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TOPIC: //ACTREP: Cage sabotage

//ACTREP: Cage sabotage 1 year 3 months ago #17221

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Cage Sabotage

2100 hours, 5th July.


Knight Lance Corporal Kakyro Migon

Sequence of events

I made my way out into the jungle and towards known slaver territory. Having previous knowledge that their patrols utilize speederbikes to get around quickly, I brought along com equipment from one of the dead slavers from a past engagement to use as bait. Upon locating a patrol with speeders I placed the slaver com device on one end, within audible range of the patrol and relocated to someplace where I could observe the patrol as I made a fake communication with the slaver com device. As expected by the lesser trained slavers they all made their way to check on the noise, leaving their speeders undefended for me to borrow.

As I made it to the southern island it seemed that no slaver patrols had been alerted to what had just happend, as there were no visible slavers out searching for me, even as I came closer to the slaver camps. While this could give light to my theory that the slavers are running low on manpower, I made no attempts to scout out the camps, deeming it an unnecessary risk to take at the time.

However, as I progressed through the island, I came across a number of cages, nine in total, all occupied by what I assume is a local variant of the Krakja species. Fearing I might injure the predators by using my lightsaber to cut them up, I instead decided to use the grappling hook and its winch function to open the cages while I positioned myself somewhere above the cages. With mixed success, as a total of two of the Krakjas made a leap at me, forcing me to put them down. Whilst I was unable to bring these two Krakjas back with me, efforts were made to attract other predators to feed on them. Besides the two Krakjas attacking me, a total of seven Krakjas were rescued back into the wilds.

As a precaution and preventative measure I also used my lightsaber to destroy and leave a clear mark upon all cages once their occupant had been released.

Objective Achieved/Failed

Located and empties nine trapping cages - Mission objective achived.


- None


- Deep cuts as a result of claws penetrating the thinner armor on the gauntlets
- Claw marks on chestplate of the armor, no penetration.

Treatment Recommendation

- Standard Jedi Training include teaching in selfhealing and treatment of minor wounds, no other treatment necessary.

Other notes

- Speederbike borrowed on a permanent basis

Kakyro Migon
Marine Expeditionary Force
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