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TOPIC: //ACTREP: Surveillance Equipment Placement

//ACTREP: Surveillance Equipment Placement 1 year 3 months ago #17222

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Surveillance Equipment Placement
2100 hours, 08.07.17. OHS 1782-03

Knight Lance Corporal Kakyro Migon
Private Col Brintar

Sequence of Events:
Knight Migon and I left the village heading northwest, with the intention of scouting the slavers remaining camp on the west of the island, and to place cameras at strategic points in order to obtain information on the slavers movements.

We followed the river across the island, theorising correctly that we would meet little to no slaver activity, and leaving no tracks, eventually reaching a second, northern entrance to the camp. This entrance is far less guarded than the eastern entrance the away team originally scouted, and I was able to place one camera in the treeline with a good view of the nearby landing pad.

We continued downriver until we reached the sea, before following the coast south. Migon alerted me to the presence of a heavy anti-air cannon near another landing pad, questioning its purpose given the natives have not achieved powered flight. I placed another camera overlooking the landing pad before we moved on again.

We moved slightly further out to sea to obtain a larger view of the base and where to place further cameras, discovering two more anti-air cannons along the coastline. We moved in to place another camera aimed at the highest platform in the vicinity, on which terminals can be seen. I posit that this is Lagarrian’s command hub, though given that we have not properly scouted the interior of the camp, this is merely conjecture at this stage.

Yet further down the coast was another landing pad near to one of the anti-air emplacements, where I managed to set up a fourth camera. We then retraced our route as best we were able, until we reached familiar ground, whereupon we placed a final camera overlooking the entrance the away team originally approached, on the east side of the camp. We then returned to the village and informed Commander Yasra of our missions success.

Objectives Achieved/Failed:
Scout western base - Achieved.
Emplace surveillance equipment - Achieved.
Do not alert enemy to presence of operational personnel, or surveillance equipment - Achieved.



Other notes:
- Presence of further native captives is unconfirmed at this time.
- Total number of anti-air emplacement is likewise unconfirmed.
- Camera’s transmissions boosted to compensate interference also suffered by the Empress Teta’s sensors. This is likely to have a detrimental effect on the equipment itself. Speculated time until camera burnout is placed at 76 hours from activation.
- Live camera feed is being transmitted to my datapad, and also transmitted to the Empress Teta archives for recording and further analysis by those aboard.
- Requested replacement of filters on both Knight Migon’s and my own helmet, given the continued submersion in saltwater. Sent both helmets to the Empress Teta. Both Knight Migon and myself are currently confined to the village until our helmets are returned, though this should be in time for any operations.

Col Brintar,
Naval Intelligence
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