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Tales of the Old Republic is the place to post stories you have written about your character or others, either based upon roleplay that has occurred, or an entire side-story to events in-game which shed light on other parts of your character's life.

TOPIC: Where Knight Vik Atraric Has Been (Part 2-3)

Where Knight Vik Atraric Has Been (Part 2-3) 1 year 8 months ago #15878

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Echoing steps of boots would trail through the now quiet hall way of the Republic base, Vik would be heading to the Landing bay to meet Master Lucia, as he walks he would look down himself making sure that his Robes are clean and not creased, fixing any that he would find, he then finds himself at the Entrance of the Landing bay, he is then approached by two Guards that protect the door.

"State your Business." Once Guard said, his voice rusty and quite fatigued.

"I am here to meet Master Lucia Girwan, I am Knight Vik Atraric, she told me that you have been giving orders to let me go in and wait for her arrival."

The guards would look at each other, one of them nods and returns his gaze to him. "I would like to see photo ID, I am hoping that you can produce one?"

Vik then nods accordingly as he goes into his robe and brings out his Holo ID, he then passes it over and the guard exams it.

"Vik Atraric, Age 25, Birthplace Alderaan." the guard then hands it back and offers him a pleasant smile as he hands back the ID.

"In you go, Master Jedi." Vik then Smiles and bows his head in thanks to the kind Guard, the locked doors then swoosh open once the Guards put in the Security details. Vik enters and looks around the Landing bay, it is empty and no one is around he then takes it upon to wander around the area, it is not until Crew come in and prep the Landing bay for a ship landing that they catch his attention, One of them wave to Vik, he smiles and would wave back. He'd wander around before he hears the roar of incoming ships engines, he looks up and see's a Corellian Defender-class Light Corvette, a ship most common to Jedi it would come into landing, descending slowly and finally touches the ground, the ramp opens with a hiss of the hydraulics, a door then opens at the top of it's and the Mirialan Jedi Master would walk out the door and down the Ramp, Vik would walk closer to the ramp and a smile taking up nearly half of his face, she too was really happy to see him, to be reunited after a long 5 years. Once she descended down the ramp she would stop and look up at him, Vik now in the presence of his master then decides to bow to her.

"I am so happy to see you, Master."

he says as he brings his head back up from the bow, she then purses her lip and then turns it to a playful frown.

"Vik, Vik, Vik... you have went five years without seeing me and all you do is bow?"

she then opens her arms to offer a friendly hug, he grins at her and then takes her into his arms offering her the friendliest hug he could possibly offer, she would smile and breaks the hug, he would smile back.

"Is that much better?" he crosses his arms with a cheeky grin.

"Much, much better. I have tought you well haven't I?"

she then would chuckle, and so would he. Vik would feel like he was a Padawan again, him and his Master traveling the Galaxy and having fun and a laugh as they did so, but they were serious when they had to be, like when Republic Nobility were in trouble or when Civilians where in danger. She then Gestures him to follow.

"Come, Vikky."

Vik would shake his head, he hasn't been called that silly nickname in years but he follows, they move through the halls in great pace, she would seemingly be in a hurry, he would keep to her pace and then end up at a sealed door, she then punches in her security door and it swooshes open, she then enters and so does he, the room would be of decent size and a large desk in the Center with a Holoterminal on the center of the desk. She then walks over to the Holoterminal and turns it on, it would bring up an image of a Sith Lord, head to toe in armor, and about 6 foot 7, Vik would look at the Sith over and begins taking note of him, and then looks to his Master.

"Darth Varius I presume?"

She nods to him in approval and then walks around the table.

"This is Darth Kyren Varius, we recently learned that this Sith is a apart of a group of Sith known as the 'Warlords' They are some of the most powerful Sith in the Empire, at the moment... we are currently trying to find the others and learn there identities, but at the Moment we have only got Darth Varius, they are planning something terrible... we need to stop them."

Vik would be scratching the stubble on his face, really unsure of it all.

"Master, if these Sith are some of the Most powerful... then me and you do not stand a chance. Perhaps this is something the High Council to deal with?"

She can sense his uncertainty, she then walks over and places a gentle hand on his shoulder and grinning at him.

"The Council are to busy with the war going on as it is, this is our mission and I am telling you that we will succeed, there is nothing to doubt Vik."

he then looks up and smiles back.

"I won't let you go though this alone, I am always here by your side."

she then nods and walks back over to the table, she then turns to him and then changes the Holo display, it would show a destroyed Starship near enough covered in snow with a heavy Imperial Presence, he takes note of the defenses and the Soldiers there and then looks back at her.

"I am assuming you have already found him?"

she then smiles and looks back.

"He is there, the SiS in the Investigation actually saw him enter only a few hours ago and hasn't left, me and you are heading there in tonight, using the night as cover."

he then ponders for a moment and then looks back at the Holo.

"What about us? are we going to have back up when we attack?"

she shakes her head and walks around the table once again, she would place her hands on her hips and and then looks back at him.

"We're on our own, we're dropping in from above. One of the nice pilots offered to take us there but after that, we are on our own."

he nods, it would seem like a crazy plan to him though he is more than willing to help her though this, she then changes the Picture to the top of the crashed ship and it would show a crack in the top of it, large enough for a human to fit through, she then looks back at him and smiles.

"See, an easy entrance without causing a fight."

he would smile back, she clearly thought this through long and hard, that is one of the things he liked most about her, she never wanted to put anyone in danger and cause a huge fight that would only get people injured or even killed. she then turns off the Holo and looks over to him.

"Briefing has now ended!" he then walks over to him and look up to him. "So let's head down to the Cantina and get some Caffa, Hm?"

he then grins and nods his head.

"Sure, lets go!"

she then smirks, turning her heels and heading for the Door.

Hours have passed on Hoth and night has fallen over the Sky, Vik would be in his room putting on Jedi Battle Armour, this Jedi Battle Armour would be like the one that the Jedi wore during the Sacking of Coruscant, but this one would be somewhat better, this armor was much lighter and was better for more flexible movements. Once he was ready he heads out down the hallway and then gets to her door and chapping on it, she answers and the door swooshes open and she is standing there in her normal robes, she then looks down him and would seemingly look like she is gawking him, like she fancied the look of him in the Armour, he is a Handsome young lad, after a brief moment she looks up and smiles.

"That looks great on you, very charming."

he smiles and bows his head in thanks.

"Are you not going to wear any armour for this, Master?"

he says once his head rises back up, but she shakes her and smirks.

"Oh no... I am not the type for armour, very clunky on me and I can never get it in my size."

he smirks at her then turns to look down the hallway, checking to see when the Pilot comes to retrieve them. he then looks back at her then would seemingly look worried.

"Something on your mind, Vik?"

he nods and tells her what is on his mind.

"I have this huge feeling that this may fail, I don't want this mission to be for nothing."

she then places both hands on his shoulders and looks into his eyes.

"We have to do it, if not us... then who?"

he would keep pondering for a moment and then she speaks again.

"You're one of the best Jedi I know, you're a great Swordsmen, you're wise and most of all... you're have the biggest heart I know out of anyone, you're everything that I wanted you to be, and I am proud of you."

he then smiles, feeling somewhat motivated.

"Well don't expect me to leave you to do this on your own, I am with you to the end."

she grins and her grin fades when they are interrupted by the Pilot.

"Sargent Mctavish here, I am the one that is meant to be flying you lot to the Crashed Starship, now if you would please, follow me."

Vik and Lucia nods and begin to follow him down the hallway to a large door that would take them into the Landing Bay, Sargent Mctavish then punches in his security code and the door swooshes open, it would show just a small ship that could easily hide in the night sky. they climb on board and the ship then begins to lift off, ascending out of the Landing bay and shooting off into the sky. after about 15 minutes of flying the ship then slowly comes to a halt and the ships ramp opens, Vik walks over and stands on the very edge of the ramp the robe over his armor would be flopping around from the wind, he looks down and is able to see the crashed Starship on the surface, Lucia walks up behind him and places a hand on his shoulder.

"So, Vikky. Are you going to jump?"

he then turns back to her and smiles.

"Yeah just gi--."

she then pushes him off the ramp, his eyes widen in shock as he begins to fall down rapidly, but with assistance of the force he was able to guide his body into a back flap and using it to cushion his fall as he crashes onto the top of the ship landing on his feet, Lucia would quickly come down after him, and once she lands and stands up she would burst into a laugh.

"You should have seen your face!"

he then crosses his arms and shakes his head at her, clearly not ammsued.

"Yeah... Yeah, Laugh it up, Lucia."

she then stops laughing after a moment and then regains focus.

"Alright... the break on the Ships shell should be just Over... Aha!"

she then points over to the further end of the ship, they then walk over and look down the hole.

"Well it is much bigger than I thought it was going to be."

she says as she looks over to Vik, he then nods and looks over to her.

"Well lets get down there."

he then jumps down and she follows straight after. Vik lands hard and quickly activates his lightsaber, his blue blade now lighting up the room that he is in. lucia then lands and activates her Long green blade, they would look around and then begin to move over to the rooms exit, Lucia's holo then begins to beep she then quickly answers it and looks at the a man that is highly decorated in the Republic Military.

"This is Commander Zhane, Lucia. your mission is to dangerous for you and Vik to do on your own, I am sorry but I am sending in most of my troops to assist you both."

Lucia's eyes widen as she looks at the Commander.

"Did you not listen to me, Commander? I did not want military involvement. cancel your attack!"

The Commander then shakes his head.

"Too late, they are already on there way."

Lucia would grit her teeth, she was indeed annoyed but she regains her calm rather quickly.

"If anyone dies it is on you! do you hear me?"

The Commander then nods and hangs up the Holo, she then looks to Vik and back at the rooms exit.

"Varius is close, very close... I can sense him."

Vik then pats her on the shoulder and offers a comforting smile she then smiles back as then they exit the room to search for Darth Varius.
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