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TOPIC: //GENMES - Supply Status RE: Operation Forgotten Cry

//GENMES - Supply Status RE: Operation Forgotten Cry 1 year 4 weeks ago #17595

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Supply Status RE: Operation Forgotten Cry

Mister Ontrello,
Please find below a list of supplies that may be used to provide aid to the settlement on Generis. While the list is not exhaustive, and there are more available, I hope you will appreciate that right now my time is severely limited. That being said, I have arranged for you to have limited access to the Quartermaster’s stores, in the likely event that I am unavailable. I will have a sample of the fresh produce we have recently been supplied with brought out of cryo-storage for your perusal.

- Wk'ou melon
- Meileroon fruit
- Roonan lemon
- Grapefruit
- Goldfruit
- Manta pear
- Geldan sun-apple
- Shef’na fruit

- Revwien lettuce
- Celto
- Kinyenian Silvergrass
- Ojomian onion
- Calarantrum
- Ferroan spinach
- Kibla greens
- Jandarra
- Bith bean
- Cenwick
- Millaflower
- Bloddle
- Topato
- Radni
- Rishi corn

- Bantha rump
- Bantha steak
- Bantha-veal
- Roba steak
- Traladon steak
- Traladon rump
- Nerf brisket
- Nerf sirloin
- Nerf shin
- Nerf rump
- Nerf flank
- Dolo-fish
- Frella fish
- Marlin
- Marmal-fish
- Trout
Please be advised, Mister Ontrello, that while we are well stocked with the items listed, our supplies of fresh produce will begin to run thin within weeks. Nevertheless, access to such supplies are yours. I look forward to seeing the results.

Aldylas Targen,
Marine Expeditionary Unit
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