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TOPIC: FEF Guild Meeting: Wednesday 20th June

FEF Guild Meeting: Wednesday 20th June 11 months 4 weeks ago #18569

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Hello folks!

In light of recent events – particularly the second hiatus for the Uprising campaign – and to improve communication generally, we'll be hosting a guild meeting within discord voice chat this coming Wednesday at 20:00 BST. We'll be talking about the campaign, what changes and updates are being made and why, what members can do to help with the campaign, and what roleplay and other activities everyone can look forward to in the coming days and weeks.

Naturally, everyone is welcome to come along, and if you have any questions, suggestions, concerns or consctructive criticism – be it about the campaign, the hiatus, upcoming roleplay, or anything else guild-related – please feel free to raise the points for discussion during the meeting!

Additionally, you can also submit questions or points for discussion ahead of time, by posting in the 'meeting_room' chat on the FEF Discord Server, within the 'Command Deck' category.

We're also aware that some folks don't have microphones, or might be interested in attending but would prefer not to speak, and that's totally okay! Everyone is welcome to attend, and you can make use of the text channels if you can't or prefer not use the voice chat.

We've set aside an hour for the guild meeting, though the actual meeting itself might be longer or shorter than this, depending on the number of questions, and the depth of discussion, so bear that in mind. When we do finish, however, we'll be following the meeting with a round or two of Cards Against Humanity to chill out and have a few laughs. Folks are welcome to drop-in to and drop out from the meeting and Cards Against Humanity at any time!

For those that need it, here's a direct link to the FEF Discord Server: https://discordapp.com/invite/rUuqz8j


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FEF Guild Meeting: Wednesday 20th June 11 months 3 weeks ago #18574

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Hello folks!

Thanks to everyone who came along to last week's meeting; your attendence, your questions and your input will all very much appreciated, and it's been both helpful and encouraging to touch base with everyone again in a more official context.

For those of you that weren't able to make it to the meeting (or simply want a recap), here's a short summary of the main talking points for your convenience.

(1) Uprising Campaign Hiatus

Following on from the written announcement on the forums, the meeting started with a recap about the status of the campaign.

Specifically, I explained that the main factor in moving for a second (and substantially longer) hiatus was primarily down to my level of general stress and my personal enjoyment with the campaign; I want these events to be as good as they can be, and for everyone involved to have a great time -- including myself. I don't think there's a deeper problem at work here, but, having talked to a few people privately and had some time to reflect upon the state of the campaign any my feelings toward, I think taking a break from things is the best for me, and for everyone else too.

In the meeting, I did also reiterate, however, that I am very much committed to finishing the Uprising campaign by the end of this year. Although the campaign had already been underway for a few months up until now, there's still - effectively - several months of story content remaining. In practice, in order to finish before the end of the year, the campaign will resume again -- at the very latest -- within three months, but likely sooner.

I further reiterated that the content of the campaign -- the individual events, characters and overall story -- will not be significantly changed. However, given the sheer amount of content (100+ events in total), I think it would only be sensible to rework those events so that Margo and Eskkaar (and possibly others!) could assist me with the GMing, or potentially run certain events entirely without me, to share the workload around.

Finally, noting the recent problems with scheduling and short notice, the command staff will make a coordinated effort to ensure the maximum possible notice is given for events, allowing members to plan out what roleplay they want to experience in advance. Having a detailed campaign schedule was something we wanted from the outset, though this was derailed somewhat by the first hiatus, and we've been playing catchup since then. Therefore, before the campaign resumes, we're aiming to plan out at least one full month in advance, but possibly more if we can.

(2) Campaign NPCs

Following on from talk about the campaign, I mentioned that, just as the hiatus affords myself, Margo and Eskkaar time to polish up all things campaign-and-guild-related, the hiatus gives extra time for members to prepare for some of the more unique NPC roles that are available in the coming events in the campaign.

In addition to the regular Zakuulan NPCs, I drew everyone's attention to (1) the underworld gladiator NPCs, (2) Imperial alts of your main character for the undercover story arc and (3) Imperial NPCs to face off against our characters whilst undercover.

Information about opportunities (1) and (2) is already available in the Uprising campaign guide, and information about role (3) will be added shortly. If you're interested in NPCing, or have a particular idea you think might be interesting for roleplay, feel free to send a message or questions to me or the other officers!

(3) Out-of-Character Communication

In recent weeks, there's been dwindling communications from the command staff on a variety of issues, but principally the scheduling of campaign events, and with sufficient notice. Myself, Margo and Eskkaar have collectively apologised for this, and we promised to be more prompt with such communication in the future, both in an official capacity, but also being more available for more casual conversation, where we can.

Hosting our first guild meeting in several months is, we feel, a fitting first step in addressing this issue and keeping everyone in the loop, so-to-speak. Moving forward, we'll be looking to host guild meetings at least semi-regularly; perhaps one meeting every month or every two months.

There were a variety of viewpoints expressed in discussion, with some members questioning what else could be done to improve communication from the officers, whilst others pointed out that communication is a two-way street, and therefore, members have a role in communicating with officers (and each other) and staying informed.

To help faciliate this, a lot of related and overlapping suggestions were put forward, but in essence, boils down to increased and more casual usage of Discord; frequent short messages that keep peeps updated day-to-day, where larger announcements or summaries (such as this) are reserved for the forums. This point extends specifically to two text channels within our Discord server; meeting_room and coordination

In the case of coordination, Dolthé raised a good point in that more frequent usage of this channel (such as announcing if one is logging in with the intention to roleplay, in the absence of planned roleplay) can help keep everyone appraised of who is roleplaying or looking to roleplay right now. Margo elabourated on this point by adding that is can be even more helpful if people put forward a specific idea for what they would like to do in roleplay, to give everyone that's interested a specific in-character starting point to get the ball rolling.

For meeting_room, rather than being used once in a blue moon during a meeting, it should rather be used as a 'running agenda', where any member can post a question, issue or suggestion in this text chat that will then serve as the basis for the agenda in the next guild meeting. Even if the guild meeting is weeks away, making a quick note in the channel ensures it will not be forgotten, and additionally, any and all points posted across mean that we should have plenty to discuss when the meeting rolls around, so that precious meeting time isn't wasted trying to remember half-formed or half-forgotten points, to everyone's benefit.

As an extention to the last point, myself, Margo and Eskkaar further reiterated that though peeps should feel more comfortable plopping points into the meeting_room channel for discussion, this doesn't replace the other forms of communication you have with us, and if there's something you want to discuss with any or all of us, either privately or urgently, then you can just get it touch as you normally would; you don't have to put a message into meeting_room and wait until the next meeting for the point to be discussed and resolved.

(4) Membership Retention

Kakyro raised a point about membership retention, in the context of new applicants, but especially returning members, and what could be done to keep members more active and interested in the guild. Kakyro put forward the suggestion of an exntension to the application system and this was discussed for a few minutes. In general, though there were mixed feelings about applications for members returning from NRC, we did all seem to be of the view that more could be done to help reintergrate returning members and keep activity levels high. The officers have made a point to discuss this in our own meetings to weigh up what options we have. Similarly, if any members have suggestions of their own, we'd be interested in hearing them!

(5) Upcoming Roleplay

A few minutes were spent discussing the upcoming roleplay taking place in lieu of the campaign story events. Myself, Eskkaar and Dolthé all mentioned that we had ideas for pontential events that we might be able to run in the next couple of weeks, whilst Margo has already re-launched the Hydroponics Bay Roleplay Arc!

The 1stFleet.org website has been down for a couple of days this week, and obviously, that's delayed this summary being posted up. If there's anything that you feel I might have missed from this summary, feel free to ping me a message, and I'll update this summary as soon as I can!

Given that writing a summary from memory is not entirely reliable and a bit time consuming, we might look in to recording future meetings, or at least having someone keep written minutes.

Thanks folks!
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