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TOPIC: //MISORD - Cygnus's Blossom

//MISORD - Cygnus's Blossom 1 year 1 week ago #17647

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Mission Background:
As part of our patrol of the Coruscant System we've been asked to assist an on going CSF investigation. 32 hours ago a medium sized freighter - Cygnus's Blossom - was stolen from a spaceport on Hesperidium, the luxury resort moon that orbits Coruscant. The starship was due to make a delivery of exotic products from the colonies, these goods would fetch a hefty price on the open market, not to mention the stolen freighter. During its escape it is believed the craft was damaged, specifically the hyperdrive as no hyperspace jump was detected. We are to lend our sensors to the search for the starship and apprehend it if possible.

Mission Objective(s):
1) Actively scan for craft matching the missing freighter's signature.
2) Apprehend the Cygnus's Blossom.
3) Board the Cygnus's Blossom and arrest any persons aboard (It is believed there are no civilians aboard, but the CSF cannot guarantee this.).
4) Either pilot or tow the Cygnus's Blossom back to Hesperidium, where a detachment of the CSF is currently investigating the theft.

Mission Orders:
- If the Cygnus's Blossom is encountered it is to be neutralized by the use of ion weaponry. Either employed by the RSS Empress Teta or the CAP (Combat Air Patrol).
- Once neutralized the Cygnus's Blossom is to be boarded, following all protocols regarding such an action.
- Lethal Force is not authorised, and will only be employed in extreme circumstances. All boarding parties will be instructed to apprehend any persons aboard using non-lethal force. As such all boarding parties should only take non-lethal weaponry aboard.
- Arrested persons will be transferred back to secure holding on the RSS Empress Teta.
- The Cygnus's Blossom will then be piloted or towed by the Empress Teta back to Hesperidium where it and any persons held in custody will be handed over to the CSF.

Anticipated Threats:
- Security footage obtained from the spaceport on Hesperidium indicates that the freighter was stolen by at most ten individuals.
- No persons were killed during the theft, the most the crew received was minor assault injuries.
- At best the thieves are armed with a mix of civilian grade weaponry.
- Not one was in possession of any military grade combat armour, at best some may have civilian grade blast vests.

1) CORSS-CMDR-Yasra.B - Direct command of entire operation.
1) COMEU-1LT-Faulkner.M - Direct command of any boarding operations.
2) XOMEU-GYSGT-Ragnarson.E - Second in command of boarding operations.

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