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TOPIC: COMMUNICATIONS INFO: Custom Channels and Discord

COMMUNICATIONS INFO: Custom Channels and Discord 1 year 6 months ago #17301

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FEF maintains official forms of guild communication besides in-game Guild Chat and this forum. All members should be aware of them, and how to join and use them correctly:


  • Our voice chat/VoIP tool of choice is Discord: CLICK HERE to download it.
  • Our discrod server is located HERE

  • Discord is to be used for Out-of-Character socialising and co-ordination. While using it is not mandatory, there may be times, such as RP events and raids, where you are strongly encouraged to join Discord to help us coordinate OOC things smoothly and quickly. Please embrace it, even if you don't have a microphone - so long as you can listen! Sometimes it's good to just to be able to hear the voice behind a character and get to know the real, human side of people better.


  • "Fleetcom" is the name of an in-game custom chat channel we use during roleplaying, which stands (obviously) for "Fleet Communications".

  • The channel is password-protected and intended for the use of guild members only. The password is "Cinnagar". To join type the command:
    /cjoin Fleetcom Cinnagar

  • Fleetcom is an In-Character channel for fleet-wide long-range or short-distance radio communication transmissions. ICly it is considered to be a secure military frequency which all fleet members' personal comlinks and ship inter-coms are tuned to.

    It is mandatory for all guild members to be in the Fleetcom channel at all times you are online.


  • "Fefcom" is a secondary in-character communications channel, used by the guild as an alternative to Fleetcom.

  • The channel is password-protected, though the channel is open to non-guild players. The password is "Carbonite". To join type the command:
    /cjoin FEFcom Carbonite

  • Fefcom is an In-Character channel used as a public alternative to Fleetcom where it may be necessary to communicate with players outside of the guild through a secure channel. More often than not, it is used as a hailing frequency for players/characters who wish to board the RSS Empress Teta ICly, yet are not a member of FEF and therefore do not have access to the Fleetcom channel.

    It is recommended for all guild members to be in the Feftcom channel at all times you are online.
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