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TOPIC: //ACTREP: Kell Dragon Hunt

//ACTREP: Kell Dragon Hunt 1 year 3 months ago #17225

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Kell Dragon Hunt
2100 hours, 14.07.17. OHS 1782-03

Knight Lance Corporal Kakyro Migon
Specialist Thorrek Veras
Specialist Lexihes Ryan
Private Col Brintar

Sequence of Events:
Knight Migon, Specialists Veras and Ryan and I left the village heading north. It was rather unnecessary to track the beast, as Pethe’Kuuhn had already given us a description of the location of the beast's lair, and our own now extensive knowledge of the island.

Entering the cave, Specialist Veras swept right, around a pool of viscous, green, bubbling liquid, in which around a dozen ovoid objects of various sizes were secreted. I took to the left of the cave, towards a similar pool. Specialist Ryan took up position by the mouth of the cave, while Knight Migon took the centre, striding forward and engaging the beast with a Force-thrown rock.

Knight Migon was the beasts focus throughout much of the fight, and for good reason, using his lightsaber to great effect on the beasts soft underbelly, sweeping up to attack its neck and head when opportunity arose. Specialist Veras and I alternated fire, concentrating on the beast's eyes and mouth while Knight Migon was below, and towards the underbelly while he was atop the beast. Knight Migon continued to receive several crushing blows from the beast's tail throughout the fight, but did not waver.

Some time into the battle, the beast swept its tail towards me, however it was naturally unwilling to risk damaging its incubating eggs, and I was able to retreat towards Specialist Ryan. There was another sweep of the tail, deftly dodged by us both, before Knight Migon engaged the beast’s attention again.

The beasts next target was Specialist Veras, however, given that he was safe beyond the pool of eggs, the Kell Dragon could do little. I took the opportunity to carefully pick off several stalactites, which crashed down upon the beast, Knight Migon wisely staying clear.

Knight Migon then leapt upon the beast, finally drawing the battle to a close with his lightsaber skills. Unfortunately, the felled dragon fell upon him, trapping his left arm beneath its head. Through our combined efforts, Specialist Veras and I helped free him.

Specialist Ryan spoke harshly to Knight Migon, questioned the Jedi Order’s teaching, and returned to the village alone, and without proof of the Kell Dragon’s death.

Knight Migon cut four horns from the beast, as well as a sizable chunk of the beast's hide. Specialist Veras covered the cave entrance while I aided Knight Migon in removing his ruined chestpiece. We then returned to the village with the horns.

Objectives Achieved/Failed:
End the Kell Dragon’s threat - Achieved.
Return with proof of the Kell Dragon’s demise - Partially Achieved


- Knight Migon suffered several crushing blows that his armour took the brunt of, however blunt force trauma may become evident overnight. Knight Migon has also lost the use of his cybernetic arm. I am unsure as to whether we have the expertise to repair it, however I do not know the engineering section well, and refer the matter to Chief Dyston.

Other notes:
- Presence of several dozen Kell Dragon eggs reported to Pethe’Kuuhn.
- Beast’s carcass presented as a gift to the village, several of Pethe’Kuuhn’s warriors have begun escorting teams to the cave to help dispose of the beast, and the eggs.
- Knight Migon’s chestpiece sent to the Empress Teta, for attention of the Quartermaster. It is unlikely to be repaired in time for other operations, however according to Sergeant Targen’s audit, a spare could be sent down as a matter of urgency.
- Knight Migon’s condition is under review, however should no trauma present itself overnight, I would recommend he be returned to active service despite the disadvantage of the temporary lost use of his cybernetic arm. However, such a diagnosis is, of course, up to the medical staff.
- Sample of beast’s hide transferred to the Empress Teta for analysis.

Col Brintar,
Naval Intelligence
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