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TOPIC: FEF Guild Meeting Summary: Wednesday 26th September

FEF Guild Meeting Summary: Wednesday 26th September 6 months 4 weeks ago #18584

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Hello folks!

Thanks to everyone who came along to the meeting last night. As always, it was great to hear from you all and talk about our plans for upcoming roleplay.

For those of you that weren't able to make it to the meeting (or simply want a recap), here's a short summary of the main talking points for your convenience.

(1) New Story Arc

Margo and I outlined a new short-to-medium term story arc, intended to gradually ramp up guild activity over the next few weeks and months, whilst offering something exciting and slightly different for everyone. This story arc is connected to the Uprising campaign, and will bridge the time until we resume the campaign. As noted in the meeting, some of the details are still considered 'work-in-progress' whilst others have been finalised, but are being kept secret to preserve the element of mystery and excitement in the story.

Over the course of this story arc, the Eternal Empire Remnant will discover the identity of our characters (or some of them, at least) and our connections with the Resistance, and, at the Remnant's direction, bounties for our characters will be posted via the Bounty Broker's Association. Our characters will be hunted, and must go on the run to evade the threat of capture (or worse), going underground and fighting back where we can to stop the Zakuulan plot against us.

There's still some work to be done on the story arc, but we're tentatively looking to launch this in approximately a month's time (end of October). Naturally, specific dates, times and more information will be posted when it's ready.

(2) Bounties and Bounty Hunters

As part of this new (as yet unnamed) story arc, individual bounty hunters will be NPCed, but also played by participating player characters from the wider community that want to get involved. By opening this story up to the community at large, we're hoping that we'll attract the attention of player character bounty hunters and mercenaries, which will, in turn, provide vastly more opportunities for roleplay, whilst simultaneously decreasing our overall workload with NPCs, and elevating the potential for risk and excitement.

In-character bounty listings will be written and drawn up (complete with fancy images and graphics) and posted to the community via the Darth Malgus Roleplay forums. We'll be working with you to produce a personalised listing for your characters, complete with mugshots and personalised information, a list of (real, exaggerated or fabricated) 'crimes' that our characters are wanted for, the specified reward, and, of course, whether your character is wanted dead and/or alive by the Eternal Empire Remnant.

These listings will also include OOC guidelines and information for player bounty hunters that want to get involved. We understand that in this sort of roleplay, communication and clearly defined expectations helps to avoid confusion and mix-ups, and makes for a more enjoyable experience for everyone involved, and therefore, we'll be doing everything we can to make sure both our members and player bounty hunters know how this is all going to work.

Naturally, not everyone might want their character to be a specific target, so, it's ultimately up to each individual member as to whether or not their character has a specific bounty listing; not listing a bounty will in no way preclude you from this story arc, as one of the points we are trying to emphasis is a feeling of 'we're all in this together'. Similarily, some players may want to be hunted by NPC bounty hunters, but would rather not have player bounty hunters target them (for a variety of reasons) and we're perfectly happy to accomodate this over the course of the story, too.

(3) Going on the Run

As part of this story arc, our characters will be temporarily leaving the RSS Empress Teta, and moving throughout the galaxy, never staying in any one place for too long. From an in-character point of view, this is to protect the Empress Teta, which, although secure, is a very large target, and difficult to conceal once identified. From an out-of-charcter point of view, we'll be moving away from the Empress Teta in this story to allow us more opportunities to visit a variety of different locations, especially open-world locations, where we can interact with other roleplayers, and potentially be spontaneously ambushed or attacked by bounty hunters; something that requires specific orchestration when one is confined to a guild stronghold.

By stepping off the guildship for awhile, we're hoping to reconnect with the wider roleplay community and mix things up a little bit without exerting a great deal of time or energy in planning something big and demanding. Having the crew split up and leave the ship also helps to explain and alleviate the disconnect between a lower number of active characters and a large ship like the Empress Teta.

Our hope is that, by interacting with the community in more open world locations, and by creating some interesting hooks, we can both generate some cool roleplay, and potentially increase our membership, be that from new members joining, or old members returning to us. Alongside this, we're also looking into a new recruitment push and more regular basic roleplay, such as training, to keep membership and activity levels up.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post them here, or in the #meeting_room channel on Discord. You can also send a direct message to myself, Margo or Eskkaar, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Thanks folks, and happy roleplaying!
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FEF Guild Meeting Summary: Wednesday 26th September 6 months 4 weeks ago #18585

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Dolthé Vel, Jnr. wrote:
Although I will not be able to attend, I would like to present a question: will there be opportunity to advance our characters' training in the next months, whether it be Drop or 'Class' (riflemen, medic, etc.) training? That was always the most fun RP I had online! Looking forward to reading the write-up at the end!


Much of exactly what, why and how really will depend on our immediate circumstances and location, following the story points Braya has outlined up above, there.
Essentially, training will continue. It might take a very formal and structured form, if we're somewhere secure and there's nothing pressing to be focused on.
It may be a little more ad-hoc, borne through necessity and the demand for survival.

The only element of your training that may have to be put on hold will be drop training, as without the Empress, we have no pods. However, a huge part of drop training was to forge bonds of trust, friendship and camaraderie between the marines. This is absolutely something that I've helped to design this arc to facilitate.

For example, Margo might not particularly want to get chummy with Dolthé, but I want them to really get to know each other, hence the 'thrust together for survival' theme.

I hope that answers your question! If you have anything else you'd like to know, related to this or anything else we might have covered in the meeting, feel free to post here, in the meeting room, or to get in touch with me on Discord.
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