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TOPIC: //SCOREP: South-western base of operations

//SCOREP: South-western base of operations 1 year 4 months ago #17188

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Scouting Report, south-western base of operations, OHS1782-03 (grid reference AT24-8)

For the purposes of this report, I am making the following designations:
Lagarrian’s waterfall camp, designated Site Aurek,
The northern island camp, designated SIte Besh,
The southern islands western camp, designated Site Cresh,
Lagarrian’s group of offworlders, designated Salvagers.

I am assuming, due to the similar interference, and the proximity to the Salvagers other bases, that Site Cresh is also part of the same group, and refer to them accordingly.

<<Addendum. Low flying shuttlecraft observed crossing the jungle from the direction of Site Aurek towards Site Cresh, adding credence to the theory above.>>

The security of Site Cresh is more formidable than either of the others in terms of defence. Most of the south and west borders of the camp are naturally defended by large rock formations, and the northern border is comprised of a long wrecked Republic ship. The Salvagers have constructed a crude but serviceable wall from scrap presumably from the Republic ship.

A large section of deck grating has been fashioned into a basic gateway. In my time here, I have yet to see it close, suggesting the Salvagers keep it open. North of this main gateway is an opening in the wall. While this opening does not boast a gate, it has been consistently guarded at the times I have been able to observe it. Outside this gate is a communications node, and a secondary landing pad built from sturdy local wood.

There is, however, an unguarded way into the camp, by scaling the rocky outcrops to the south. I did not explore the full extent of this possible gap in their defence for fear of being spotted. I did, however, observe several more communication nodes in a small hollow to the south west.

Most of Site Cresh, from what I was able to observe, is comprised of small shacks suspended in the tree line, with crude, scrap bridges and platforms running between them.

Curiously, I did not observe many crates, like those at Site Aurek, therefore I posit that Site Cresh’s supplies are delivered via shuttle from another site.

<<Addendum. Several small groups of Salvagers observed heading into the Republic ship, returning between 30 and 45 minutes later. It’s possible that the ship acts as a depot.>>

Other than the communication nodes, I have yet to observe any technology that may account for the interference in the Empress Teta’s scans. However, it’s possible that the nodes may have been configured to obscure the ship's sensors, or the source of the interference is located inside the Republic ship.

There seems to be little evidence of salvage being stored at Site Cresh, however, this too can be explained by the fact that I have been unable to explore the Republic ship, which undoubtedly would be the main source of scrap in the area.

I have seen no evidence to suggest any of the native population or other slaves are incarcerated at Site Cresh. However, as I have stated previously, the possibility exists that the Republic ship contains more than scrap and supplies.

<<Addendum. The coastal route I took to return to the FOB revealed several more communications nodes. I am rapidly becoming convinced that these nodes are not what they appear to be, as our current intelligence about the Salvagers does not suggest the need for so much comm equipment. These nodes also appear to be the favoured grounds of some of the local fauna, suggesting the frequencies emitted by the equipment attracts certain wildlife. I was unable to investigate further without backup.>>

Col Brintar,
Naval Intelligence
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