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//MEDFIL: EMPTETA_ALL 1 year 4 months ago #17682

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//Processing personal identification.
//Cross referencing serial number.
//Confirming security details and clearance level.
>> Complete.
//Accessing medical database.
>> Displaying medical files regarding the crew stationed onboard the RSS Empress Teta.


A - Able crew
P - Pilot
I - Intelligence
M – Marine

Current Crew Records:

M – First Lieutenant Faulkner, Margo
M – Sergeant Major Ragnarson, Eskkaar
M – Staff Sergeant Targen, Aldylas
M – Staff Sergeant Rexicalus, Gloridenis
M – Staff Sergeant Ren, Lucasta
M – Sergeant Serasai, Jeriath
M – Sergeant Migon, Kakyro
M – Lance Corporal Grant, Avron
M – Lance Corporal Vel Jnr., Dolthé
M – Lance Corporal Kanaki, Vabri
M – Lance Corporal Illusive, Illantium
M – Lance Corporal Kassic, Jaron
M – Lance Corporal Foreman, Ferfried
M – Private O'niel, Alex
M – Private Valrayn, Deserak

A - Captain Yasra, Braya
A - Corporal Darren, Kethal
A - Corporal Ryan, Lexihes

I - Specialist Brintar, Col

Former Crew Records:
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//MEDFIL: EMPTETA_ALL 1 year 4 months ago #17724

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Personnel ID:
Sergeant Major Eskkaaar Ragnarson, Marine Expeditionary Unit, RSS Empress Teta

Serial Number:

Personnel File:


Physical Description:
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Height: 182 centimeters
Weight status: 91,3kg
Temperature: 36,7 °C

A lot of bite marks found on the lower extremities (inflicted by wildlife during his stay on Corstris) as well as three scars on his back inflicted by blaster shots. There’s also a jagged stabbing scar caused by vibro knife on his abdomen. Noticeable facial burn. There’s been skin grafted onto it, allowing for full recovery in terms of functionality, though cosmetically it can still be seen.
6th Battalion Tattoo on his right shoulder.
No apparent cyanosis, pallor or flush. Warm and dry peripheries with no disconcerting signs.

Respiratory and Cardiovascular Health:
Heart rate: 47 beats per minute
Blood pressure: 118/71 mmHg
Blood Type: AB Rh(D) positive
Respiratory rate: 14 breaths per minute, 98-99% SpO2

At the time of examination, patient experienced mild discomfort from palpation to his lower thorax. Nothing of note – patient mentions it’s probably from the sparring session the day before. No abnormalities or asymmetry regarding the chest wall.
Observed no pulmonary dysfunction. Patient breathed steadily throughout the examination without the use of accessory breathing muscles. No pleural effusion or pulmonary consolidation/edema to be heard.

Easy identifiable pulse at both the carotid and radial artery. At simultaneous palpation of the radial artery the pulse happens at the same time. Likewise, the apex beat is easily felt through palpation at the fifth intercostal space/midclavicular line. Unable to feel any heaves or thrills. Auscultating each of the four heart valves, no murmurs to be heard.

Musculoskeletal Health:
Examining the patient’s range of motion and ability to move, there’s found to be no restrictions. No pain or discomfort originating from any of the larger muscle groups or joints. No fractures, muscle lacerations, dislocations or other injuries.
The jagged stab wound (see physical description) limits him slightly after prolonged stay in the field – mentions feeling numb around it - but doesn’t hold him from performing his duty.

Abdominal Health:
No abnormalities felt nor observed – apart from aforementioned vibro knife scar. No pain or discomfort related to the examination. Both his gastrointestinal and renal systems are fully functional.

Sensory Awareness:
Nothing to see within the eyes, nor the ears, that’d be cause for concern. No deformities or malformations. Full extraocular movement, and the cranial nerves related to the eye function as should.
Hearing test performed and shows no loss of hearing (slightly better right side than left, but minimal) – perfect hearing.
Same goes with the visual test; excellent eyesight and normal visual field, nothing to note.

Mental and Neurological Health:
There’s no reason to suspect any physical damage to the Central/Peripheral Nervous System, apart from a few isolated areas due to previous injury. They do not affect the function of the body as a whole.

Regarding the Sergeant Major’s mental health, he describes a traumatic event while deployed to Corstris (potentially multiple, though special note on a particular ambush). He speaks of frequent nightmares that at first came every other day, but through time the intervals between each subsequent nightmare has increased, now happening every two or three weeks. Mentions having two over the past month.
Brings up that certain triggers (sounds, smells, etc.), may set off memories of the ambush. Neglected to inquire about frequency.
Can’t otherwise recall any other mental concerns.

Chronic Conditions and Medications:
Doesn’t suffer from any chronic conditions.
Has a tube of standard pain killers that he uses for the occasional headache. No other medicine usage.



N/A – forgot to ask the patient. Bring up at next examination, or earlier if necessary.
Look through old records to see if there’s any stored information that’ll be of use.

Diet and Habits:
He’s never smoked and only drinks on few occasions. No signs of spice abuse, or regular use of any other pharmaceutical drug and/or chemical substances. Mentions having no bad habits.
Patient’s state of nutrition is normal and leads a healthy lifestyle with plenty of exercise. No noticeable deficiencies in terms of iron, vitamins, iodine, calcium or magnesium, thanks to the wonderful cooks onboard.

Additional Comments:
The overall physical state of the Sergeant Major is excellent going by the results of the examination. Outside the mentioned nightmares and episodes linked to the traumatic event, there’s no reason to suspect any underlying mental illness, though it’s something to keep a close eye on in case it progresses into something potentially harmful.
He’s been informed he’s always welcome to contact any of the Medical Personal, at any time, should the need arise. No further comments.

Medical History:
Archived treatment files of Sergeant Major Eskkaar Ragnarson
Archived medical file of Sergeant Major Eskkaar Ragnarson
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