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TOPIC: //ACTREP - Mortar Attack on Oradam Village

//ACTREP - Mortar Attack on Oradam Village 1 year 1 month ago #17564

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Operation Codename:
Mortar attack on Oradam Village

Dates & Times:
12/1 - Mid Afternoon, engagement lasted approximately twenty minutes.


Sequence of Events:
- Began training of personnel in use of basic emplaced weapons.
- During the exercise Oradam village came under mortar attack.
- I ordered Specialist Ryan and Private Brintar to assist civilians into the village's garage which I had been informed by members of the local garrison was hardened against such an attack.
- Lance Corporal Migon was ordered to get to the nearest high ground as quickly as possible to locate the hostile mortar teams.
- Meanwhile, I roused the Mantellian garrison, preparing them to defend the village in case the mortar attack was a prelude to an assault.
- Specialist Ryan began to treat injured parties within the relative safety of the garage and continued to do so throughout the engagement, directing civilians and Mantellian soldiers to aid her efforts.
- Lance Corporal Migon was able to locate the hostile mortar teams, after which he employed the force to protect the village, deflecting a large percentage of shells to land outside of the village walls.
- Myself and Private Brintar quickly formulated and enacted a plan to flank the hostile mortar teams after acquiring a pair of RH1-Light Missile Launchers from the garrison stores.
- Upon successfully flanking the hostile forces we engaged their position with twin strikes from the RH1's. Charging their position afterward and neutralising all hostiles.

Objectives Achieved/Failed:
- Emplaced Weapons Training - Failed.
- Defense of Oradam - Achieved.

OPFOR Damage:
- 9 Separatist Militia - KIA
- 3 Separatist Militia - In Custody, Injuries treated.

ALFOR Casualties:
- 4 Civilians - KIA
- 23 Civilians - Wounded. 3 Critical and MEDEVAC to RSS Empress Teta for urgent trauma care. Will be medically transported to Worlport Memorial for continued care once stable.
- 3 Mantellian Troopers - KIA
- 8 Mantellian Troopers - Injured

Additional Notes:
- All personnel reacted extremely well to an immediately unfolding situation and carried out their orders with precision.
- Specialist Ryan is to be commended for delivering necessary medical aid in adverse conditions, especially as the only medical personnel available.
- Lance Corporal Migon is to be commended for sacrificing his own personal safety in deflecting the mortar shells from the village.
- Private Brintar is to be commended for keeping a cool head and applying his particular skill set to the task at hand, greatly increasing my own efficiency in neutralizing hostile forces in the AO.
- Recovered two Mortars than had originated from Fort Garnik stores, further details on how the separatist militia acquired the weapons is unknown at this time.


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