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TOPIC: The Zhondos Initiative - Coruscant Reconstruction Open Roleplay

The Zhondos Initiative - Coruscant Reconstruction Open Roleplay 11 months 3 days ago #17304

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The Zhondos Initiative
Coruscant Reconstruction Open Roleplay

A holographic projection slowly flickers into life, presenting a nondescript Duros male wearing typical Coruscanti garb. He looks to be of the upper classes but, despite this, a working man and not a pampered socialite. He speaks with a heavy timbre and his eyes beseech those watching to heed his plea…

Translation Matrix ::. Activated

“Citizens of the Republic, greetings! I am Lon Zhondos, assistant administrator for planetary reconstruction efforts on Coruscant.

The people of the Republic have endured much suffering in recent years. The Sacking of Coruscant, the Eternal Empire’s conquest years later, and the bombardment by the Eternal Fleet has caused significant damage, from which we are still recovering.

Now, we must rebuild once more that which has been damaged or destroyed. Even now, recovery efforts are underway, providing homes, food, medicine and sanitation to those in need. Repairs to critical infrastructure will restore amenities, allowing communities and business to thrive once again.

It is a daunting task to restore the myriad of worlds that have been devastated by the Sith and the Eternal Empire. In keeping a functional government and protecting ourselves against further attack, our civilian agencies and military branches are both stretched to their limits.

We must begin with our capital – Coruscant – the very heart of democracy. What military and civic personnel that can be spared toil night and day to repair the damage from the Eternal Fleet’s bombardment. Citizens, I seek your help in this matter; the restoration effort is in need of volunteers to aid the project.

If you are able and willing, seek out the crew of the RSS Empress Teta, recently returned to Coruscant. They are leading the latest effort to restore some sense of normality to our capital.

All reconstruction efforts are being coordinated from office G-56 in the Senate Tower. I implore you to reach out and offer what aid you can. No special qualifications are needed, just a willing heart and a desire to aid your fellow citizen.

Only together can the Republic be restored to what it should be; a bastion of freedom and democracy, leading the galaxy to a better tomorrow.”

The hologram of Zhondos fades. In it's place, the display shows directions to the relevant office in the Senate Tower, and access information for a comlink channel used to coordinate the reconstruction efforts.

Out-of-Character Information

Hello roleplayers of the Darth Malgus server!

The Zhondos Initiative is an open roleplay event series created by the First Expeditionary Fleet. This event series is open to any and all interested roleplayers, and focuses on the ongoing reconstruction efforts taking place on Courscant. This event is inclusive, and so characters can drop in and out as they desire without obligations or commitments to a larger plot.

The Zhondos Initiative is themed around and intended to support the Republic Restoration Project, as well as being part of a larger recruitment drive for the FEF. Players will have the chance to roleplay alongside our characters, enjoy a shared experience and get a sense of our style of roleplay. However, for players and guilds simply seeking quality roleplay, fear not! Anyone and everyone is welcome to participate; there's no obligation to apply or sign up to the FEF.

Participating characters will work together to solve a variety of issues facing the reconstruction efforts in the capital, both great and small. You can look forward to expeditions into The Works to repair utilities and infrastructure, supply runs, salvage and cleanup operations, and interventions against criminal syndicates and other factions seeking to disrupt the reconstruction efforts.

The Zhondos Initiative begins on Wednesday 22nd November, and will run until Sunday 3rd December. Individual events will generally run from 8:00PM GMT until 23:00 GMT unless otherwise noted, and additional information will posted for each event.

For those interested in joining in, you can find us at the rally point in the Senate Tower, as shown below.

Finally, to faciliate communications (and... terminate hostilities?), participants have the option of joining FEFCom, which is a custom chat channel maintained by the First Expeditionary Fleet for in-character communications, and is open to anyone that wants to communicate with us, or our allies.

The FEFCom channel represents the secure comlink frequencies used to send radio transmissions, intercom messages, or hail starships, such as the RSS Empress Teta. Feel free to use FEFCom during The Zhondos Initiative, or if you otherwise want to contact the FEF in-character.

Channel: FEFCom
Password: Carbonite
Join command: /cjoin FEFcom Carbonite

If you have any questions or want to know more, feel free to contact myself and any of the FEF Command Staff; we're happy to help!

Happy roleplaying, and see you around the galaxy!

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