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TOPIC: SWTOR Spotlight: Anyport

SWTOR Spotlight: Anyport 7 months 5 days ago #18583

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SWTOR Spotlight

Community Initiatives : Anyport

Welcome to the SWTOR Spotlight! Here, I'll be bringing you regular updates of the happenings in SWTOR, showcasing my picks for the spotlight. This could be snippets from the latest developer update, a particular roleplay initiative, an interesting item or decoration, or even a location in game. Essentially, anything that I feel may be of interest to our little corner of the Roleplay Community, I'll share it with you.

“Where should we go?”
“Any port will do.”
“Anyport it is.”

Today's spotlight is cast onto one of the latest public roleplay initiatives to crop up on the Darth Malgus server.

You can find all the information posted here at the original source thread, here, over on DM-RP.

Hidden away in the Mid Rim, in the somewhat known Teraab sector, hides one of the numerous shadowports the galaxy has to offer. A safe haven for spacers; be they smugglers, traders, mercenaries or pirates - as long as they don’t cause (too much) trouble. It hovers over a gas giant, namely PMP-86, or as it will become known as in the future, Saleeh. The station has, over the years, become known among spacers as 'Anyport'.

It is a small, yet busy place. Filled with those who are looking to do trade, make exchanges, find job or make hires as well as those who require a place to refuel, supply, rest, repair - some simply needing a place to lay low.

Whichever the reason for their visit is, it is accepted and catered to - with a few noteworthy exceptions. Republic, Empire, Hutts - whatever affiliation you belong to, you leave it at the door of your ship. As a true neutral port, its staff and residents do not take well to any public displays of affiliation. They have been known to deny landing to any who do not understand the meaning of discretion. Individuals who brazenly declare their status as either jedi or sith are not taken to kindly.

The station is kept up and running by its crew and a collection of re-purposed mining droids. There is a an odd sort of democratic order among them, where all the residents - including the spacers, join together every so often to discuss what needs to be done and who among them is the one to take on the mantle of the leader for a time being. Current spokesman is a spacer by the name of Richard Ryder, but his 'mandate' is about to expire...

The concept of Anyport isn't, necessarily, a new one. Many of us enjoyed an extended visit to the shadowport of Blackstar Station which has now, to my knowledge, closed its doors.

What makes this one a little different is a combination of the In-Game location, and the general ethos surrounding the management of the stronghold.

Anyport is, OOCly, located on the Patrol Carrier section of the Rishi Stronghold. For those of you that haven't had a chance to check it out yet, the carrier is a starship that constantly journeys through the skies of Rishi. Players are able to step out onto the outer deck, to find themselves surrounded by clouds. As such, it's a pretty great and novel location (particularly compared to the rest of the Rishi stronghold, which I found to be an absolute letdown), and lends itself brilliantly to this idea. For those of you wanted the Asylum location to be open, and not limited to a measly four participants, this might well be for you.

Secondly, this isn't an initiative that's run by a guild or a group. It's essentially just one person.

So, how is that a positive? How does the place feel alive? How are the numerous amenities advertised in the original thread going to work out?
Freedom and Opportunity, I believe. Open invitations to encourage anyone with a little imagination to come along and get involved.

I won't prattle on much longer, as I want to encourage you all to follow the link and read up for yourselves. Forge your own opinions.
Me? I like the look of this place.

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