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TOPIC: Operation Forgotten Cry - Besham Relief Effort, Open Roleplay

Operation Forgotten Cry - Besham Relief Effort, Open Roleplay 9 months 1 week ago #17536

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Operation Forgotten Cry

Relief effort for the Twi’lek settlement of Besham, Open Roleplay

A holographic projection slowly flickers into life, presenting an elder human male, dressed in the full regalia of his rank and position. A veteran, clearly, as his uniform is weighed down under the number of medals and campaign awards. He looks to you, his eyes seeming to freeze you in place as a voice filled with authority echoes forth.

“People of the Republic, I am Admiral Reugen of the First Expeditionary Fleet.

You know that our beloved Republic has faced difficult times these last few years, and many of us continue to do so. I assure you that the Republic Navy is committed to keeping you safe and aiding in whatever way we can.

However, I must admit that we have fallen short of our goals on several occasions, despite our very best efforts. Even now, when we are trying to rebuild, I must bring to light further tragedy.

A colony on the frontier world of Generis, sponsored by our beloved government, called for our aid years ago, at the height of the crisis of the Eternal Empire’s invasion of our sovereign space. For reasons unknown, this plea went unanswered. However, yesterday we received a fresh appeal. These brave souls have held out, without our aid, but are still in desperate need for it. By the stars, I will not see them left bereft of it again!

The Republic is mounting an expedition to Generis to provide relief to the colonists. Yet, our resources are still woefully low. All we can spare is one undermanned ship, recalled from training exercises on Ord Mantell. The RSS Empress Teta is, even now, enroute to Carrick Station, ready to render whatever aid they can.

Fellow citizens, this is where I turn to you. At the urging of Administrator Zhondos, and his success with the reconstruction efforts, I, too, seek your aid.

This colony has stood alone long enough; help the people of Besham and show them the Republic's generosity. Willing and able bodies are all that is required. If you have knowledge of engineering, medicine or relief work, all the better. If you have a desire to help your fellow citizens, be at Hangar Cresh-Aurek-Five at the provided date and time. The crew of the RSS Empress Teta will meet you there and escort you aboard.

Now, more than ever, we must keep the spirit of the Republic alive. Together, we can."

Admiral Reugen's image fades away. In it's place, the display shows directions to hangar Cresh-Aurek-Five aboard Carrick station, along with a series of other brief instructions and access information for a comlink channel used to coordinate the relief effort.

Out-of-Character Information

Greetings, fellow roleplayers of the Darth Malgus server!

Yes, we’re back!

Operation Forgotten Cry is an open roleplay event series created by the First Expeditionary Fleet. This event series is open to any and all interested roleplayers, and entails the relief effort sent to Besham, a Twi'lek frontier colony on the planet Generis.

This event is inclusive, and so characters can drop in and out as they desire without obligations or commitments to a larger plot. However, whilst we recognise that we can’t (and won't!) control any characters, we do ask that you be mindful of the concept we’ve put together. Namely, that your characters will be boarding the RSS Empress Teta to be transported to the planet in question. Please do not break our and other participants immersion by roleplaying that your character got there some other way when you decide to ‘drop in’. If you would prefer to arrive separately, please speak with a member of the FEF Command Staff to see if it is even plausible.

I will admit that Operation Forgotten Cry has been my brain child for sometime and has become lovingly referred to ‘Tython-not-Tython’ while in development. I and others of the FEF’s Command Staff had wanted to roleplay using the environment presented in game on Tython for some time but could never quite figure out how to until we embraced this idea. Will some of the Rp feel familiar to events portrayed in game? Maybe, but I feel we’ve come up with something that has its own distinct flavour, Rp possibilities for almost any character and will be a huge helping of fun to help start off the new year.

This small event arc is largely organic in nature, and there are many ‘tasks’ that can be fulfilled and some ‘scripted’ events lined up, too. But, exactly how the event goes will be down to the actions taken by the volunteers and crew. Again, this event will boil down to players and characters getting the most out of it by putting the most in. If you really grab any opportunities presented, and maybe make some yourself, I’d like to hope it’ll make Operation Forgotten Cry even better than I know it could be.

As with the the Zhondos Initiative, Operation Forgotten Cry is themed with the wider goals of the Republic Restoration Project in mind, aiming to support and continue this awesome idea by Alen and taken up by many more!

We’re also continuing our recruitment drive and using this partly as a vehicle for any interested parties to come along and ‘Try before you buy’, getting a feel for us and the Roleplay we provide. However, like the Zhondos Initiative, this event arc stands on its own and everyone and anyone is welcome to participate with absolutely no obligation to apply or sign up to the FEF.

Participating characters will need to work together to solve many issues facing Besham and its Twi’lek inhabitants. Watching each other’s backs against the feral foe known only as the Slashers, aiding the settlers in restoring clean water to their homes, providing assistance to the local Uxibeast farmer in retrieving his scattered herd and maybe even some casual archaeology.

Operation Forgotten Cry begins on Monday 15th January at 20:00 GMT, and will run until Sunday 28th January. Individual events will generally run from 20:00 GMT until 23:00 GMT unless otherwise noted, and additional information will posted for each event.

For those interested in joining in, you can find us at the rally point on Carrick Station in the Coruscant Departures hangar, on Monday 15th January, to join the expedition. The appropriate turbolift is highlighted below.

As always, to facilitate communications (and... terminate hostilities?), participants have the option of joining FEFCom, which is a custom chat channel maintained by the First Expeditionary Fleet for in-character communications, and is open to anyone that wants to communicate with us, or our allies.

The FEFCom channel represents the secure comlink frequencies used to send radio transmissions, intercom messages, or hail starships, such as the RSS Empress Teta. Feel free to use FEFCom during Operation Forgotten Cry, or if you otherwise want to contact the FEF in-character.

Channel: FEFCom
Password: Carbonite
Join command: /cjoin FEFcom Carbonite

If you have any questions or want to know more, feel free to contact myself and any of the FEF Command Staff; we're happy to help!

Happy roleplaying, and see you around the galaxy!

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Operation Forgotten Cry - Besham Relief Effort, Open Roleplay 9 months 1 week ago #17563

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{What follows is an In-Character Operational Order that is available to all personnel and volunteers assisting in the relief effort of Besham}

//xXOMEU-GYSGT-Ragnarson, E.

Operation Codename:
Forgotten Cry

Operational Background:
Twenty-two years ago the Republic Senate, after withstanding heavy lobbying for a period of six months, agreed to finance a small colony on the planet Generis. The project was created to home a group of Twi’leks that had left Ryloth a number of years prior as a result of the increased Hutt incursions into the sector.

After a lengthy debate period, the Twi’leks were given the go ahead to establish a settlement on Generis; 'Besham'.

According to official reports (which stopped being filed almost fifteen years ago), Besham was doing well. The Twi’leks had adapted to the planet and were focusing on a simple life of subsistence. The population focusing on endeavours such as farming and hunting, while occasionally trading with visiting spacers for goods they could not readily get themselves.

During the height of the Eternal Empire’s invasion of the wider galaxy a distress signal was sent by the settlers of Besham; it went unanswered. Now, less than a week ago a new signal was received and its authenticity confirmed. Besham is still in need of aid and the Admiralty has seen fit to right its mistake of the past and render aid.

Operational Objectives:
Make contact with the settlers of Besham and ensure their safety as members of the Republic.

Render whatever humanitarian aid possible to Besham and it inhabitants.

Aid the settlers of Besham in long term projects to better their quality of life.

Operational Orders:
RSS Empress Teta:
- From the ranks of the crew a group of operational personnel will be created, callsign ‘Guardian’.
- Once in system, Guardian will deploy by shuttle to a landing zone near Besham, from there they will proceed on foot an make contact with the settlers.
- Once on site Guardian will be responsible for all security matters after consultation with the settlers. Guardian will also be responsible for the safety of all volunteers assisting the relief effort.
- After security matter have been dealt with Guardian, in concert with the volunteers and under guidance from any local authority figure will begin to render aid to Besham.

- All volunteers assisting the relief effort of Besham will, at all times, respect the orders of Republic Navy personnel. They are not there to boss you about, nor babysit you, but to keep you alive, remember that.
- All volunteers will be expected to offer any specialised skill they have to the relief effort, be they relating to matters of technology, security, medicine or any other field.
- All volunteers may be asked to assist in tasks they find menial alongside Navy Personnel, but are reminded that this is for the betterment of the Twi’leks of Besham.

- If, for whatever reason, the operation becomes untenable, operational personnel and volunteers are to fall back to a predetermined rally point and await extraction by shuttle craft.
- If needed starfighter support from the RSS Empress Teta will be scrambled to assist.

Anticipated Threats:
- As dubbed by the Twi’leks of Besham. These “Slashers” were mentioned in the distress signal.
- For over a decade at least these hostiles have been assaulting the people of Besham.
- It is unknown if they are sentient, humanoid in shape, or if they are even a creature.
- However, it is likely they are humanoid in nature and potentially semi sentient as they are described as using melee weapons and blasters obtained from fallen Twi’leks.
- Yet, they could potentially be a threat from off world as well.
- Simply, we do not have enough information to provide an accurate threat assessment.
- Standard Rules of Engagement will apply on first contact.

- From what little information we have available (Reports that are now decades old), there are a number of species that could prove hazardous.
- Manka Cats, or a distant relative are present near Besham. As they are able to bring down large herbivores extreme caution is advised, especially as they often hunt in packs and via ambush tactics.
- Wingmaws - A flying reptillian carnivorous scavenger. Alone or in small numbers these creatures pose little threat. Be wary of larger numbers. Generally will not attack unless in defence.
- Horranths - A reptilian carnivore is noted as being present, but their numbers limited. This could be a potential issue if a conflict is ongoing between the Twi’leks and “Slashers” as Horranth are more than happy to feed off carrion, which could lead to a population explosion.

Environmental Hazards:
- The planet Generis is a sparsely populated terrestrial world located in the Atrivis Sector of the Outer Rim Territories; the frontier of Republic space.
- Generis has a Type I (breathable) atmoshere, a vibrant ecosystem and plentiful natural resources. However, the local terrain around Besham is rugged, with forested hills and valleys.
- Generis is a high-gravity world, with surface gravity 10% stronger (1.1G) than the galactic standard. All volunteers should be mindful when on the surface, especially when engaging in manual labour or other physical activity.
- Generis has a slow axial rotation, resulting in a planetary day/night cycle 42 hours long. Though the twi'lek colonists have adapted to the very long days and nights, volunteers are reminded to keep careful track of the time, take regular breaks and rest when needed and, if necessary, temproarily return to the RSS Empress Teta

Operational Chain-of-Command:
1. CORSS-CMDR-Yasra, B. - Overall command of Operation Forgotten Cry.
1. COMEU-1LT-Faulkner, M.- Command of ground forces during combat.
2. XOMEU-GYSGT-Ragnarson, E. - Second-in-Command of ground forces during combat.
3. STM-SSGT-Targen, A. - 2IC Shield Squadron, Quartermaster.

Operational Dates & Times:
- Boarding of Volunteers and last minute supplies.
- Out System transport - Generis.
- Personnel and Volunteer Briefing.
- Final Preparations.
- Arrival In System - Generis.
- Planetfall via shuttle craft.
- Contact Settlers of Besham.
- Estimated Operation completion.
- Return to RSS Empress Teta.
- Out System transport - Carrik Station.
- Arrival In System - Carrick Station.


GySgt. Ragnarson.E
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Operation Forgotten Cry - Besham Relief Effort, Open Roleplay 9 months 2 days ago #17606

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Operation Forgotten Cry - Besham Relief Effort, Open Roleplay 8 months 3 weeks ago #17632

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Operation Codename:
Reconnaissance of Slasher Camps

Dates & Times:

  • GySgt Ragnarson.E
  • SSgt Menuk.D
  • SSgt Kynnie.B
  • Sgt Reed.B
  • Cpl Benton.R
  • Cpl Triball.M
  • Spc Ray.T
  • Spc Crow.S

Sequence of Events:
  • - Upon the orders of Lieutenant Margo Faulkner I assembled two fire teams, one commanded by myself the other by Staff Sergeant Menuk.
  • - Each fire team deployed to one of the closest Slasher Camps, undetected.
  • - Remaining in the hills above the camps we dug in and began to collect what Intelligence we could on each camp.
  • - Yesterday we noticed that each camp was emptying of occupants and other Slashers were arriving from camps further afield. Upon radio contact with Lieutenant Faulkner we passed this information along.
  • - Each fire team then attempted to regroup at Besham while engaging small groups of straggling slashers from the valley walls.
  • - Each fire team was involved in a number of small skirmishes which delayed their return to Besham until the main assault had been beaten back.

Objectives Achieved/Failed:
Slasher Camp Reconnaissance
  • - Both fire teams observed Slashers drinking water obtained from the contaminated rivers. None of them appeared to have fallen ill during our observation. Given that the Twi'leks showed symptoms no later than one day after drinking, it is my understanding that the Slashers are immune to whatever effects the contamination has upon others.
  • - The Slashers appear to have a very primitive and tribal lifestyle. The Slashesr in each camp showed distinctively different dress and ornamentation. With those dressed more fully appearing to be in some form of leadership roles. We have taken to classifying these individuals as 'Chiefs'
  • - Several Chiefs were present in each camp. They gathered by the largest fire in each every morning and night. From our vantage points its appeared to look like a briefing of sorts. Though several fights were observed between individuals, weapons were never brought to bear and neither individual killed.
  • - The Slashers appear to be entirely carnivorous. Large parties were sent out each day to hunt, often returning with success. The creatures referred to as 'Fang Jaws' seem to make up a large part of their diet.
  • - Large piles of bones are present in many locations, we assume from the animals they hunt and potentially fallen Twi'leks. Slasher can be seen sorting through and crafting items from these.
  • - All of their visible dwellings appear to be temporary, consisting of tent like structures created from a variety of materials including large pieces of scavenged metal. Though they also appear to be making liberal use of the many cave systems.
  • - Within their camps no guards seem to be set or defenses created. They appear to think themselves entirely immune to attack or trust in their own skill at arms and their numbers to dissuade such an action.
  • - Before yesterday's attack each camp numbered at least Five Hundred strong.

OPFOR Damage:
  • - Approximately 50 Slashers KIA or injured.

ALFOR Casualties:
  • - Cpl Benton received a blow to the head from a Slasher bludgeoning weapon. He has been returned to the RSS Empress Teta to undergo treatment for concussion.
  • - Cpl Benton is expected to make a full recover in time but is subject to a cognitive test before resuming his duties.

Additional Notes:
  • - Supplemental to the efforts of these fire teams, several recon drones were dispatched.
  • - After reviewing the obtained footage and sensor readouts they seem to confirm our own observations.
  • - They have also revealed that the Slasher presence beyond the immediate area is extensive.
  • - Exact numbers are impossible to obtain, but estimates - taking into account the prevalence of cave systems in the Area of Operations - put the total Slasher numbers within a 5km2 area in the region of two to four thousand.
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