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[UPRISING] Information for PART I: ALL THE GALAXY'S A STAGE 1 year 2 days ago #17782

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Having taken control of the Republic world of Belasco, the Eternal Empire Remnant seeks to expand its influence throughout the galaxy. The Remnant is concentrating its efforts on an area in the Expansion Region known as the 'Exploitation Region'; an area of space settled millenia ago by the Republic, and developed by large Coreward consortiums that turned the region into an industrial powerhouse. Though once glorious, the Exploitation Region has been a theatre of war in many large scale galactic conflicts and the recent Galactic Wars have left the region in ruin.

Following the invasion of Belasco, reports of pro-Zakuulan activity are pouring in from various star systems within The Exploitation Region, as the Eternal Empire Remnant manouevres to exert greater influence on the galactic stage. Four worlds, in particular, have drawn the attention of the Primarch's conspiracy.


Homeworld of the Cyrillians, a race of towering, sentient reptilians, Cyrillia is a heavily populated and heavily industrialised world in the Expansion Region, famed for its droid manufacturing. Discovered by the wider galaxy during the Great Manifest Period, Cyrillia was once linked to Belasco, Surron, Gerhalt and Allenteen by hyperlanes that facilitated travel, diplomacy and trade. Though the lanes became unnavigable following the Exar Kun Wars, Cyrillia’s reputation and droid exports have remained intact.

Reports have begun to circulate that the Eternal Empire Remnant is attempting to take control of some of the droid factories on Cyrillia, presumably to expand the Remnant's production capacity. Given the nature of Cyrillia's expertise and reputation as one of the galaxy's foremost droid manufacturers, it seems sensible to conclude that the Remnant intends to use any newly acquired factories to bolster its army of skytroopers.

Though Cyrillian businesses, corporate interests and government officials have soundly rejected any potential buyouts, reports indicate that the Remnant intends to take more direct action to seize the means of production.


Apsolon in an industrialised world that straddles the border between the Expansion Region and the Mid Rim, located in the Terr'skiar sector. The planet is a member of the Galactic Republic, despite a tenuous relationship between the planetary government – the Absolutes – and the Galactic Senate. Unlike most worlds in the Republic, Apsolon society is not democratic, and instead, organised around a caste system, over which the ruling Absolute class (as the name might suggest) wield totalitarian power.

Despite the apparent juxtaposition with the more progressive and democratic values of the Republic, Apsolonian society is reasonable and accomodating. The planet is a centre for high-tech manufacturing, and its citizens enjoy some freedoms as well as a standard of living comparable to other Republic worlds.

Pro-Zakuulan political parties – established during Emperor Arcann's tenure – have recently re-emerged alongside the Eternal Empire Remnant, aggressively opposing the Apsolon caste system and the rule of the Absolutes. Following the crisis on Belasco, these pro-Zakuulan political parties are attempting to launch a full-scale coup of the planetary government, with Remnant assistance. There have already been reports of clashes in the capital, and several core districts have been taken over by the People's Front of Apsolon.


Attahox, despite its temperate climate and agreeable weather, is a unpleasant junkyard planet, situated along the Nanth'ri route. Settled by a mixture of Republic colonists and Hutt Space pirates, the planet is a single, giant trashscape, and one of the galaxy's dumping grounds.

Attahox's garbage is, occassionally, an unexpected source of wealth for scavengers, who subsist by picking apart starship wreckages or finding non-perishable supplies in the decaying and abandoned cities that dot the landscape. Attahox is also – to the surprise of most of its inhabitants – a source of phosovane salts, an ingredient that can be used in the manufacture of powerful and effective painkillers and some medicines.

The Eternal Empire Remnant is rumoured to have a covert operation centred on Attahox, though, unlike other flashpoint worlds, the Remnant has taken care to conceal its intentions for the planet. Rumours of Zakuulan activity appear to be concentrated at one particular spaceport in the southern hemisphere, set up to export the phosovane salts and reclaimed scrap metal.


Situated along the Ootmian Pabol, Reytha is temperate agriworld, and a member of the Galactic Republic. Reytha's particular terrain and microclimates make the planet an ideal location to grow a wide variety of plants, trees, fungi and other edible crops. Depsite its incredible productive capacity and serene landscape, Reytha has a comparatively small population, sparesely settled across savannahs, grasslands and sub-tropical archipelagos.

As both an agriworld and a stategically important Republic world, Reytha is garrisoned by a Republic taskforce, which maintains order on the planet and in adjacent systems. Local commanders have reported encounters with forward elements of what they believe to be a Zakuulan taskforce on the planet's surface, however, the Republic military at large has been unable to send reinforcements to deal with the situation.

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