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Recruitment Information 2 years 4 months ago #15888

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The First Expeditionary Fleet is a Republic-aligned, military-themed roleplay guild based on the
Darth Malgus server.

Here in the FEF, we portray characters representing the crew and personnel stationed aboard the Valor-class cruiser RSS Empress Teta, in service to the Republic Navy. Having come together to liberate the vessel, our crew must survive on the fringes of known space, slowly building strength and momentum to combat the remnants of the Eternal Empire, and the continued provocation by the Sith Empire.

Roughneck marines, arrogant starfighter pilots, harried surgeons, bridge tacticians and overworked engineers all have a place within the FEF, creating a diverse and interesting starship crew at the very forefront of an interstellar conflict.

Our roleplay is diverse and far-reaching; using the Empress Teta as a mobile base of operations, the crew launches missions to myriad worlds across the Star Wars Galaxy. You’ll have the chance to participate in sweeping, epic arcs that encapsulate the struggle between the Sith Empire, the Eternal Empire remnants, and the Galactic Republic, placing your character at the centre of the action.

The FEF is a strong, singular crew, composed of unique divisions, each with its own modus operandi and theme. Divisions represent service branches within the Navy, and allow characters to specialise their role within the guild, providing tailored roleplay opportunities, and acting as a branching out point to interact with other characters within the guild. Although a division gives a character a sense of purpose and distinction, everyone lives together and fights together.

So, if you are interested in learning more about the divisions which make up the crew of "The Empress" and the main roles available within each one, read on to find out where you belong...

Roles: Starship Operations, Space Combat, Engineering and Medical Services, Reconnaissance and Covert Operations
Division Leader: Commander Braya Yasra
Accepted Character Classes: All classes accepted

Division History:
Ancient and prestigious, the main service branch of the Republic Navy has existed in some form or another since the outbreak of the Tionese War, some twenty-thousand years ago. As the fledgling Galactic Republic expanded over time, the Navy grew in both size and power, with more planetary governments contributing to a centralised force under the administration of the Senate.

The introduction of the Commercial Protectorate Acts three hundred years ago directly tied the Navy’s fortunes to the trade of the galaxy, and the Republic Navy went from an antiquated, irrelevant institution to a key organising feature of life in the Republic. Its starships formed the core of Republic defence policy, and the Republic Army relied on them for transportation to battlefields.

The Mandalorian Wars and the Jedi Civil War decimated the Republic Navy and countless worlds were ravaged by conflict. With galactic trade at a historic low, the Commercial Protectorate Acts – which were intended to help the Navy expand – hindered reconstruction. Three centuries of peace finally allowed the Republic time to rebuild.

The arrival of the resurgent Sith Empire, and the ensuing galactic war, once again took their toll on the Navy, despite advances in technology and military doctrine during peacetime. The sacking of the galactic capital at the conclusion of the war, and the signing of the infamous Treaty of Coruscant, was a colossal embarrassment for the Republic Navy, which had failed to defend Coruscant against orbital bombardment and invasion.

The Cold War saw a decisive shift in policy for the Republic Navy, with the reorganisation and expansion of service branches, the introduction of new military strategies, and advances in starship technology. The Republic Navy fared much better during the Second Great Galactic War, and played a key part in several campaigns, such as the Battle of Corellia and the Siege of Kuat.

The Eternal Empire’s invasion of the wider galaxy brought the Republic Navy to the brink of annihilation, with the destruction of orbital shipyards, defensive deep space installations, and the loss of thousands of ships and millions of lives. When the war ended – with a peace treaty forced by the Eternal Throne – harsh economic tributes to Zakuul crippled the galactic economy and made it all but impossible for the Republic Navy to rebuild.

Soon, disparate elements from both the Republic and Sith Empire united to fight back against Zakuul, and now, controls large swathes of the galaxy as the Eternal Alliance.

Nevertheless, remnants of the Eternal Empire still stalk the stars, and the Sith Empire has already begun rearming itself, already provoking outlying systems to test the Republic's strength.

Amid the turmoil and uncertainty of this new era, elements of the Republic Navy have reorganised to create a more unified resistance movement – albeit secretly – garnering support from senators and high-ranking members of the military.

What kind of roleplay can I expect?

“Our mission isn’t complete until peace and justice reign, from the Core Worlds to the edges of the Tingel Arm.”

The trinity of the Able Crew, Starfighter Corps and Naval Intelligence service branches comprise the mainstream division within the Republic Navy, encompassing a diverse collection of personalities and professions. This division focuses on starship operations, exploration, space combat, covert operations and the use of a character’s skillset to help solve problems. Though less focused on combat, players can still expect a healthy dose of action, serving in a supporting role on the battlefield or in small teams on specialist missions.

Able Crew Members act at the forefront of ship operations, and are tasked with maintaining the RSS Empress Teta and supporting the personnel stationed onboard. Each crew member contributes their own skills and experience, and can specialise in a wide variety of roles, serving as bridge officers, engineers, medical personnel or counselors.

Squadron Members patrol allied airspace, defend the RSS Empress Teta from attack and launch strikes against hostile forces, whether in space or on the ground. Entrusted with their own starfighter, pilots must regularly train their flying and gunnery skills to ensure mission success, often relying on their fellow wingmates to survive. Pilots often cultivate a unique relationship with their particular starfighter, and can undertake additional training to specialise in their use.

Naval Intelligence Operatives perform reconnaissance and covert operations, gathering and analysing information that enables other branches of the Navy to anticipate and plan military actions. Operatives employ a variety of practical and technical skills to get the job done, including slicing and security skills, interrogation techniques, or undercover disguises. Exceptionally gifted operatives are called upon for high-level espionage or assassination missions behind enemy lines.

Roles: Ship Security and Defence, Ground Assault, Boarding Action, Humanitarian Aid
Division Leader: 1st Lieutenant Margo Faulkner
Accepted Character Classes: Troopers

Division History:
During the first Great Galactic War, the Republic experimented with a new form of infantry soldier: The Drop Trooper. Orbital insertions were nothing new on the battlefield, however; drop ships always presented a large target for orbital defence platforms and anti-air emplacements. Thus, the drop pod was developed. A small, single person pod dropped almost vertically from orbit presented an almost impossible target for defence platforms, automated or otherwise, to accurately engage. To staff these, thirty three companies of drop troopers were formed from volunteers across the Republic and attached to various Army and Navy brigades. They were known as Mechanized Orbital Drop Infantry, jokingly referred to as "MADI's" because of their extremely short life expectancy. After the Treaty of Coruscant, what was left of the companies were formally merged to form The Orbital Drop Regiment.

Because of the unique task of the Regiment, each of the nine battalions were designed to be almost entirely self sufficient once dropped, relying on the Navy for air support. Their unique composition and battle doctrine made them an ideal strike force for the Republic's expeditionary fleets. These men and women often came in two forms: experienced, veteran soldiers and recruits fresh out of basic training. Those that did not learn their trade quickly did not survive for long, leaving a conspicuous gap between the two.

With the emergence of the Eternal Empire, and the decimation of the Republic Navy that followed soon after, the Regiment entered its darkest hours. The early loss of the RSS Gav Daragon, in particular, cleaved an entire battalion from the ODR’s roster. Those that survived the catastrophe were few in number, and without a commander to lead them, the decision was made to dissolve 6 Battalion.

Tenuous peace followed, brokered beneath the looming shadow of the very real threat of obliteration. The war had ended. Though the terms were unfavourable, the Regiment, and the Republic, were at least offered a break in the fighting, and a chance to recuperate and count their losses.

Oppression, however, did not suit the Republic for long. As they slowly, secretly, begin to arm themselves in pursuit of liberation, attention inevitably turned towards bolstering cheap, though effective, offenses against an enemy superior in both technology and number. The Orbital Drop Regiment seemed to fit this criteria, and the remaining eight battalions were called into service once more. Though the Admiralty would dismiss the claims as rumour, sources suggested that the survivors of 6 Battalion had also begun to reunite.

What kind of roleplay can I expect?

"We all have something that we’re fighting to protect. You sure as hell better be ready to die for it."

Arguably the more rigid of the divisions, a modicum of patience is required to play a marine as when they are not on deployment, they are often training or on guard duty. In return, they can expect many challenges for their character and the chance to dig in and meet the enemy head-on, whether it be on the ground, while space walking on the hull of a ship, or engaging in boarding action.

Players can expect their characters to be challenged on all levels as a drop marine. Characters with a stoic and professional attitude will excel in the regiment and tend to find themselves in positions of responsibility quickly, which comes with the burden of learning how to lead others and prove that they are worthy of following. On the other hand, characters with a "lone wolf" attitude or a dislike for authority will quickly find themselves running into problems as the leaders press hard to mould their characters into professional soldiers who follow orders.

All marines are offered the opportunity to specialise their skillset within a particular field.

Riflemen; The baseline standard for all Marines, they are versatile soldiers with their feet always firmly on the frontline.

Marksmen; Delivering vital battlefield reconnaissance, the Marksmen also guide and protects their units from range by providing rapid, accurate fire against valuable targets as needed.

Combat Engineers; Experts in construction, demolition, and problem solving. Building cover, repairing arms, clearing minefields, destroying enemy emplacements - the Combat Engineer has a tool for every job.

Heavy Gunners; The Gunner combines the advantages of both high flexibility and devastating firepower in order to dominate and control the battlefield.

Combat Medical Technicians; Combat Medics have advanced life-saving skills, providing vital care to the injured while preparations can be made for extraction.

No matter the character, they will find plenty of development as the marines are to be found on the frontline of war, where they learn that things are not always as black and white as they first thought.

Along with divisions, character advancement is an important aspect of the guild’s ethos. The FEF employs a dedicated rank and commendation system; as your character progresses on their adventures, their contributions and experiences are rewarded with promotions, and for exceptional performance, medals. These are by no means easy to get, and represent genuine achievements for both the player and their character(s).

To whet your appetite, here are just three examples of the commendations available within the FEF:

Mark of Dedication

The Mark of Dedication is awarded to members of the Republic's military who have shown consistent, exceptional loyalty, dedication, and innovative service in their assigned position.

Navy Flying Cross

The Navy Flying Cross is awarded to any officer or enlisted member of the Republic Armed Forces who distinguishes himself or herself in support of operations by extraordinary achievement while participating in aerospace combat. This includes the control and piloting of Capital Ships, as well as Transports and Starfighters.

Hero's Cross

The Hero's Cross, also known as the Cross of Heroes, is the second-highest decoration awarded to members of the Republic military for service above and beyond the call of duty and extraordinary valour. The act or acts of heroism must have been so notable and have involved risk of life so extraordinary as to set the individual apart from his or her comrades.

In addition to information about the guild and upcoming events, our website also has its own forums for our members to use for both OOC discussion and IC communications. The website and the forums are usually the first port of call for any information about upcoming developments, or event details.

Furthermore, we encourage our members to join us on our Discord server, Discord is a fantastic social hub; players can organise roleplay, warzones, flashpoint and operations groups, or just kick back and relax in the company of friends. During events, we also have taken to using a MusicBot to broadcast music over Discord to enhance our roleplaying experience.

Even if you aren't part of the FEF, or aren't interested in joining, feel free to join us on our Discord server.

We welcome any and all roleplayers in good standing within the community. To join, simply head over to our web site at 1stfleet.org and fill in the application form under "Join the Fleet". After reviewing your application, our officers will contact you with further instructions.

We don't demand "exclusivity rights" over you, and are happy for you to have as many other characters in other guilds as you like, so long as you're still able to fulfill our minimum activity requirements.

May the Force be with you!

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Recruitment Information 2 years 4 months ago #15889

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Reserved: Empress Teta

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Away from the front lines of the Second Great Galactic War, frontier outposts and colonies inexplicably fell silent. Was this some new offensive by the Sith Empire, or some kind of unexplained, natural phenomena?

As the majority of the Republic Military continued to push forward against the Sith Empire, the Admiralty could not spare a sizeable investigative force. The RSS Gav Daragon Cruiser Strike Group, aided by the RSS Deliverance of The Lost Praxeum, were assigned to discover the truth behind the silence, and render any aid to colonies in need.

Proceeding to the planet Cerea, on the very farthest frontier of Republic space, the combined Naval and Jedi forces began their series of discoveries. Abandoned settlements, mass graves, unidentified probes evading capture, disruption of the ComSat Network, and unknown ships possessing advanced shielding and weapons tech ambushing the CSG within a nebula.

Among the frozen wastes of an unexplored world in the Dononter Sector, the situation became a little clearer. The expedition came across a massacred Imperial Garrison strewn around the ruins of their outpost. Moments later, they found themselves in the middle of a skirmish between remnants of the Imperial outpost, and a disciplined force of unknown combatants clad in armour of white, black and gold. The Imperial remnants were rescued, and a deal of cooperation was struck.

The combined task force decided to take the offensive against this aggressive, unknown foe. They launched an assault on these hostile forces, utilising all assets available. The day was long, difficult, and losses were great. However, the battle was won. The tide seemed to be turning. The remnants of the Imperial outpost were returned home, peacefully, to Imperial Space and the dreadnought ISF Khar Delba.

Hope was short lived. The Galactic Republic was under attack on an unprecedented scale. All ships recalled to preset rally points in an effort to mount a hasty defence. The Gav Daragon CSG and the RSS Deliverance of The Lost Praxeum immediately departed for Fondor, one of the premier shipbuilding worlds in the Republic, and high on the list of strategic targets.

Not long after, a section of what we now know to be the Eternal Fleet dropped out of hyperspace above Fondor. So began a space battle of epic proportions as garrison ships, orbital defences and recalled navy vessels battled to defend the planet. Boarding pods breached the Gav Daragon, the crew fighting fiercely to defend their home against waves of Skytroopers, Zakuulan Troopers and force wielding Knights of Zakuul.

The battle was only going to end one way. Seeing the orbital defences fail and RSS Deliverance fall, the remnants of the CSG began their retreat. Badly damaged, the RSS Gav Daragon had to limp away, utilising her secondary hyperdrive. Short jump following short jump, staying just ahead of a pursuing Eternal Fleet.

Coincidentally running once more into the ISF Khar Delba on the exit of one such jump, the crew petitioned the dreadnought for help. They were seeking aid for a failing ship and countless injured, under the assumption that the “Enemy of my enemy is my friend.” still applied.

It didn’t. Seconds after an accord was struck, the batteries of the Dreadnought opened fire on the beleaguered Valour-Class Cruiser. In mere moments, the ship’s integrity was compromised. The order to abandon ship was soon given, while the shields still held. Many escaped, some did not. More would have died if not for the timely arrival of the Gav Daragon’s brothers and sisters. Led by the RSS Empress Teta, the Republic Warships drove back the Khar Delba and began to rescue as many jettisoned escape pods as they could.

Not a moment too soon, as the ever pursuing Eternal Fleet joined the fray. The Khar Delba immediately turned tail to flee. Tense moments followed, as pods and escape craft within range were recovered under fire. Their position becoming more untenable by the second, and now knowing the full force of this hitherto unknown foe, the rest of the Republic ships fled into hyperspace.

After the loss of their warship, the surviving crew of the RSS Gav Daragon were scattered to the solar winds. Forced to live on and endure the tyranny and unstoppable might of the Eternal Empire for five years, waiting and hoping for their turn to repay in kind what was wrought on their home. Not only to their old nemesis, the Sith Empire, but also that which had brought everything they were sworn to defend under subjugation ; The Eternal Empire.

With the Republic all but crushed under the oppressive heel of the Eternal Empire of Zakuul, a brave few strive in the background, attempting to restore sovereignty to their mighty galactic government.

One such group, a cell of a larger organism, was born from that government. In the very heart of the Republic, plans were made. Some failed. Most did not. Out of the beleaguered Republic Navy, a ship was assigned, a skeleton crew assembled, a mission entrusted and oaths reaffirmed. No longer would they sit idly by. They would hold to their word - “I will support and defend the Galactic Republic against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

The RSS Resolute; a Thranta-Class warship, workhorse of the fleet and veteran of two galactic wars, set out from Coruscant under her newly appointed captain, Commander Braya Yasra. Aided by some familiar and some new faces, she was given a simple task - in theory.

Grow the Resistance. Find personnel, materials, supplies, weapons and even allies. Do anything to build resistance to the crushing boot of Zakuul, while remaining in the shadows. It was too soon to strike openly against the Eternal Empire. Those who quietly supported the venture in the Senate and the Admiralty had spent five long years maneuvering what pawns they could. They were not willing to chance an ill timed strike.

Allies and personnel were found, rescued and recruited. Firefights and negotiations became commonplace, and the crew were forced to search the lesser known regions of the galaxy for those who wore the insignia. Despite the intervening time and light years between them, old friends, colleagues and comrades in arms were reunited. None were whole. Some carried new scars alongside old, on an ever increasing patchwork. All carried scars not seen as well, some with a stoic facade, others open with their loss. Between themselves they began to heal, slowly. Each of them vowed to see the Republic restored, hope made reality through their deeds.

Finally, the time came to test their new fledgling group against the Eternal Empire. Carosi VIII -- a jungle planet in the Carosus system, home to an Eternal Empire prison black site. Their aim was to free prisoners of war; scientists, political dissidents and even Jedi from illegal incarceration. Strike teams from the RSS Resolute fought through numerous automated and droid based defences, neutralising power generators and freeing as many prisoners as possible.

Riding high on the success of their first direct strike against the Eternal Empire, the crew of the Resolute continued on mission; Investigating an odd distress signal from the orbit of Taris. Their spirits were soon dashed, after they were suddenly ambushed by a Zakuulan battlecruiser. The skirmish was short and decisive. The RSS Resolute, hero and veteran of many a battle was critically damaged. Captured by Taris’s gravity, she was quickly pulled to her death; crashing into the surface and ploughing through the centuries old husks of the Tarisian skyscape.

The crew suffered losses; a small number perished, either in the crash, or later, from injuries sustained. The greatest casualty, however, was the Resolute herself. Without her, the crew were stranded. The next few days were chaotic. Shuttles had to be salvaged and repaired, pulled from the one accessible hangar bay. Pirates and scavengers were fought off, using the shell of their former home for defence. After a week of desperate survival in this bleak environment, it took a mere matter of hours for their situation to go from bad, to worse. With limited sensors, they discovered a large, mobile mass moving across the surface towards their position - a migrating horde of Rakghouls. The evacuation was now a frantic one. Shuttles were crammed with personnel, while the most experienced combatants among the remaining crew held off the creatures for what little time they could, with whatever means they could scrounge together from the salvage.

The Rakghouls came. They claimed the carcass of the Resolute as their own. Thankfully, no other lives were lost to the horde.

Falling back to a Resistance base, the now shaken crew of the RSS Resolute regrouped, rested and rearmed. They had lost their ship. For some, it was the second time. Harsh memories haunted all. Though bowed, they remained unbroken, and soon began to plan the next stage of their counter-offensive. The crew was drilled hard; training was browbeaten into veterans and new recruits alike. Meanwhile, equipment was repaired, restored and, in many cases, built from scratch.

During this time, while awaiting word on their ultimate goal, an opportunity arose. Word reached them, through the Resistance network, of the location of a great Zakuulan star fortress; under construction and, more importantly, vulnerable. Pulling together what available personnel they had, a raid was conducted, battling through waves of Skytroopers to successfully reach their objective; To destroy the central support struts and bring the nascent fortress crumbling into the ravine below.

Some time later, and the crew were deemed ready. The resistance cell's Architect instructed Commander Yasra to begin Operation Sundered Heart. Years in planning, it had a single, if symbolic, goal - To free, and claim, the RSS Empress Teta from the Eternal Empire's grasp. As with much of the Republic's Navy, the vessel was currently impounded in the Blastfield Shipyards on Corellia.

What followed was a multistage mission; Infiltration teams beat both Zakuulan and Republic security to disable long range communications, purge shipyard databases, neutralise anti-air batteries and stow away aboard cargo containers destined for the Empress Teta. Starfighters weaved through the cityscape of Coronet City, destroying defensive batteries and shield generators protecting the shipyards, whilst engaging with Eternal Empire defence drones and enemy fighters. Finally, strike teams assaulted the moorings of the Valour-Class Cruiser, beginning the refueling process and even manually detaching some docking clamps that had been locked down.

Intricate plans and overwhelming effort paid off. The group of Republic loyalists found themselves the proud owners of the Empress Teta; now partially fueled, barely powered and about to be assaulted by Zakuulan, and potentially, other Republic forces, for having dared to assault the shipyards. Proceeding on mission, the Empress began to break for orbit, powering up long dormant systems and engaging any, and all, defensive countermeasures left to them. It became a race against time; Could the shields of the long vacated ship hold against an ever increasing barrage of fire, while those inside toiled to repair and charge a hyperdrive that had not been used in almost six years?

They could.

With little time to spare, and flickering shields, the RSS Empress Teta vanished from the battlefield, as its hyperdrive accelerated the ship into the vast blue swirls of hyperspace.

Now, with a new home, a renewed purpose, and freshly buoyed spirits, the Resistance continues their mission; To defend the Galactic Republic. To uphold its ideals, and ensure that they survive the war to come.

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