with ease, Vik would now re-enter the fight, attacking the Sith Lord with a heavy offensive, his blows would be fast, to the right arm, Left arm and the center of his chest but the Sith Lord was ready, quick and clean blocks. The Sith lord then flips away from the two, keeping his distance so that he can quickly study the pair, Vik then foolishly charges in on his own, his strikes are fast and hard, attempting to keep the Sith on his heels, The Sith would be much smarter, he would side step Vik's last blow, once he was out of the way the Sith would conjure this Dark Energy in his hand and then directs it to Vik, it would completely completely destroy his Force Barrier and attack his mind, rendering Vik unmovable and only seeing his worst fears, he would grab his head and scream in pain, then Varius would grab him with Force Grip and launching him across the room, hitting a wall, leaving him temporarily disabled and coming in and out of consciousness, seeing different images of his Master and Varius fighting, them both having a Fierce battle, one image he would see her landing a blow on him, but not killing him, he would then fade out again and reawaken, this time he is fully conscious, he would then slowly stand from the wall and looking over to the fight in front of him, The Sith would be on the defensive. He would slowly move over, watching and studying so that he would know what time to rejoin the fight.
The Sith then Counters one of Lucia's attack, the counter would be so powerful it would destroy her defense, her saber would fly off to her left side, at this moment Vik felt his world shatter... everything went slow motion, a second felt like an hour he'd only watch as a Crimson Blade would go through her front and through her back, she'd gasp as the blade retreats from her body, she then falls to the ground, un-moving. he would roar, calling to her.

"Lucia! No!"

at this point he would feel empty, lost but most of all... Enraged, a feeling that he never felt coursing through his body, he then looks down at his clutched fist, it would be shaking he then looks back up at the Sith that would be pacing waiting for him to attack. Vik reactivates his long blue blade and then force pulls Lucia's one towards him and igniting that also, he would now be using the Saber Technique known as Jar'kai dual blade fencing, he would then charge, his anger guiding him into the battle as he lets out a roar of rage, at this point in time, Vik would actually be using Juyo-Kos, the form relies on strong emotions his strikes guided by rage which would give him more strength in his attacks, making his blows so powerful that it would send the Sith Lord into the defense, the fight would be nothing but a blur of Blue, Green and Red with Vik always on the Offensive, offering no way for the Sith Lord to fight back, it would only be so long that he can keep up his defense. The Sith Lord would now try to go on the Offensive, he would hit back but Vik side steps and hits back, now pushing him back more and more, The Sith would now nearly be in a corner while the dual blades would be smashing his defense, out of nowhere a strike so powerful would come up, sending Varius' lightsaber from his hand and sending it across the room, The Sith then watches as his hilt flies to the other side of the room, and once he looked back Vik would have already cut him in two with his blades, the Sith's top half of his body would fall off just before his legs fall. Vik would stand over Varius' body, his breathing heavy he would only stare at the Sith for a moment, just judging him with a grimaced look on his face, he then turns around away from the body and runs to his Master that would be laying on the floor, once he has approached her he quickly sits and cradles her in his arms while tears trail down his face.

"Lucia... please, Please don't leave me!"

she would open her eyes, but just barely, she then smiled at him oddly, despite dying on the floor she was able to flash a smile at him.

"I am so proud of you, Vik."

she would say with great effort, she then slowly reaches up and places a hand on his face, savoring the last time she will ever look at him.

"You're everything I wanted you to be, you-you're my family... and I love you, you're the family I never had"

she wipes a tear from his eye, but tears would flood his eyes more. He was scared and didn't know what to do.

"I love you too, Lucia."

she then smiled, her eyes begin to flutter and then close, her hand then falls from his face, down to her side.

"Lucia! Lucia! please... don't--"

he would choke on his words as he just cuddles her on the floor, never wanting to let her go, the only person in the world that meant everything to him is now gone, he was empty.

The Republic then storm into the area, just to find Vik holding his dead Master on the ground, they would walk over to him, one would lean down to him and pat his shoulder.

"Sir, let us take her back to base."

he wouldn't answer, he would just keep his gaze on her. the leader of the squad would then order his men to take her, they do as he says and approach him, they'd begin to take her from his arms and carry her out, the leader then looks down at Vik as he just sits on the floor staring at nothing, he would assume that Vik would just need alone time so the Leader leaves the area to head back to base. moments have passed but to Vik it would have felt like forever, he would then hear a Holoterminal beep at the other side of the room, he would ignore it for a moment but then gets up to answer it. He walks over and presses a few buttons to answer, he then looks up once an Image of yet another heavily armored Sith Lord would stand, looking down at him.

"Darth Var-- wait... you're not Darth Varius."

The Sith crosses his arms and shaking his head to Vik.

"I assume he is dead?"

Vik then nods his head and then returns his gaze up to the Sith.

"He is dead..."

The Sith would not seem effected by the news, and then un-crosses his arms.

"He was weak, he was not worthy to be a Warlord."

Vik would pull a grimaced face, he then spits his words out like they were poison.

"Who are you?!"

Vik says demanding, Unable to read the Sith's facial expression he would keep his strong gaze upon him, letting the Sith know he was not playing around, The Heavily armored figure would only stare at him for a moment before he answered him.

"I? I am Darth Hydra, I am the Leader of the Warlords."

Vik would stay silent for a moment, he then speaks with an aggressive tone.

"Is that so? how many are there? -Where- Are you? Where are the rest? I want answers and I want them now!"

Darth Hydra would then laugh lightly at him.

"You dare demand things from me?"

Vik then shakes his head, clearly getting agitated with him.

"Are you afraid to face me?!"

Hydra then shakes his head, staying quiet for a moment before speaking.

"Jedi... you're no match for the power of the Dark Side."

Vik then snaps at him with a roar.

"The Dark Side won't save you from me!"

Hydra then lets out an amused laugh.

"We'll see, Jedi, We'll see."

Vik then grunts and shakes his head.

"There is no where you can hide from me! I will find you and there will be Justice."

The Sith then stands there staring at him, he then disconnects the holo, leaving Vik on his own. Vik now fighting back his tears, every memory of Lucia begins to flood in and running rampant in his head, he would begin to walk around lost and unsure what to do with himself, then he makes the decision to head back to base, to get the briefing and Lucia's Cremation planned.

At this point 5 years have passed, The Zakuul has invaded and Vik stuck on the Desert world of Tatooine, his ship was destroyed up at it's atmosphere, he would be doing his best effort to contact anyone of the republic, a distress Signal that has been going constant for the 5 years that he has been stuck there, though no one of the republic has answered yet. he would have made refuge in a cave near Anchorhead, he would make journeys down to the Cantina everyday to eat and drink, he also wouldn't have his Jedi Robes anymore, he would dress in casuals but his and Lucia's saber still visible on his belt. at night he would still dream about his Master, but it would be good, over the five years he was able to get back who he was and not the man he became when he lost Lucia, she was now a Memory that will live on forever in him and in the force, she didn't have to be there for him to know that she will always be with him, she will truly be The reason he will keep up the fight, and never give up.

(I hope you guys enjoyed these! I really liked writing them and sharing what happened and where he went, please let me know what you thought about it! I know my writing isn't good at all, English in School was never my strong suit, but nonetheless thank you for reading!)
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