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TOPIC: //MISORD: Ord Mantell Training

//MISORD: Ord Mantell Training 9 months 4 weeks ago #17437

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Mission Background:

Ord Mantell has had a heavy military presence since its colonisation over eight thousand years ago. And while its civilian population has grown, it remains a valuable outpost and supply depot for the Republic Navy. While the Empress Teta is resupplied, Command has granted permission to conduct training exercises on the surface, in order to test both our new recruits and experienced personnel.

Mission Objective(s):

Primary: Engage in Naval training exercises across the surface of Ord Mantell

Secondary: Ensure the resupply of the Empress Teta

Mission Orders:

Operational personnel will shuttle to the surface of Ord Mantell, and take up residence in the barracks at Fort Garnik.

Over the following days, personnel will conduct cross-divisional field exercises including, but not limited too:
•Asset Recovery
•Infiltration and Extraction
•Covert Operations

Upon completion of training exercises, personnel will return to Fort Garnik for debrief and departure, after ensuring the success of the resupply of the ship.

Anticipated Threats:

While the insurgency on Ord Mantell has largely been put down, there will be a constant threat of separatist activity while we are on the ground. The one exception may be Fort Garnik, however you are advised to continue to be vigilant within its walls.

Most Mantellian fauna are docile, however one brutal exception is the native reptilian Savrip. While largely unintelligent, Savrips are inclined to combat, and given the creatures massive size and reach, it is advised that all personnel give them a wide berth.


1. CORSS/CMDR Braya Yasra
1. COMEU/2LT Margo Faulkner
2. XOMEU/GYSGT Eskkaar Ragnarson
3. STM/SSGT Aldylas Targen

Mission Dates & Times:

OUTPORT JUMP - 3/1 1000 hours

TRANSIT - 3 hours, approx

INSYS JUMP - 3/1 1300 hours, approx

INSYS DROP - 3/1 1730 hours, approx

OUTSYS LIFT - 9/1 2330 hours. Deadline

OUTSYS JUMP - 9/1 2350 hours.
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