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TOPIC: //INVREP: Zakuulan Activity on Manaan

//INVREP: Zakuulan Activity on Manaan 10 months 1 week ago #17816

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Investigating Personnel:

CORSS/Capt. Yasra, B.
COMEU/1Lt. Faulkner, M.
STM/SSgt. Ren, L.
STM/SSgt. Rexicalus, G.
ACM/Cpl. Ryan, L.
NIO/Spc. Brintar, C.
STM/LCpl. VEL, D. Jnr.


Investigation into Eternal Empire Remnant activities; acquisition of relevant information from broker source.


⚫ Ascertain new information about Zakuulan activity from information broker.
⚫ Retain information broker as intelligence asset on good terms


20:03:24 ATC

Related Documentation:

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Information received from broker informant via datapad and conversation. Summary of information as is follows:

⚫ There are reports of a new embassy being opened on Manaan, though its existence is being kept largely a secret.
⚪ The Embassy has been constructed on a remote artificial island in the middle of the Manaan ocean, far away from Ahto city. Construction has recently finished.

⚪ The precise location of the embassy and the surrounding facility is unknown to most, except for the Order of Shasa, who administer access to and from the embassy.

⚪ A specifically chartered selkath shuttlecraft travels to and from the embassy via a secure hangar bay in Ahto City. The shuttlecraft and the relevant hangar bay are controlled by the Order of Shasa.

⚪ Those wishing to gain access to the hangar bay in order to travel to the embassy must present a valid travel visa. Visas are available from the Order of Shasa directly, however, one might be able to acquire visas through other means if the Order declines your visa request.

⚪ There is no information about any personnel, equipment or vehicles stationed at the embassy, though it is clearly operational and inhabited.

⚪ There is a very large amount of communications traffic emanating from the embassy’s location, although this is heavily encrypted.
⦿ The broker has been able to intercept a portion of these transmissions, however, she has been unable to decrypt them or ascertain anything of value for them otherwise.

⚫ The Eternal Empire Remnant has recently reached out to the Order of Shasa and the government of Manaan.
⚪ The Eternal Empire Remnant has applied for various permits to allow them to purchase and export kolto from designated trading posts in Ahto City, in accordance with Selkath law. These permits have yet to be approved.

⚪ The Eternal Empire Remnant has dispatched a small delegation to Manaan to conduct diplomacy and facilitate trade.
⦿ With scattered reports of Remnant aggression and pro-Zakuulan uprisings, the Selkath people are extremely wary of any Zakuulan presence on Manaan.

⦿ These fears have only been confirmed by the warning message sent by the Resistance from Belasco orbital station about the impending invasion, prior to communications disruption. In response to these rising tensions, the Zakuulan entourage has left Ahto City, though it is unclear if they are still on Manaan.

⚪ There appears to be no significant Remnant military presence in Ahto City, and there are no Zakuulan battlecruisers or starships in the Pyrshak star system.

⚪ The government of Manaan has issued a very conservative statement acknowledging the Eternal Empire Remnant as a successor state to the Eternal Empire, in addition to mentioning opening diplomatic channels with them and negotiating for kolto exports.

⚪ The Order of Shasa has not issued any public statements about the arrival of the Zakuulan entourage, or contact with the Eternal Empire Remnant.
⦿ The Order of Shasa previously worked with the Revanites, bringing together defectors from both the Republic and the Sith Empire under the Reborn Revan’s leadership.

⦿ The Order of Shasa’s cooperation with the Revanites was ended when a strike team sabotaged the underwater base from which the Revanites and the Order of Shasa were operating.


There are reports of Remnant activity on Manaan, in addition to heightened secrecy surrounding the existance of a new embassy on the planet, apparently under the control of the Order of Shasa.

Whilst there appears to be no definite connection between Remnant activity and the Embassy, in the opinion of this officer, it is suspicious enough to warrant further investigation.


Braya Yasra
Commanding Officer, RSS Empress Teta
First Expeditionary Fleet

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