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TOPIC: Where Knight Vik Atraric Has Been (Part 1-3)

Where Knight Vik Atraric Has Been (Part 1-3) 1 year 8 months ago #15854

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(Hey guys, my character has been away ICly for quite a While so I would like to write about where he has been and what he has been doing, I have no Idea where to write so I thought it would be okay to write about it in the Marine Barracks, it will also include some character development on which I would have tried to gain through RP so I hope you enjoy his little adventure leading up to the Zakuul Invasion and the Destruction of the Gav Daragon.)

Exhausted breaths, with sweat that would drip freely down the forehead and into the eyebrows.A long blue blade would cut the air at great speed, flourishing elegantly. Young Vik Atraric would be practicing the saber form Soresu, a form that relies on defense. At his left he would hear his Holocomunicator ring. With a quick flourish of the blade, he would then deactivate it and approach the device. Before he answers, he would fix his hair and wipe the sweat from his forehead. He answers and sees his old Master, greeting him through the Holo.

"Vik, it has been a very long time. I hope you're well?" Vik flashes a smile at her, clearly really happy to see her.

"Master Lucia, I am really happy to see you and I have been well, Yes, and training hard as always." he then chuckles and so does she. "How are you?" he would add.

"I am well, I was hoping you could help me. I have recently been getting distress calls from Hoth, Innocent people down their are in danger and I was hoping you could help them?" she says with a worrying tone, he nods and gives a brief smile.

"I'll leave now, can you give me the Co-Ordinates?" she nods and she smiles brightly,

"I knew I could count on you! sending the Co-Ordinates now." she would tap her long nails into her device, he receives the Co-Ordinates and nods,

"I will contact you when I am Planet Side." she nods

"I will be their in a couple of days, May the Force be with you, Vik." he stands straight and nods

"And with you, Master." Vik disconnects the call and makes way to the Gav Daragons Landing Bay, he goes through all the Security checks and then boards a Shuttle to Carrick Station, once on arrival he is greeted by a Republic Militant. The Militant salutes him and then hops onto the Shuttle that Vik was previously on, he moves through the Station to where his ship has been landed. His ship is a Corellian Defender-class Light Corvette, a ship most common to The Jedi Order he hops on and preps the ship for take off, punching into the console the Co-Ordinates to Hoth. The Ship lifts off and exits the landing bay of Carrick Station, the ship then gets into a safe distance of the Station before it goes into Hyperspace.

A few hours have passed and Vik has arrived and is in Orbit of Hoth, he then leaves his captains seat and heads for the Holo-comunicator at the center of the ship, he punches in his Masters Frequency and waits for her to Answer, a few seconds go by and she answers. she smiles brightly to her old Padawan and he smiles back,

"Pada-- I mean Vik, I see you have arrived, you make good progress indeed." he crosses his arms and nods approvingly to her "I like to get straight to things."

she would also nod approvingly. she then speaks with a worrying tone "Their has been a lot of Sith activity on Hoth as of recently, my sources tell me a Darth Varius has been attacking the Republic with some of his forces in attempt to weaken the Republic Forces down their, he has many Sith with him so please be careful."

he raises a finger to his cheek and scratches his stubble, wondering why the Sith have came in some ammount of Numbers and who Darth Varius may be, he then acknowledges the danger.
"I will be careful, so where should I begin?"

she then looks at something at the left of her for a moment and then looks back, "Their is some soldiers at a base, those Co-Ordinets will lead you to them, they have been under some fire for the past couple of days and you have to help them".

Vik slowly nods his head "I will set down to the Planet at once." she smiles and then hangs up. Vik then returns to his Captains Seat and prepares the Ship for landing, The Ship them moves off, Soaring through the Atmosphere and above the Republic Base, it slowly descends into the Landing pad that was made available to him, the ship lands and the ramp lowers, he then makes his way down the ramp and deep into the base, he looks around noticing that they are in-fact Civilians here also, he never thought that there would be many on Hoth. Not this many at-least, but he would hear shouting, a woman in distress he would follow the sound of her voice and locate her, she would be shouting at the Republic Soldiers he can make out that it is about her son, at the corner of her eye she spots Vik and rushes over to him, tears strolling down her face, she then grabs him and holds him tightly.

"Please Jedi! you must help my son!" he would put an arm around her to comfort her for a moment "Please tell me what happened?" he says in a calm voice, trying not to make her more worried.

"I--I was out with my son, looking at the views in Hoth. I was admiring the view on the hill and my son wondered off, when I noticed that he disappeared I went around looking for him at I say him climb into a speeder that belonged to two men that were dressed in dark robes, I shouted his name but by the time he turned around the speeder shot off towards the Crashed Starship wreckage..."

she then begins to cry more "Please go there and save him." Vik pats her back softly, he knows that the Sith took the boy, he must be Force Sensitive.
"I will head their now, I will bring your son back." she then pulls a smile but the tears still stroll down her face "Thank you! thank you..." she says as she then hugs him and then wanders off.

Vik hops into a speeder and then brings up a Map to locate the Crashed Starships, he then would notice them quite quickly on the map as they do take up nearly half the Map, he then sets off on the Speeder, the Speeder move at fast speed that would cut through the Blizzard waste lands of Hoth, he then reaches the Star Ship Graveyard, parking it a good few hundred meters away, he then jumps out the speeder and into the snow, he would then trudge through and then reaches the smallest of the Crashed Ships, he then reaches out with the Force to feel any Dark Side Users near by but he does, he can feel 2 Dark Side users at the top of the Crashed Ship and a young force Sensitive, he nods smiles knowing that he has found the young boy. He then infiltrates the ship, he notices that they are some Imperial Soldiers but they would not be a problem, he would use the force to attack their mind, hiding himself from their perception, he walks past them without an issue he is then met with an elevator wich has power, suprisingly, He makes his way over to it and presses the button to open the doors, the doors open really slow due to the age and the rust that has formed around it, he then steps inside and presses the button for the top floor where the Sith are located. the elevator moves up to the top floor with a real slow pace, it feels like a life time has passed once it reached the top, the doors once again open at a reduced rate, he steps out and looks around, the hall way is clear but he can hear chatter from the main room just down the hall way, he walks down the hall way towards the door, he presses his ear against it and would hear the cry of a young boy and men chatting the first would sound much younger that the other, and speaks with a brutish tone

"Master, you expect this young boy to be of good use to Darth Varius?" there is a moment of Silence between them before the Master "Yes, Apprentice... he is strong in the force he would make a great addition to the Power-Base once he has been trained on Korriban."

the Apprentice then speaks back to his Master "Who says that he will even survive Korriban?!"

Vik could sense how displeased the Master would be at his Apprentices indifference, at this moment Vik would open the door igniting his long Blue blade, Both of the Sith would turn to him eyes widened not by fear but of Confusion, a lone Jedi that just walks into a room with his weapon drawn confronting two Sith seems very stupid to them.

"Jedi!" the Apprentice yells igniting his long crimson blade, The Master would not ignite his blade but he would only watch,

"Step away from the boy." Vik says demandingly but the Sith Lord would only laugh, "Apprentice, Kill the Jedi." The apprentice pulls an evil grin "Yes, My Master."

the apprentice would then enter Shii-Cho form, Vik instantly could tell that the Apprentice is very inexperienced at one to one combat, Vik then steps back giving him time to enter Shien form, but the Reversed Grip Variant that he has near Mastered, The Apprentice hits low and high, completely unpredictable attacks which Shii-Cho is known for, but Vik is much more experienced he blocks each attack without effort, he then brings in a strong offensive counter which would destroy the Apprentices defense leaving him open to a killing blow in which Vik would do a 360 turn around the Apprentice exposing his back, driving the blade through it, killing the young apprentice. Vik then steps over the Apprentices body making his way for the Master but the Master still sits their, Staring at Vik,

"Last warning, give me the boy and I will be on my way. No more people have to die."

the sith lord then makes a smug grin then the long red blade ignites. Vik then prepares himself for the greater challenge, he would note that the Sith Lord would enter the Makashi Form and lunges towards the Jedi, his attacks would be quick and light but nothing that Vik can't parry and block but the Sith lord would have a strong defence able to withstand the overpowering counters of Shien, The Sith would then move around the Jedi at great speed like a blur, but Vik would note that the Sith would leave himself open every time he would try to exploit his defence, So Vik blocks and parries and when the Sith attempts to stab at his open left side Vik then turns over the blade and the Arm, exposing the Sith's back and then he cuts up, leaving a burning line across the back, he then drops to the ground, dead. Vik seemingly tired then turns to the boy, his tears have stopped and he seems relieved that he is now safe.

"Are you okay?" Vik would say, concerned for the young boy, the boy nods "I am, thank you so much." they then depart, return to the base and the boy is reunited with his mother, his mother is so happy and tries to give Vik her remaining credits, but Vik refuses and offers her a smile, she smiles back and leaves with her son once more.

Hours Later Vik would stumble upon the base he is to help defend but when he arrives there it has already been destroyed, he would look somewhat disappointed with himself, he enters the building loads of bodies that are Republic and Imperial a like, he reaches out with the Force to feel any living life form, but nothing... no one survived the fight and that would really upset Vik, not being able to save them on time, but he sets his emotions aside and vacates the building and out into the Snow, he brings out his Holocom and calls his Master, she answers and can tell that something wasn't right by the look on his face,

"What is the matter?" he lowers his head and speaks with a mournful tone

"No one survived, I failed." she would form but she shakes her head, "Vik, you did not fail. There was nothing that could have been done, rest and meditate on this and I'll see you when I am landed." he nods and raises his head. "Yes Master, Thank you..."

she smiles "May the force be with you." she says before she hangs up. he puts the Holocom back into his pocket and looks up into the sky, letting the snow land on his face for a moment, he then makes way to his speeder and heads back to base, to await his Masters arrival.

(I will continue these when I have time.)
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