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TOPIC: //ACTREP: Ord Mantell Training

//ACTREP: Ord Mantell Training 9 months 1 week ago #17535

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Operation Codename:
Ord Mantell Training 07.01

Dates & Times:
07.01.18 2000 hrs to 2230 hrs


Sequence of Events:
Following the action that took place on 07.01 I feel the need to write down an individual report. What transpired seem to be an ordinary sabotage mission, however the result might have more severe repercussions than anticipated.
The chain of events are as follows:
After being briefed on the objective by Staff Sergeant Aldylas Targen the squad set out to the landing zone and point of infiltration into the separatist base. Upon gaining entry to the complex Gunnery Sergeant Eskkaar Ragnarson eliminated one guard standing in front of the elevator down into the primary base structure.
Following our entry to the underground level we moved swiftly forward, breaching a central control room and taking down any separatist presence in the room. Upon breaching and storming the room our cover was blown, and the base put on alert meaning that from there on out our squad was engaged up until our exfiltration.
Our primary objective consisted of locating their armoury and blowing it up, and acquiring any information we could about the separatists. As we arrived at the location of the armoury myself and Staff Sergeant Targen split up from the squad and moved to secure the upper levels whilst Gunnery Sergeant Ragnarson lead the remainder of the squad to secure the lower levels.
Upon securing both levels explosives were placed in the upper armoury by myself, and in the lower levels by Staff Sergeant Lucasta Ren. How Staff Sergeant Ren placed her explosives I can not account for, but I placed my explosives with the intent of the most damage possible to the armoury, whilst leaving most of the building intact. However, as we made our exfil and detonated the explosives the entire complex collapsed in on itself after the explosions.
This brings us to the issue in the report, because housed in the base complex was also a small treatment area housing at least two kolto tanks. This treatment area was not swept for any wounded prior to exfiltrating the area and as such any injured treated there will also have perished as the building collapsed. As per the Laws of War injured are treated as non-combatants and causing their deaths in situations that could be avoided might in the worst cases be considered a war crime. Whilst we have no way to confirm if there was indeed any wounded being treated there at the time of the assault, I feel there is a need to address the fact that no action was taken, be it by myself or my fellow marines, to ensure that the facility was indeed empty.
In a side note, Gunnery Sergeant Ragnarson wished to write this down as collateral damage, however given the possibility of this having been avoidable I do not recommend writing it down as merely collateral damage until all reports have been reviewed by the appropriate personnel.

Objectives Achieved/Failed:
***Primary Objective*** - Achieved

OPFOR Damage:
(Unknown number) Separatist forces killed
(Unknown number) Separatist forces injured

ALFOR Casualties:

Additional Notes:

Kakyro Migon
Marine Expeditionary Unit
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