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[STORY ARC] UPRISING – CAMPAIGN GUIDE 1 year 1 week ago #17725

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Republic loyalists, striking from a hidden base, have claimed their first victory over the evil Eternal Empire. But their story didn’t end there.

Hello friends!

Since mid-2015, with the announcement of the Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion to Star Wars: The Old Republic, we have been pursuing a new and ambitious direction for the guild; one that has embraced the changing state of the galaxy, and the plethora of story opportunities brought about by it.

In early 2016, the Dark Horizon campaign introduced the Eternal Empire, and charted the course of the Gav Daragon’s final, fateful voyage, scattering our characters across the galaxy at its conclusion. A few months later, Resistance reintroduced our characters, five years after the Eternal Empire’s conquest of the galaxy. Rallying together in service of a new cause, the story culminated in the liberation of the Empress Teta; a symbolic first victory. Since then, our story has focused on the trials and tribulations of life on the frontiers of known space; of the struggle to fight for what is right and trying to rebuild the Republic – and ourselves.

With the release of the Knights of the Eternal Throne expansion, and subsequent story updates, the role of the Eternal Empire has been seemingly concluded within the official story provided by BioWare, prompting discussion and speculation throughout the community. However, whilst many within the roleplaying community have decided to move on from the Outlander’s story, we have not.

Uprising is the story of what happens next, chronicling the emergence of the Eternal Empire Remnants, and exploring how the delicate balance of power in the galaxy is shifting. The campaign exists as one possible explanation for how the power of the Eternal Fleet and the Knights of Zakuul might still pose a threat to the galaxy, allowing our characters to continue the journey they embarked upon two years ago, as we bridged the timeskip.

As with all our campaigns, Uprising is an ambitious story that pushes our characters and our abilities as roleplayers, featuring new characters, new locations, a greater sense of spectacle and deeper, more personal stories. Finally, after nearly a year and half of on-and-off development, Uprising is upon us.

On behalf of the Command Staff of the First Expeditionary Fleet, you are invited to join us for the next chapter of our own unfolding saga, and we sincerely hope you enjoy every moment of the adventure. Seriously though, it’s going to be epic.

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[STORY ARC] UPRISING – CAMPAIGN GUIDE 1 year 1 week ago #17726

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A tale of romance and rebellion, in a galaxy divided between light and dark.

Resistance. Rebellion. Defiance.

In the wake of the Outlander’s victory over the Eternal Empire, uncertainty and disorder have spread across the galaxy. Crippled by years of war, resource shortages, and economic ruin, countless worlds teeter on the brink of collapse, sparking instability and unrest.

Tensions have begun to mount between the Galactic Republic, the Sith Empire, and the newly formed Eternal Alliance, as another Cold War has reawakened old rivalries. As the galactic powers fight over possession of Iokath in wild space, various figures and factions compete for influence and control over the known galaxy.

Now, after a year in exile, the remnants of the Eternal Empire have emerged from the depths of space, taking advantage of this chaos and staging an uprising that threatens to overwhelm the Republic. As negotiators and diplomats try to resolve the escalating crisis, the Resistance dispatches a single ship – a single crew – to face this new enemy, as the shadow of war looms.

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An epic of heroes, villains, and aliens from a thousand worlds.

Essential to any good story is a cast of compelling characters. Though Uprising is focused on telling a deeper and more meaningful story, with character development and internal conflict, an expanded roster of non-player characters (NPCs) gives breadth to the experience. Uprising features allies and enemies – both new and old – that will leave their own impact on the galaxy, and our characters themselves. Read on to learn more about these characters, and check back after encountering them in the story!

Influential Figures


Once a Knight of Zakuul pledged to the service of the Immortal Emperor, they were uplifted by the newly-crowned Emperor Arcann, following painful Force rituals and cybernetic implantation. Taking on the mantle of ‘Exarch’, they ruled over Telos IV, a Republic world in the Outer Rim Territories, answering only to Arcann, and following his downfall, Vaylin.

As the Eternal Empire fragmented following the Outlander’s triumph, the Exarch of Telos retreated into exile with a contingent of Zakuulan loyalists and a portion of the Eternal Fleet. After a year spent marshalling their forces and plotting in the shadows, the remnants of the Eternal Empire have returned to the galactic stage.

Whilst jostling with other Zakuulan factions for control of the Remnant’s territory and resources, this self-declared Primarch has begun to orchestrate an uprising within Republic space, on an unprecedented scale. Though little is known about this enigmatic figure, they are purported to be a follower of the Old Ways of Zakuul, and are obsessed by their own personal code of honour.

Justice. Order. Sacrifice.


The greatest civilisation in the galaxy does not collapse into ruin overnight. Zakuulan technological superiority brought about the architectural marvel of the Spire, an enviable standard of living for its citizens, and the awesome power of the Eternal Fleet, with which the galaxy was swiftly conquered.

As the Eternal Empire Remnant began to form, following the fragmentation of the old order, a new model of advanced, multi-purpose droids were created to compliment the GEMINI and EPHEMERIS units. Originally conceived as a contingency to ensure the continued operation of Star Fortresses and Eternal Fleet vessels in case of failure or sabotage, ASTRON units are more versatile than their counterparts, equally capable of technical brilliance as they are leading skytroopers into battle.


Cold, calculating, and utterly relentless, Argan Karos sees himself as the next Grand Moff of the Sith Empire. As the planetary governor of Sullust and Moff of the Sullust sector, Karos commands considerable influence within the Empire, and has deep connections that were formed over a career spanning decades.

As planetary governor, Karos has overseen the Imperialisation of SoroSuub corporation and Sullustan commerce, funnelling vast resources into research and infrastructure projects, whilst repeatedly snuffing out any resistance movements or attempts to gain Sullustan independence.

Moff Karos gained greater infamy at the conclusion of the Second Galactic War, when he employed his personal flagship – the ISF Khar Delba – to ambush Republic ships retreating from the Eternal Fleet following the Battle of Fondor, most notably the RSS Gav Daragon.

Following the war’s end, a retaliatory strike by a lone Republic agent almost resulted in Karos’ assassination during his own victory parade; the Moff instead escaped with his life, but at the cost of his left hand. Since then, Karos has become paranoid, obsessed with the security of his powerbase as much as his own personal safety, and never failed to satisfy the harsh tributes demanded by the Eternal Throne, for fear of reprisal.


A veteran Imperial officer, the gatekeeper is the driving force behind a series of military research projects in the Sith Empire. During the Second Galactic War, they masterminded a plan to construct a hyperspace beacon on Alderaan, which would have enabled the Sith Empire to launch their fleets directly into the core worlds, bypassing Republic defences.

The plan ultimately failed when the Republic destroyed the beacon, and with it, the officer’s reputation. Since then, the gatekeeper has continued their quest to produce the next generation of super soldiers for the Sith Empire, working alongside Moff Karos; one of the few prominent figures who can see the unrealised potential of the gatekeeper’s work.


A secretive recluse, learned of the ways of the Force. With the Jedi Order fragmented, and the Eternal Empire Remnant emerging from the shadows, this mystic lives in exile, waiting.


It is said that the hutts own everything and everyone on Sleheyron. Though not technically true, the reality of the situation appears little different to offworlders, and the life of a slave is worth nothing to their hutt overlords.

One of the most powerful, wealthy and influential crime lords on Sleheyron, Motadda the Hutt is a prominent member of the Desilijic kajidic, and a cruel master to many slaves. Motadda amassed his considerable fortune by steadily building and expanding his criminal empire over centuries, with operations in sentient trafficking and slave auctions, spice production and smuggling, gladiatorial sports, and the more legitimate enterprises of fuel and ore mining and processing.

Though as deeply unsentimental as he is corpulent, Motadda is not entirely without morality, and was an outspoken proponent of the Hutt Cartel’s alliance with the Republic, following the crisis on Makeb. Since the arrival of the Eternal Empire and the shifting balance of power in the galaxy, Motadda has been more reluctant and evasive in his support for the Republic, but has yet to formally sever ties, believing there’s still something be gained by keeping the partnership alive.


A veteran of the First Galactic War, they may be the only one who can help the Resistance in its most desperate hour.


A reputable – if somewhat eccentric – Republic scientist, who has ventured out into the galaxy in pursuit of knowledge, only to be waylaid on backwater planets. Though a specialist in geology and seismology, this scientist is able to turn their abilities to any venture, and once hosted a program on the HoloNet about scientific curiosities throughout the galaxy.


An upstanding and savvy businessman, this entrepreneur has struggled to keep his businesses afloat after a series of setbacks and financial hardship.

Open NPC Roles

In addition to appearances by specific characters, there is also a plethora of roles for interested guild members to undertake, including Zakuulan opponents, Sith Empire rivals, and underworld gladiators. With some of these roles, a conscious effort has been taken to give them their own part in the story, making them deeper, more complex, and more interesting to roleplay. It should be noted that although no-one is obligated to take on any NPC roles, the opposition we face and the characters we encounter is entirely dependent on such efforts; please consider volunteering your services!

Read on below to find out more about the available roles within Uprising, or consult section VII. Preparation & Signup below for detailed information about what is required for each role and how you can get involved.


Though the Outlander usurped much of the Eternal Empire’s ships, resources and territory during the formation of the Eternal Alliance, the greatest civilisation in galactic history does not simply disappear overnight. The Eternal Empire Remnant is only a shadow of its predecessor, but still represents a substantial threat to galactic security. Mustering loyalists, volunteers and fanatics, the Remnant has deployed its forces to several worlds to tip the balance of power in its favour.

Billions of skytroopers formed the core of the Eternal Empire’s infantry force, and millions more continue to serve the Remnant. These advanced battledroids are armoured with unique Zakuulan alloys, and are equipped with rocket thrusters for increased mobility on the battlefield.

Zakuulan Soldiers
Though few in number when compared to the other major military forces in the galaxy, Zakuulan soldiers are nonetheless a formidable force, and while they may lack the creativity and adaptability of their Republic or Imperial counterparts, their standard-issue equipment is notably superior. Though the Eternal Empire Remnant, like its predecessor state, relies heavily on automation and droids to wage war, it does employ specially trained support units to perform certain mission roles that are better suited to organic soldiers.

Knights of Zakuul
The Knights of Zakuul are an order of force sensitive warriors, sworn to the service of the Eternal Throne and the enforcement of justice. Unlike the Jedi or the Sith, the Knights of Zakuul draw from both the light and dark sides of the force, sharing their knowledge for the betterment of the entire order.

Horizon Guard
One of the many denominations within the Knights of Zakuul, the Horizon Gaurd was formed by Empress Vaylin as a result of the perceived failings of the order to deal with the Eternal Empire’s enemies – most notably the Outlander. Stronger and more ruthless than their regular counterparts, the Horizon Guard are extremely dangerous opponents.

Zakuulan Loyalists
A cadre of elite soldiers originally formed to serve the deposed Emperor Arcann, Zakuulan Loyalists have flocked to the Remnant’s banner, committed to returning the Eternal Throne to a worthy successor.

Zakuulan Cultists
As the Eternal Empire established military, political and socio-economic hegemony across the galaxy, Zakuulan culture began to slowly disperse throughout society, as citizens were assimilated into the new order. Despite recent discoveries on Iokath, the tenets of the Old Ways of Zakuul have given birth to a dangerous new form of religious fanaticism.


As the galaxy faces an unsteady peace and the possibility of renewed conflict, the Sith Empire has been quietly rebuilding from the Galactic War, and presents a rapidly escalating threat to the security of the Republic. Though Imperial manpower levels were all but decimated during the war, a new generation of recruits are being trained under the guidance of hardened veterans, breathing new life into Empire’s military ambitions.

Imperial Soldiers
Forming the core of the Imperial Army, the rank and file soldiers of the Sith Empire’s military are thoroughly trained, well equipped and carefully groomed to faithfully serve their superiors.

Imperial Scouts
On more remote systems, Imperial scouts patrol the frontier of Sith territory, often employing vehicles to cover as much ground as quickly as possible. Though they are closely integrated with the rest of the army, they are granted a certain amount of operational independence necessary for their role.

Imperial Snowtroopers
Officially known as ‘cold assault specialists’, Imperial snowtroopers are specifically trained to deal with the difficult conditions on colder, less habitable worlds, where the environment itself can be just as deadly as any enemy encountered in the field.

Imperial Shock Troopers
An elite force comprised of the very best the Sith Empire has to offer, Imperial shock troopers are handpicked for their skill, bravery, and loyalty, and are subjected to rigorous training and indoctrination upon selection. Shock troopers are frequently employed as commando teams, or as the personal guards and enforcers of high-ranking Imperial personnel.


As the forces of the Republic, the Sith Empire, and the Eternal Empire Remnant fight for control of the galaxy, countless smaller groups and individuals pursue their own agendas.

Underworld Gladiators
In the colosseums of Sleheyron, slaves and free people fight for gold and glory, for their masters, or for themselves. Contestants from Hutt Space and across the Outer Rim Territories flock to Sleheyron to find fame, fortune and freedom in the fighting pits, as part of Motadda the Hutt’s entertainment business. Gladiator slaves are bought and sold, credits are won and lost gambling on arena fights, and the matches themselves are broadcast live on the HoloNet, all in the service of Motadda’s pleasure and profit.

Shasa Adherents
Formed by the eponymous Selkath three centuries ago during the Jedi Civil War, the Order of Shasa is a Force tradition native to Manaan. Sharing the Selkath propensity toward neutrality, the Order trains its followers and adherents to defend Manaan and Selkath society against threats from the wider galaxy. This stance is echoed in their studies, which advocate moderation between the light and dark sides of the Force. Though the Order of Shasa is comprised primarily of Selkath, a small but growing number of non-Selkath individuals have found their way into the Order’s service, devoted to securing Manaan’s neutrality and independence.

The galaxy is a big place, and as the greater powers vie for supremacy, countless sentients from all walks of life try to make their way in the universe. Some are Republic citizens, wary or perhaps disillusioned at the state of the galaxy, whilst others are refugees, fleeing the destruction and destitution wrought by decades of conflict.

Protocol Droids
Class Three droids, programmed for etiquette and protocol, are a common sight across the galaxy, intended to help facilitate communications and bring an end to hostilities. Some are employed to aid diplomats in formal negotiations, whilst others serve more humbly as clerks, waiters, and laundry droids.

Envoys and emissaries, Republic diplomats work tirelessly to maintain peace and order in an increasingly volatile galaxy. Members of the diplomatic corps are relied upon to find peaceful resolutions to conflicts, and are central to negotiating various treaties on the Republic’s behalf.

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[STORY ARC] UPRISING – CAMPAIGN GUIDE 1 year 1 week ago #17728

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A galactic odyssey against oppression.

Uprising is the story of the emerging moral and political struggle taking place on countless worlds across the galaxy, and the First Expeditionary Fleet’s fight to preserve the Republic. Over the course of the story, our characters will have the opportunity to travel to myriad worlds in the Star Wars galaxy, to investigate an unfolding conspiracy, to acquire new allies and resources, and to defend an overwhelmed Republic.

Due to the scope and scale of the story, Uprising features many varied environments, with a huge amount of in-game areas used as stand-ins for a dozen different in-universe planets and locations. Some locations are more detailed than others, and there is a significant amount of exploration and environmental storytelling involved. Read on to learn more about some of locations featured in Uprising, and check back here during the campaign for additional information!

Galactic Flashpoints


Ruled by a monarchy for generations, Belasco has been a member of the Republic for thousands of years, since the planet was first settled. A temperate and wealthy world in the Expansion Region, Belasco is planet with a long and rich history, though its influence has waned over the centuries. Prior to the Exar Kun Wars nearly four hundred years ago, Belasco was a nexus of hyperlanes within the region; following a Krath Holy Crusade, the hyperlanes were lost, and with them, Belasco’s power and influence.

Belasco is home to one of the great medical curiosities of the galaxy; a species of resilient water-borne bacteria that re-appears approximately every seven years, causing sickness in any who are infected. Though the bacteria is resilient enough to have thwarted all attempts to eradicate it, Belascan society has adapted to the pathogen’s presence over the centuries, and medicine and potable water are stockpiled between outbreaks. With the deleterious state of the galaxy, however, Belasco is ill-prepared for the next cycle, which appears to be imminent.


The Hutts control everything on Sleheyron, and a slave is nothing to them. A volcanic planet on the intersection of the Pabol Hutta and the Pabol Sleheyron in Hutt Space, Sleheyron is a heavily industrialised world, with much of the planetary economy centered around the slave trade, tibanna gas refining and starship fuel exports. As one of the jewels in the crown of the Hutt Empire of eras past, Sleheyron is a haven for criminals and scoundrels, second only to Nar Shaddaa as a centrepoint for underworld activity.


A desolate and impoverished world in the Expansion Region, Rhommamool is a desert world of endless red sand. Though lacking in essential resources such as water and and food sources, Rhommamool has vast mineral deposits beneath its red sands, which are mined and exported by the inhabitants in order to eke out a squalid existence.

Rhommamool is a rare ‘twin world’, sharing an orbital position with a wealthier and more temperate planet, Osarian. Originally a dumping ground for convicts from Osarian sentenced to hard labour, Rhommammol has long been exploited by its neighbour, which has created a deep animosity between the people of both worlds. These tensions periodically flare into hostility every decade, as the planetary orbits bring both world within a million kilometres of each other.


An ocean world in Inner Rim, Manaan is the homeworld of the aquatic Selkath species, and the only place in the galaxy where kolto – a medicinal substance with tremendous healing power – is known to naturally occur. Discovered and subsequently conquered by the Rakata during the pre-Republic era, Manaan became independent following the collapse of the Infinite Empire, and has remained steadfastly neutral in galactic politics ever since.

Whilst the native Selkath live in great underwater cities that reside on the ocean floor, they have constructed trading platforms and cities atop artificial islands to receive offworlders, and to facilitate tourism, trade and diplomacy. The largest of these was Ahto City, once a shining metropolis, which was destroyed during the First Galactic War, when the Sith Empire bombarded the planet from orbit.


Homeworld of the Cyrillians, a race of towering, sentient reptilians, Cyrillia is a heavily populated and heavily industrialised world in the Expansion Region, famed for its droid manufacturing. Discovered by the wider galaxy during the Great Manifest Period, Cyrillia was once linked to Belasco, Surron, Gerhalt and Allenteen by hyperlanes that facilitated travel, diplomacy and trade. Though the lanes became unnavigable following the Exar Kun Wars, Cyrillia’s reputation and droid exports have remained intact.


Located along the Sanrafsix Corridor, Syned is a remote ice world with a thin atmosphere and frigid oceans. Originally formed by debris ejected from a protoplanetary disk, Syned spent billions of years adrift in deep space, before falling into the gravity well of a cluster of blue giant stars. In the eons since its gravitational capture, primitive life has evolved on the planet, mostly living in the chilly waters beneath the vast ice sheets that form the planet’s surface. Notably, the native Synedian algae, once harvested, can be used as a foodstuff or processed into a basic fuel.

Though discovered and explored sometime before the onset of the Subterra period, Syned is an uninteresting backwater, and has remained largely uninhabited, save for a few small settlements and trade posts. These scattered communities sustain their life on the frontier with Synedian algae and modest mining exports. Since the conquest and occupation of nearby Sullust during the First Galactic War, the Sith Empire has constructed several military bases and outposts on the planet to extend their control of the region.

Planetary Gazettes


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[STORY ARC] UPRISING – CAMPAIGN GUIDE 1 year 1 week ago #17729

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Loyalties will be tested. Destinies will be revealed.

The essence of roleplay is in meaningful choice, and appropriate consequences that follow. The political and philosophical struggle that underlines the Uprising campaign provides many such opportunities, and although the overall progression of the story – the sequence of events – is pre-determined, how the story unfolds and what the ultimate conclusion will be is decided by you, and the actions of your character. Over the course of the story, our characters will be presented with a variety of choices, each with varying importance, and a varying level of impact on the outcome of the story.

This campaign was created with the intention of pursuing a more personal, more emotional and more impactful storyline, despite the grand scale of the setting and the level of spectacle. There is perhaps no greater consequence than failure and Uprising accounts for this; it is possible for our characters to fail in their mission, and it is possible for characters to be captured or killed. These consequences will only result from meaningful choices, however.

It is hoped that these choices and consequences – in addition to the environments, non-player characters and the quality of the roleplay – will foster a sense of tension, excitement, and deep immersion within the story. For more information about specific consequences, check section VIII. Questions & Answers.

In addition to meaningful choices and consequences – the substance of the story – Uprising features a variety of roleplaying activities; in addition to combat, exploration and social roleplay, our characters will, at various points in the story, have the opportunity to fight in gladiatorial arenas, duke it out in speederbike chases, and go undercover in the Sith Empire. Alongside this action – in space and on the ground – there’s also the chance to explore the deeper themes of the story, with moral dilemmas, puzzles, and metaphysical vision quests.

In order to make the entire experience as compelling as possible, there is also large amount of narration and expository ‘cutscenes’ within Uprising, usually at the start, end or midpoint of a particular event. These expand the story and show what other characters are doing, what is happening elsewhere in the galaxy, and the consequence of characters’ choices. To ensure players don’t miss anything, these will be crossposted to the forums, in addition to a constantly updating summary of the overall story.

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[STORY ARC] UPRISING – CAMPAIGN GUIDE 1 year 1 week ago #17730

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A big, new, sprawling space adventure in the Star Wars saga; Uprising. Coming to your galaxy, this Spring.

Please find below the schedule for the Uprising campaign. As with previous campaigns, Uprising contains a huge number of events and a very long, detailed story, and is slated to overtake Resistance as our longest campaign to date. This is due to a variety of factors, but most significantly, that the campaign has been in on-and-off development since September 2016, and has been continually expanded since Summer 2017, when it was originally intended to run.

As with all large campaigns, scheduling and other logistical concerns are very challenging to finalise, as it requires careful planning several months in advance. It should be noted, therefore, that individual dates and times listed on this schedule are subject to change, especially dates further into the campaign. Of course, every effort will be made to keep to this schedule for the sake of predictability and convenience, but if and when changes are made, they will be listed clearly, with as much advance notice as possible.

Furthermore, the schedule has been constructed to allow a sensible pacing for events, and time between them for other roleplay or simply for players to have a break. It should be noted that there are a huge number of roleplay opportunities that exist outside the main event chain, and so, even where there is nothing specifically scheduled, players are encouraged to exercise the initiative and pursue these at their leisure. The schedule also includes four ‘Interludes’ spread throughout the campaign, which are more substantial breaks where the main story pauses, though there will be roleplay opportunities for those interested.

Finally – unless otherwise noted – all events will start at 20:00 GMT/BST and end at 23:00 GMT/BST (British Summer Time begins on Sunday 25th March). Some events will also include pre-event roleplay from 19:00 GMT/BST (or earlier, if desired), and/or post-event roleplay from 23:00 GMT/BST onwards. Additional information will be included for pre- and post-event roleplay, with the intention that players organise themselves and pursue this roleplay spontaneously, as they want to.

Event Listings


Events coloured gold and marked with a square ⬛ indicate events yet to be completed.

The event coloured blue and marked with an arrow ◀ indicates the next or current event in the schedule.

Events coloured green and marked with a tick ✓ indicate events that have been completed.

Events coloured turquoise and marked with a circle ⚫ indicate other scheduling information regarding non-campaign events, such as game updates.

Events marked with a lightning bolt ⚡ indicate an event that requires an Imperial version of your character (Sith Warrior, Sith Inquisitor, Imperial Agent, or Bounty Hunter classes) in order to attend. See section VII. Preparation & Signup for more information.

Events marked with a dagger † indicate a risk of character death or capture. See section V. Storytelling, Choices & Consequences, and section VIII. Questions & Answers for more information.

Events coloured red and marked with a cross ❌ indicate an event that has been cancelled.


Following reports of suspicious activity in the Expansion Region, the First Expeditionary Fleet convenes to prepare their intervention, acting on behalf of the Resistance.

Call to Arms
Wednesday 14th March, 20:00—21:30 GMT
Type of roleplay: Briefing
Dress code: Duty Uniform
NPC requirements: None
Location: RSS Empress Teta
Synopsis: Aboard the RSS Empress Teta, the crew prepares for their next mission, as reports of the Eternal Empire Remnant can no longer be ignored.

The First Step
Thursday 15th March, 20:00—21:30 GMT
Type of roleplay: Casual
Dress code: Combat armour (Away Team), Free choice
NPC requirements: None
Location: RSS Empress Teta
Synopsis: The Resistance dispatches a small team to Belasco, to safeguard the negotiations with the Eternal Empire Remnant.

Friday 16th March—Monday 19th March

Emerging from the shadows, the Eternal Empire Remnant has blockaded Belasco, a Republic world in the Expansion Region. Despite claims that the blockade is necessary for the protection of Belasco, negotiations with Republic diplomats appear to be getting nowhere. Amid rising tension, the Resistance makes the first move.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....
Friday 16th March, 20:00—20:10 GMT
Type of roleplay: Opening sequence
Dress code: None
NPC requirements: None
Location: Space (OOC: Jedi player ship instance)
Synopsis: Every story has a beginning. Every journey has a first step.

Aggressive Negotiations
Friday 16th March, 20:10—23:00 GMT
Type of roleplay: Diplomacy, Investigation, Combat, Space combat
Dress code: Combat armour (Away Team)
NPC requirements: Moderate (Skytroopers and Zakuulan Troopers, Diplomats)
Location: Belasco Station (OOC: Gav Daragon, Republic Fleet)
Synopsis: The Away Team arrives at Belasco, a Republic world blockaded by Eternal Empire Remnant. Docking with a space station in orbit, the team lends their assistance to the Republic’s diplomatic entourage.

A Thousand Terrible Things
Saturday 17th March
Type of roleplay: Exploration, Stealth, Combat
Dress code: Combat armour (Away Team)
NPC requirements: Moderate (Skytroopers and Zakuulan Troopers)
Location: Belasco (OOC: Alderaan)
Synopsis: As the situation escalates, the Away Team arrives on the surface of Belasco, searching for answers, and an escape.

Forgotten Glory
Sunday 18th March
Type of roleplay: Exploration, Stealth, Combat, Aerial combat
Dress code: Combat armour (Away Team & Ground reinforcements), Flight suits (Starfighter reinforcements)
NPC requirements: Moderate (Skytroopers and Zakuulan Troopers)
Location: Belasco (OOC: Alderaan)
Synopsis: The Away Team arrives at their destination, and attempts to disrupt the Remnant’s operations.

Running The Blockade
Monday 19th March
Type of roleplay: Space combat, Engineering
Dress code: Combat armour (Away Team & Ground reinforcements), Flight suits (Starfighter reinforcements)
NPC requirements: None
Location: Space (OOC: player ship instance, Empress Teta hangar bay)
Synopsis: The Resistance runs the blockade of Belasco.

Tuesday 20th March—Thursday 29th March

Reports of pro-Zakuulan uprisings are pouring in from several Republic worlds in the Expansion Region. Using the RSS Empress Teta as a mobile base of operations, the crew intercedes, hoping to stop the Eternal Empire Remnant and discover more about the unfolding conspiracy.

Update 5.8: Command Authority
Tuesday 20th March

The Exploitation Region
Tuesday 20th March, 20:30—23:00 GMT
Type of roleplay: Briefing, Investigation
Dress code: Duty Uniform
NPC requirements: None
Location: RSS Empress Teta
Synopsis: Following the crisis on Belasco, the crew regroups aboard the RSS Empress Teta, and decides upon their next course of action.

Industrial Action
Thursday 22nd March—Friday 23rd March
Type of roleplay: Investigation, Exploration, Combat
Dress code: Combat armour
NPC requirements: Moderate (Skytroopers and Zakuulan Troopers)
Location: Cyrillia (OOC: Nar Shaddaa)
Synopsis: The Resistance intervenes to prevent the Eternal Empire Remnant from taking over the droid factories on Cyrillia and repurposing them for their own sinister ends.

Outback Engagements
Monday 26th March—Tuesday 27th March
Type of roleplay: Investigation, Combat
Dress code: Combat armour
NPC requirements: Moderate (Skytroopers and Zakuulan Troopers)
Location: Reytha (OOC: Voss)
Synopsis: The First Expeditionary Fleet deploys to Reytha, in response to reports of Zakuulan attacks on local Republic forces.

The Junkyard Planet
Wednesday 28th March
Type of roleplay: Investigation, Exploration
Dress code: Combat armour
NPC requirements: None
Location: Attahox (OOC: Olaris Settlement Zone, Taris)
Synopsis: The RSS Empress Teta arrives at Attahox, and the crew investigates reports of suspicious activity believed to be connected to the Eternal Empire Remnant.

Structured Hierarchy
Thursday 29th March
Type of roleplay: Investigation, Combat
Dress code: Combat armour
NPC requirements: Light (Skytroopers and Zakuulan Troopers)
Location: Apsolon (OOC: Justicar Territory, Coruscant)
Synopsis: An away team is dispatched to the Republic world of Apsolon, to counter a pro-Remnant coup against the planetary government.

Friday 30th March—Thursday 5th April

The RSS Empress Teta returns to Coruscant, permitting the crew some time to rest and reflect after their engagements with the Eternal Empire Remnant. As Republic day draws near, the crew receive a message from a familiar ally.

Republic Day
Wednesday 4th April
Type of roleplay: Social, Open roleplay
Dress code: Dress uniform
NPC requirements: None
Location: Senate Plaza, Coruscant
Synopsis: The First Expeditionary Fleet gathers to commemorate the anniversary of the Republic’s founding.

Revisiting the Broker
Thursday 5th April, 19:30—22:00 BST
Type of roleplay: Investigation
Dress code: Discreet
NPC requirements: None
Location: Coruscant Skyhook (OOC: Nar Shaddaa Stronghold)
Synopsis: The Resistance makes contact with a familiar information broker, searching for new leads for their investigation into the Eternal Empire Remnant.

Friday 6th April—Wednesday 18th April
Friday 6th April—TO BE ANNOUNCED

Following a trail of clues, the First Expeditionary Fleet continues its investigation into the Eternal Empire Remnant, hoping to secure an advantage over the Primarch's forces.

The Embassy
Friday 6th April—Saturday 7th April
Type of roleplay: Investigation, Exploration
Dress code: Combat armour
NPC requirements: Light (Skytroopers, Zakuulan Troopers and Shasa Adherents)
Location: Manaan
Synopsis: The First Expeditionary Fleet investigates a newly opened embassy on Manaan.

Splinter of the Mind’s Eye
Tuesday 10th April—Friday 13th April, 19:30—22:00 BST
Monday 23rd April—Friday 27th April, 19:30—22:00 BST
Type of roleplay: Investigation, Exploration
Dress code: Combat armour
NPC requirements: None
Location: Mimban (OOC: Zakuul swamps & Gravestone instance)
Synopsis: In the search for an advantage over the Eternal Empire Remnant, the Resistance explores a mysterious swamp, and makes a startling discovery.

Update 5.9: The Nathema Conspiracy
Tuesday 1st May

The Crucifix
Monday 16th April—Wednesday 18th April, 19:30—22:00 BST
Type of roleplay: Boarding action, Bridge Operations, Investigation, Engineering, Combat
Dress code: Combat armour (Boarding Party), Duty Uniform (Bridge Crew), Flight Suits (Starfighter Patrol)
NPC requirements: None
Location: Eternal Fleet Battlecruiser, RSS Empress Teta
Synopsis: The crew of the Empress Teta launch an operation to find and board a derelict Zakuulan Battlecruiser, adrift in interstellar space.

Thursday 19th April—Tuesday 24th April

The crew rests and recuperates as the RSS Empress Teta sails through hyperspace in safety.

Wednesday 25th April—Friday 4th May

The flagship of the Resistance is diverted to the galactic south, as the Sith Empire seeks to revise interstellar borders set by the Zakuulan peace treaty; an uprising orchestrated by Moff Karos.

Cold Reception
Wednesday 25th April—Monday 30th April, 19:30—22:00 BST
Type of roleplay: Exploration, Investigation, Stealth, Combat, Espionage
Dress code: Combat armour
NPC requirements: Moderate (Imperial Snowtroopers, Imperial Scouts)
Location: Syned (OOC: Hoth & Ilum)
Synopsis: The crew of the Empress Teta make landfall on Syned, a remote ice planet on the borders of Sith space, in the hopes of thwarting Imperial remilitarisation.

Imperial Entanglements
Wednesday 2nd May—Friday 4th May, 19:30—22:00 BST
Type of roleplay: Stealth, Espionage, Engineering
Dress code: Imperial disguises
NPC requirements: Moderate (Imperial Soldiers)
Location: Sluis Van Orbital Shipyard (OOC: Imperial Fleet)
Synopsis: A team of Resistance operatives goes undercover in the Sith Empire, infiltrating the orbital shipyards at Sluis Van to steal starships and information.

Saturday 5th May—Thursday 24th May

In desperate need of allies and resources, the crew travels to Sleheyron, seeking an audience with Motadda the Hutt, a susposed ally of the Republic. Gaining an audience with the notoriously fickle Motadda, however, is more difficult than the crew anticipate.

Sojourn at Aikhibba
Saturday 5th May—Sunday 6th May
Type of roleplay: Social, Engineering, Exploration
Dress code: Free choice
NPC requirements: None
Location: Aikhibba (OOC: Vandin instance)
Synopsis: The Empress Teta docks at a refueling station in the Aikhibba system, whilst the crew relax and explore the port.


Friday 25th May—Sunday 3rd June

Following the Tournament's conclusion, the crew prepares to depart Motadda's Palace.

Monday 4th June—Tuesday 26th June

As the Shadow Fleet begins to cut off more Republic Worlds, the First Expeditionary Fleet races stop the Eternal Empire Remnant before the crisis errupts into full scale war. Meanwhile, Moff Karos accelerates the Sith Empire's plans for dominance, taking advantage of the chaos.


Wednesday 27th June—Wednesday 11th July

Seizing upon an opportunity to strike back, the First Expeditionary Fleet searches for one of the Eternal Empire Remnant's main command centres.


Thursday 12th July—Thursday 26th July

In pursuit of the precious Isotope-5 substance, the First Expeditionary Fleet realises the magnitude of the threat facing the galaxy. The lines are drawn, and the die is cast.


Friday 27th July—Tuesday 31st July

Convening at a secret base, the Resistance prepares to launch a final, desperate mission to stop the uprising from enveloping the galaxy.


The First Expeditionary Fleet confronts The Tears of Scyva.



The uprising ends.


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Perhaps unsurprisingly, a campaign as large and varied as Uprising does require a certain level of preparedness for its participants in order to make sure everyone gets the most out of the experience. The precise amount of preparation a particular player needs to undertake depends mostly on their level of participation within the campaign; which events they want to attend and what NPC roles, if any, they want to volunteer for.

Generally speaking, when attending most events as your main character, there is little specific preparation required, beyond being ready and in position ahead of time to ensure a prompt start, and having the right mindset for roleplay. The event listings outline most of the information you need to know for a given even, including time, starting location and what type of gear or clothing your character should be wearing. It would also be worthwhile to check you are in any and all relevant chat channels before the start of the event, so that you don’t miss any information, narration, or roleplay.


For certain events, specifically those within the Sith Empire storyline, characters are required to go undercover in order to carry out covert missions. In these instances, the events will be roleplayed out on the Imperial side in-game, using Imperial avatars, Imperial locations, and Imperial custom chat channels (which are inaccessible to Republic players, and vice-versa). It is therefore necessary for players that want to attend to create an Imperial version of their character, assuming they have not already done so.

An Imperial version of your character should have an identical or near-identical appearance as your main avatar (perhaps allowing for a change of hair style or facial hair grooming, if desired). For convenience, it is also preferred that Imperial avatars have a similar name to their Republic counterpart, though this is not a strict requirement. As an alternative, players may wish to consider naming an Imperial avatar with the name of their assumed undercover identity, as opposed to their real identity within the First Expeditionary Fleet.

Regarding class selection, the recommended option is to pick the Imperial class which has the same weapon selection as your character (for example, Imperial Agent classes in lieu of Trooper classes, as both use blaster rifles, etc.). Imperial avatars must have access to a player starship (completed the class quest prologue, or used a character boost token, or the Master’s Datacon).

Most undercover missions take place in low-level areas or in areas where there is no risk of combat, and so levelling Imperial avatars is not a pressing concern. However, Makeb is used as a location for a portion of the Imperial storyline, and so it is strongly advised that players wanting to participate in that section have a character level of at least 50. This specific event takes place later in the campaign, so players have time to level their avatar if they wish to.

Finally, Imperial avatars should be appropriately dressed for their undercover role, donning Imperial armour, uniforms, flight suits or another similar disguise (the provision of which will be explained within the story as it unfolds). Mirror versions of custom chat channels will be created and used for roleplay, and access information for these will be provided.

To summarise, an Imperial version of your character requires:
• Identical or near-identical appearance to your Republic character
• Identical name or undercover alias
• An Imperial class that matches weapon selection of Republic class
• Access to player starship
• An appropriate Imperial disguise
• Advancement to level 50 or above (if wanting to attend the event using Makeb as a location)


For players wishing to volunteer for non-player character roles, a little more preparation is required. Each NPC role has a standardised set of clothing and weapons, which need to be acquired for the avatar being used for the role (preferably not your main character, though this is not a strict requirement).

Each NPC role must also be roleplayed in a certain manner, to effectively represent the particular character concept, including how specific characters might talk or act, and their abilities and relative power level if engaged in combat. Generally, there is a degree of flexibility in this regard, and players are allowed to play the character out as they wish, within reason.

Some NPC roles require players to sign up for the role, as their are specific additional requirements. Most notably, players interested in roleplaying as an underworld gladiator or an Imperial shock trooper should contact Braya to express their interest, and receive further instructions.

Other NPC roles do not require players to sign up or contact anyone specifically, however, it is greatly appreciated if players can have a clear idea of what roles they intend to play, and inform the officers ahead of time which events they wish to provide an NPC for.


In Part IV: The Tournament, the characters of the First Expeditionary Fleet will have the opportunity to compete within gladiatorial arena events to win favour with Motadda the Hutt. Though there will be a minimum number of opponents and events provided, players can create their own underworld gladiator to serve as an additional opponent for our characters.

Players are free to create their own underworld gladiator character, or use an appropriate alternate character they already have. Each gladiator NPC will face the players in at least one bout in the arena, either as part of a solo duel, or within a group match. These matches are not death matches (unless specifically noted otherwise), and so these characters don’t need to be considered expendable, though our main characters should have a reasonable chance of beating them in the competition.

Interested players should contact the command staff with a concise description of their gladiator character concept for approval, along with any other specific ideas the player has to bring the character to life. Submissions for gladiator NPCs must be approved before the start of Part IV: The Tournament (Saturday 5th May), so that the schedule of matches in the tournament can be finalised.

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