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TOPIC: //MEETTRANS: Eternal Empire Remnant briefing

//MEETTRANS: Eternal Empire Remnant briefing 11 months 21 hours ago #17745

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Recording: Eternal Empire Remnant briefing. 2000 hours, 14/03, Bridge, RSS Empress Teta

<<Recording Begins>>

<<The natural thrum of the RSS Empress Teta fills the background of the recording, punctuated by the shuffling sounds of arriving crew and the beeping of the bridge consoles>>

Yasra: Thank you all for coming on such short notice. I’ve received an urgent communique from the Admiralty, regarding a developing situation in the Expansion Region. This comes straight from the top; from the Director of Naval Intelligence. Information strictly on a need-to-know basis.

<<Addendum: Coordinates for planet Belasco appended.>>

Yasra: Last month, Naval Intelligence received scattered reports of unusual activity within the Expansion Region, concentrated at sectors within The Slice, specifically there’s been disruption to regular interstellar travel, reports of unusual socio-political activity on planets within the region, as well as several unconfirmed sightings of military vessels.

Yasra: Two weeks ago, one of the Republic’s deep space observatories and long range sensor arrays detected an extremely large volume of coordinated hyperspace travel within that region. Based on the hyperwave signatures, Naval Intelligence has been assessing the number and trajectory of there ships, and has concluded that this is a large naval force that is being gathered. Alerts were issued to the local sector defence fleets, as well as several other units within the Republic Navy. Patrols in the region, as well as allied intelligence gathering, were increased.

Yasra: Ninety-six hours ago, approximately seven hundred ships emerged from hyperspace in the Belascan star system and proceeded to blockade the system’s inhabited world, Belasco. These ships appear to conform to Eternal Fleet designs. Shortly thereafter, both the Belascan government and the Republic Diplomatic Corps received messages from this fleet, claiming to represent the ’Eternal Empire Remnant’.

Yasra: Seventy-two hours ago, Republic diplomats were dispatched to the system along with a small fleet acting as an escort detail. The diplomats promptly made contact, attempting to ascertain who we are facing, and what they want. The Remnant has issued a statement, claiming that the blockade is a necessary act for the protection of Belasco and its people, and by extension, the rest of the citizens of the galaxy.

Yasra: They claim that they have enacted this blockade to prevent the spread of the Belascan super bacteria, and to import medical supplies and other aid to the planet. These claims...have yet to be verified. But, we do know that an outbreak of infections relating to this superbacterium is imminent. According to the information we have about the Belasco system, there’s a native strain of bacteria that causes moderate to severe sickness when individuals are infected. The infection can be lethal in some cases.
Yasra: However, the bacteria is also notoriously resilient, and whilst individual specimens and strains can be guarded against and subsequently immunised, the bacteria rapidly changes and returns, every seven years. It should be noted that the galactic economy has.. Deteriorated quite significantly in the past seven years. Although this pandemic has persisted on Belasco for as long as we have records of the planet’s history, the planet has never been in such a dire state. I don’t think I need to explain the impact of six years of Zakuulan rule, and the destitution wrought by the Eternal Throne.

Yasra: Regardless of the apparent legitimacy of concern about the next outbreak - which seems to be imminent - we are still not sure whether this is the true motive for this blockade. According to the Director, Intelligence analysts on Coruscant are worried that this is a pretext for a planetary coup; to establish a pro-Zakuulan government on the planet, and extend the Remnant’s influence.

<<Addendum: Contact Naval Intelligence with regards to current sensor data of Belasco system.>>

Yasra: Republic and Zakuulan diplomats have convened on the Belasco orbital space station to conduct emergency negotiations. Despite our attempts to negotiate some kind of withdrawal from the system, the Remnant has refused all our offers.

<<Addendum: Also with regards to current security footage of Belasco orbital space station.>>

Yasra: Twelve hours ago, Remnant representatives walked out of a major talk for the first time, and the negotiations are at risk of collapsing entirely. That’s where we come in. Admiral Reugen has issued us new orders. We are to depart Coruscant immediately and dispatch an away team to Belasco to safeguard the Republic diplomats, and if necessary, extract them.

Yasra: So as to avoid provoking the Remnant’s fleet, the Empress Teta will remain several lightyears out of range, in deep space, and instead, the away team will proceed in a single Defender-class corvette in diplomatic colours, on loan. The Away Team’s objective will be to find the Republic diplomats, and ensure their security. As a secondary objective, the Away Team is to gather any and all information they possibly can about the Remnant, its forces, and its goals.

<<Addendum: Request full engineering schematics of Belasco orbital station.>>

Yasra: Though this mission has been cleared by Republic High Command, Admiral Reugen has orchestrated it so that we are the ship put forward. We are the flagship of the Resistance, and therefore, we can’t -and won’t- hesitate if conflict should arise.

Yasra: With that in mind, every effort should be taken to ensure that our identity as members of the Resistance is secured. Though Zakuulan influence has waned with the Eternal Empire’s fragmentation, no doubt, the Remnant has allies and assassins in the Core Worlds that would target us, if our identities become known.

Yasra: Finally, for personal protection, and to safeguard against infection, the Away Team will deploy in full combat armour, sealed, and using their helmet rebreathers to filter air. Similarly, movement between the corvette and the space station - or the planet’s surface - will require deontamination.

Yasra: We are to depart Coruscant immediately. Mission orders will be issued within twenty-four hours, and the Away Team will be deployed within forty-eight hours. This conludes the briefing, and I’ll open the floor to any questions.

Yasra: Sergeant Major Ragnarson.

Ragnarson: Sir, I presume that the Defender’s airlocks have been specially rigged or checked to provide suitable decon factilities. I’m unfamiliar with the specifics of the craft.

Yasra: Yes, the craft is on loan from the Republic Diplomatic Corps, and has been specifically outfitted for this mission.

Yasra: Yes, Lance Corporal?

Grant: How important are these Republic diplomats exactly…? As in, how far is Command willing to go to retrieve these assets if we are met with, for example, heavy resistance?

Yasra: We are to do everything within our power to safeguard the diplomats lives, however, we also wanted to avoid any unnecessary risks, or escalating the conflict. Hopefully, by sending a single, small team in to extract the diplomats, we will avoid conflict. Should you encounter heavy resistance, you are advised to call for reinforcements. There’s not much we’ll be able to do against a fleet that size, but we are capable of delivering a swift hit-and-run rescue mission, if necessary.

Yasra: Yes, Darren?

Darren: I know it’s rather sudden, sir, but have any preparations been made in the event of worst case scenario and someone contracts the bacterial strain? Would rather not have another ‘Casshern’ on our hands.

<<Addendum: Review Empress Teta data logs. Reference:’Casshern’.>>

Yasra: Yes. In addition to the corvette, we’ve also taken receipt of a cache of specialised medicines and vaccines, intended to help lessen the risks of infection, or help treat it, should it occur. The vaccines are derived from older strains of the bacteria, so they won’t be completely effective against the latest strain, but they should provide a modicum of resistance.

Yasra: Ragnarson.

Ragnarson: A couple of questions, sir. First, will the Away Team be vaccinated before departing?

Yasra: Absolutely. The vaccines are being unloaded and delivered to the medical bay as we speak.

Ragnarson: Sir, the Diplomatic Team. Do we have a list of personnel, their capabilities, if they have a close protection detail, current location and any challenge response protocol for an emergency situation?

Yasra: We do. Precise details will be included in the mission orders, to be issued via the fleet datanet. The Diplomatic Corps is operating from a Thranta-class frigate, and two converted Wanderer-class transports. They have shuttlecraft, a small starfighter escort, and a personal security detail. Though more numerous than the Away Team, the security detail has neither the specialised training nor the equipment to deal with matters if the situation gets out of hand.

Yasra: As for the diplomats themselves, we have a list of names and personal information to correctly identify them. It’s also worth mentioning that, although most of the diplomats are not, the lead negotiator is an agent aligned with the Resistance.

Ragnarson: If the situation deteriorates and we need to extract the Diplomatic party, who has operational control? I’d rather not the have the Commanding Officer of presumably the Thranta-class corvette overrule our orders.

Yasra: As we’re acting with both the authority of High Command and the Resistance, the Away Team has operational discretion; the diplomats and their security detail should defer to the Away Teams directions and orders. Similarly, I expect the starship captain’s will be fairly cooperative.

Ragnarson: Aye, sir. Thank you.

<<Several seconds pass in silence.>>

Yasra: Very well, then. Given the nature of this mission, Away Team members will be selected from volunteers. There is approximately twenty-four hours until we will be in position in the Belasco sector; any volunteers should be spoken for by that time.

Ragnarson: I volunteer.

Yasra: Duly noted, Sergeant Major. I appreciate your sense of initiative. Anyone else who wishes to volunteer should make themselves known via a note on the fleet datanet within the next twnety-four hours. Thank you for your attention; you are dismissed.

<<Recording Ends>>

<<Addendum. In attendance: Captain Braya Yasra, Corporal Kethal Darren, Corporal Lexihes Ryan, Corporal Kordall Bas’Katar, Specialist Col Brintar, First Lieutenant Margo Faulkner, Sergeant Major Eskkaar Ragnarson, Knight Staff Sergeant Glordenis Rexicalus, Knight Sergeant Kakyro Migon, Sergeant Jeriath Serasai, Lance Corporal Avron Grant >>
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