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TOPIC: //ACTREP - Cygnus's Blossom

//ACTREP - Cygnus's Blossom 1 year 1 week ago #17660

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Operation Codename:
Cygnus’s Blossom

Dates & Times:
02.02.18 2000 hrs to 2400 hrs


Sequence of Events:

- RSS Empress Teta entered searching pattern for the Cygnus’s Blossom
- RSS Empress Teta discovered the Cygnus’s Blossom and attempted hailing, no response
- RSS Empress Teta continued the hailing process revealing our intention to then stop the ship and board it.
- The Cygnus’s Blossom started taking evasive action to avoid the ion shots fired from the RSS Empress Teta after all previous escalation phases had failed.
- Upon hitting the Cygnus’s Blossom Gunnery Sergeant Ragnarson prepared the boarding team consisting of the noted personell.
- Staff Sergeant Ren and myself inserted near the auxiliary power controls with the objective to secure it.
- Two (2) of the hijackers was located down here and was subsequently detained by Staff Sergeant Ren and myself.
- With these hijackers was also a pair of droids that was neutralised as the auxiliary power room was breached.
- On site interrogation of the captured hijackers revealed that one of the original crew of the Cygnus’s Blossom had fled further into the freighter after having been injured by one of the hijackers.
- Gunnery Sergeant Ragnarson’s team located what is believed to be the injured crew member on one of the lower decks whilst Staff Sergeant Ren and myself were making our way up the other decks clearing them.
- Upon securing one of the data rooms onboard we encountered what seemed to be an assassin droid and an additional protocol droid. Both droids where neutralised by Staff Sergeant Ren.
- Staff Sergeant Ren and myself had no further encounters of note whilst clearing the ship and thusly made to regroup with Gunnery Sergeant Ragnarson
- Upon regrouping with Gunnery Sergeant Ragnarson, Private Brintar was questioning the presumed crew member before evacuation.
- As Specialist Ryan made it clear that the state of the injured crew was deteriorating, Specialist Ryan and myself was ordered to make for the hangar and help evacuate the injured woman, who had at this point fallen unconscious.
- Private Brintar, not satisfied with the answers he had received from the woman, at this point raised his gun and aimed at her. Gunnery Sergeant Ragnarson at this point confronted Private Brintar and ordered myself and Specialist Ryan.
- Upon reaching the hangar Specialist Ryan loaded up with the injured woman and made for the RSS Empress Teta whilst the remainder of the team remained onboard to prepare for towing and to ensure no further hijackers were left onboard.

Objectives Achieved/Failed:
***Primary Objective*** - Achieved

OPFOR Damage:
Ten (10) Hijackers captured
(Unknown number) Droids neutralised/destroyed

ALFOR Casualties:

Additional Notes:
- It would be reasonable to assume that one of the hijackers had experience in slicing, as no reports indicated them bringing their own droids onboard the Cygnus’s Blossom.
- Why the assassin droid was located onboard is still a mystery. It is possible that this was smuggled onboard prior to the actual hijacking or that the Cygnus’s Blossom was ferrying more than just exotic cargo.
- Private Brintar’s actions should be reviewed, however as I was not present in the room after Specialist Ryan and I had made for the hangars, I do not know how Gunnery Sergeant Ragnarson decided to handle the situation. As such a disciplinary report or recommendation from him is suggested.

Kakyro Migon
Marine Expeditionary Unit
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