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TOPIC: SWTOR Spotlight: Fall 2018 Roadmap

SWTOR Spotlight: Fall 2018 Roadmap 7 months 2 weeks ago #18582

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SWTOR Spotlight

Fall 2018 Roadmap

Welcome to the SWTOR Spotlight! Here, I'll be bringing you regular updates of the happenings in SWTOR, showcasing my picks for the spotlight. This could be snippets from the latest developer update, a particular roleplay initiative, an interesting item or decoration, or even a location in game. Essentially, anything that I feel may be of interest to our little corner of the Roleplay Community, I'll share it with you.

Today's Spotlight is my highlights from the latest developer roadmap.

You can find all the information here, in more detail, along with a youtube link to the original livestream here: Dulfy Fall 2018 Roadmap Coverage

Patch 5.10

New Storyline. This will be centred around the rivalry between the Sith and the Jedi.
New Planet and Daily Area. There will be a separate questline for Imperial/Republic players. These will be different for each faction, compared to how the Iokath storyline worked.

Guild Improvements.
Systems: Heraldry (We won't be able to freely draw whatever we want, but it seems that SWTOR will soon offer a heraldry system, similar to that seen in WoW. Where these icons will be displayed isn't yet clear.
Management: Guild Inspect (Guild Leaders can control how much info is shared), Mail (Mass mail to all guild members), Ban by Legacy (Ignore players by Legacy also in the works), more Guild Ranks.
More details coming early October

Twi’lek customisations – They are much more difficult to customise than humans due to the game system. No other details were given.

Holo-Disguse decorations coming. These will allow you to change the appearance of your character to something different (i.e. change to Republic Soldier, Imperial Spy, Hutt etc). Coming with 5.9.3. These disguises are limited to stronghold and offer something for RPers.

I saved this particular point for last. Not necessarily because it was the most interesting or useful addition (though, depending on what the disguise actually looks/works like, it could be something really sweet!), but because the developers specifically mentioned this as offering something for roleplayers.
With any luck, our needs and wants will continue to be taken into account. Maybe this marks the beginning of us being elevated up from the designation of second class player base in the eyes of the Devs...?
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