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TOPIC: //ACTREP: Grophlet Tracking

//ACTREP: Grophlet Tracking 1 year 4 months ago #17203

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Grophlet Tracking

2100 hours, 5th June. OHS 1782-03

Gunnery Sergeant Eskkaar Ragnarson
Knight Lance Corporal Kakyro Migon
Private Col Brintar

Sequence of Events:
Gunnery Sergeant Ragnarson and I approached an agitated female native near the Chieftain's perch. Establishing this was our contact, we engaged in a short series of questions to determine the facts of our mission.

Approaching the site where the natives Pairing Amulet went missing, we quickly realised the futility of tracking a single infant grophet from the many tracks pressed into the damp earth. Fortunately, Knight Migon arrived shortly after. I posited that, given the likely size of the missing amulet, the Grophlet may have been in some distress, had it been consumed. Knight Migon was able to sense a Grophlet in such circumstances some distance away.

Finding a small herd of Grophet, along with the potential target, Sergeant Ragnarson quickly ascertained that the missing amulet had not been eaten, but was in fact tangled tightly around the infant front legs, thus causing its anguish. Tempting the creature with a ration bar, Sergeant Ragnarson managed to hold the infant while I attempted to remove the amulet.

This caused the Grophlet to panic, and I was thrown backwards, having been struck in the head by the flailing animal. It then proceeded to escape from Sergeant Ragnarson, though was unable to get far before the Sergeant leapt upon it and cut the cord from its legs, before releasing the infant, which now seemed relieved.

Knight Migon, meanwhile, along with Private Safion, who happened to be returning to the village along our route, had been attempting to calm the others of the herd. While they did not seem to be successful, the Grophet’s nevertheless remained placid throughout the incident.

I returned the amulet to the native, and explained about the cut cord. However, as we theorised, the plaited leather was of no great concern to the native.

Objectives Achieved/Failed:
Located and returned missing native Pairing Amulet.


Col Brintar,
Naval Intelligence
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