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TOPIC: //INVREP - Zakuulan Battlecruiser

//INVREP - Zakuulan Battlecruiser 1 year 3 weeks ago #17840

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Investigating Personnel:
Sergeant Major Eskkaar Ragnarson, Knight-Staff Sergeant Gloridenis Rexicalus, Knight Sergeant Kakyro Migon, Corporal Lexihes Ryan.

Derelict and abandoned Zakuulan Battlecruiser (Eternal Class Battlecruiser)

Stated objective included: Information gathering related to the ships previous role in the Zakuulan Remnant's naval force, and general information gathering with emphasis on Remnant activites and plans.

Investigation was conducted on 26/04, at 19:30 standard hours until 22:30 standard hours.

Related Documentation:

- Sergeant Major Ragnarson found Ranbaan to have been the ships previous visit, prior to the ship board droid captain gained free will and decided to resign the ship from service.
- Knight Staff Sergeant Rexicalus located the onboard cargo manifest, however with contact being made with an unkown force user, this information was not shared at the time.
- I managed to activate a tracking device console leading to information regarding a second Zakuulan warship seperated from the Remnant fleet. This ship is named the "Crucifix" and is drifting in deep space some several hundred parsec from our current location, with these coordinates being the ones downloaded from the tracking console: xxx-xxx-xxx. The ship is currently drifting at low sublight speed and is without a set trajectory.

Kakyro Migon
Marine Expeditionary Unit
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