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TOPIC: Fleet News Articles: You too can be a journalist!

Fleet News Articles: You too can be a journalist! 5 years 1 month ago #6114

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Front page news. I love it, and I’m sure that most of you do, too. Through this medium, we not only keep each other and the rest of the community updated as to recent happenings, but we also add depth and substance to the little section of the galaxy that we, as a guild, occupy. Every news article is an invitation to The Progenitor to peek into our story and, just maybe, to join us in forming the next chapter.

Alas, though the rest of the Command Staff adore this section of the website just as much as I, we often find ourselves having to prioritise other tasks above sitting down and writing news. This is especially frustrating when an event comes about with only a small, appropriate window of opportunity for submitting a relevant article. (For example, the execution of Fordyce Taelen.)

Aside from that, however… well, we’re not the only ones with tales to tell! So here I am, offering any of you the chance to get involved, if you so wish. Did something happen in the guild, or on the server that you think would have made the Fleet Holonet? Why not don the cap of a reporter for a wee while and tell us about it!

What we’ll need:
  1. Title: Give the article a headline name
  2. Content: The article itself! Fleet Newsnet stories should generally be kept In-Character in the form of some sort of news report, mission report, data file, intel, or other IC information. Other than that, be creative and make use of it to highlight cool RP, plots, or happenings around the server that we're involved in! Preferably include an appropriate image to post alongside.
  3. Author's Alias: Your Reporter’s name!
  4. Author’s Recognition: Do you wish for your OOC identity to be linked to your handiwork, or would you rather remain entirely incognito.

And that’s that! Take a few minutes to read back through some of the archived news over the last year to get a feel for the style we’re hoping to see… then go ahead and add your own to the mix!

Though we’re hoping to install a smoother submission feature in the future, articles should, for now, be sent to myself (or another officer if Her Madgesty is too grumblebum for you to handle) via a pm on the forum. If you can make that pm a link to a googledoc, all the better!

-Mags, out. /salute
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Fleet News Articles: You too can be a journalist! 4 years 6 months ago #8807

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Necro'ing and bumping, because we really need you guys to pitch in and help with this again! The process for submitting News stories to the front page yourself is also much easier now:
  1. Go to the Home page, scroll down, on the right hand sidebar near the bottom under "User Menu" you should see a link to "Submit News". Click it!
  2. There are a lot of boxes on the news submission form, but you don't have to worry about filling in most of them. Just give your news story a "Title", choose an "Author's Alias" to represent who is writing the story ICly, and ensure the "Category" is set to "News". Then just write your article using the WYSIWYG editor, and when you're done, hit "Save"!
  3. Your article will not appear on the front page immediately; instead the officers will be notified it is waiting submission, so that they can check it and approve it for publishing to the Fleet News section.

This is an area where you guys can really help the officers out by generating content yourselves, and show off your creativity to everybody. Please take full advantage of it!
- Ens. Zarius Kessler
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