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TOPIC: //MEETTRANS: OHS 1782-03 Planning Meeting

//MEETTRANS: OHS 1782-03 Planning Meeting 1 year 5 months ago #17183

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Recording: OHS 1782-03 planning meeting. 2000 hours, 17/05, Mess Hall, RSS Empress Teta

<<Recording Begins>>

<<The natural thrum of the RSS Empress Teta fills the background of the recording>>

Yasra: “Migon, Brintar, Ryan. Good evening. I hope you’ve all been keeping well. As you know, our supply situation is presently good, and we still have resources left over from our trip to Blackstar station. “

Yasra: “However, these resources are being steadily depleted, and we need to do more to further our long-term sustainability. In particular, we need to get to work on the hydroponics bay, and soon. “

Yasra: “Though our present food inventory should last us until construction of the hydroponics bay is complete, we still need to have a complete growth and harvest cycle before we have replacement food items in our inventory.”

Yasra: “And, frankly, we have no idea when this might be. It’s entirely down to how soon we can finish the hydroponics bay and get planting, what crops we plant, and how well the cycle goes.”

<<Quiet footsteps on the metal deck can be heard some distance from the recording device.>>

Yasra: “Naturally, for our first cycle, we must be realistic about what results we can hope to achieve. As time goes on, hopefully, we’ll be able to continuously improve until we can feed a majority of the crew’s nutritional needs through the hydroponics bay alone.”

<<Some small amount of noise can be heard, the clatter of crockery and cutlery>>

Yasra: “To that end, I’ve called this meeting to discuss our options and priorities. I wanted to keep things more casual so as to encourage more discussion; this isn’t exactly an op-ord breifing, and I’d like to hear as many ideas as possible.”

<<The sound of the Mess Hall door opening, followed by footsteps approaching, the door closing.>>

Yasra: ““Ah, Rex. Welcome.”

Gloridenis Rex: “Commander Yasra, apologies for my tardiness.”

Yasra: “Not to worry. We’ve only just started. Now, over the past few weeks, I’ve been sending out small scouting parties to adjacent systems on recon details. Most of them have come back negative, but a few turned up potential results.”

Yasra: “The most promising lead we’ve identified to date is a tropical planet within the ...Oh-Hach-Ess One-Seven-Eight-Two-Dash-Zero-Three (OHS 1782-03) System.”

Yasra: “The star system is due north of Hutt Space, technically within the Sith Empire’s territory, as it’s relatively close to the Thanium sector. However, with the Ash Worlds being of comparatively small strategic important, the Empire has never maintained a strong border or military presence in the region, so, we shouldn’t run into any trouble.”

Yasra: “Our recon mission to the planet came back with positive survey samples. Beyond the basics of a type one oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere in a comfortable temperature-pressure range, we found very broad life readings.”

Yasra: “Very broad. Most of the archipelago that we surveyed was teeming with flora, primarily thick jungle, and we managed to collect about a dozen samples of the local plantlife for analysis.”

Yasra: “Though there’s potential for raw materials and plant life to help with the hydroponics bay, I wanted to put the idea to you as a group for discussion, before we commit to an expedition. Thoughts?”

<<A clink of glass, and pouring of liquid.>>

Rex: “Well… We’ll need to set down at some point if we’re going to handle finding the things we need. All things considered, we could do worse than a comfortable world supporting jungles.”

Yasra: “Of course. The variety of plant life present is promising, and there should be some varieties that will make for good crops, or domestication. It’s certainly one of the lushest worlds we’ve surveyed recently.”

Brintar: “Have the recon teams found any sign of local fauna we should worry about?”

<<The scraping of ceramic on metal.>>

Yasra: “The survey didn’t spot any particularly dangerous fauna, but then again, the survey was only targeting one part of an archipelago; there’s likely large concentrations of diverse wildlife in the thicker parts of the jungle.”

Yasra: “We just haven’t got accurate information on what exactly they might be. Given the system’s relative isolation and the apparent lack of any colonies or permanent settlements, it’s unlikely we’d encounter immigrated or imported species.”

Migon: “Seems strange for the Empire to just leave a planet untouched.”

Yasra: “Perhaps. Though, I checked the star charts and the databanks for this system, and it’s well off the beaten tracks, far from the EMpire’s geopolitical interests.”

Yasra: “From what I could gather, the system used to be part of one of the old Tionese Empire’s in the Pre-Republic era,though, that was tens of thousands of years ago. Anything else of note about the system has been forgotten by history.”

Brintar: “Am I correct in thinking we do not have any operational probe droid on board, Commander?”

Yasra: “Sadly not. We didn’t have any probe droids in our original cargo manifest when we boarded, nor have we built or acquired any since. Though a remote probe survey would easily reveal much more to us, we simply haven’t the probes to launch.”

Yasra: “Hence, we’ve had to resort to sending out small scout teams to conduct sensor sweeps and manually collect samples.”

Rex: “It’s too much to ope we’d be able to salvage equipment like that, considering how valuable they are this far from civilisation for people like us.”

Faulkner: “Speaking of salvage…”

Migon: “Maybe not. If I remember my history correctly the old Tionese Empire did utilize droid forces. There might be some part salvage that could be welded together.”

Ryan: “Or some ancient hostile droid active…”

Rex: “With such a large time gap, I’m not certain how much use they’d be, and active droids feels like a relatively small possibility.”

Faulkner: “I was part of the scouting party. The planet wasn’t only promising for fertile lands. Our original landing site put us right beside a wrecked vessel.”

Faulkner: “It was old….a century, at least, if not longer. But it -was- a Republic vessel.”

<<The sound of the Mess Hall door opening, followed by footsteps approaching, the door closing.>>

Safion: “Greetings everyone. Am I late?”

Faulkner: “I expect the parts to be outdated, if they are salvagable at all. Still there could be something worthwhile…”

Migon: “Military of civilian vessel?”

Yasra: “Welcome, Safion. Good evening. Please, take a seat. We were just discussing viable leads on more resources for the hydroponics bay.”

Faulkner: “We weren’t able to discern that. We found a segment of the drive section, a few turbines… We were able to walk through a cross section of one of the decks. The Republic insignia painted on the floor, now our ceiling was essentially our only clue. Further investigation would yield more, I expect, but the scouting team hadn’t the time nor the equipment.”

<<A clink of glass, and pouring of liquid.>>

Safion: “ Thank you, Commander.”

Rex: “Well, even if we don’t find much in the way of salvage, exploring and mapping this vessel may reveal what it is, and its purpose.”

Ryan: “And...in that first scouting...you didn’t find bones or...other remains from the vessle’s crew?”

Faulkner:”Those matters are beyond my care, and outside the scope of our needs. Our objective is to prevent this crew from starving, not exploring old ruins and solving forgotten mysteries. Leave that for when the Resistance is disbanded.”

Brintar: “Considering the atmosphere has been confirmed to be breathable, I would suggest simply going down and establishing a temporary base for us to use to explore, forage, hunt, etcetera. We can only do so much in orbit, after all.”

Yasra: “Assuming we can find a reasonably safe area for a forward base on the surface, it would seem like the most logical approach. With a more complete scan from orbit, we could probably identify the most promising locations and plan accordingly.”

Faulkner: “A secondary scouting team then? Send a party down to identify and secure an appropriate location to work from.”

Migon: “The crashed vessel could make an excellent FOB. Clear it out of possible predators and we have ourself a roof and windtight walls.”

Faulkner: “Possible. We might want to consider an area of high ground, as an alternative. The section of vessel we encountered was wedged within a gully.”

Yasra: “Either way, we would need to send a scout team to the surface to verify any potential locations for a forward base. Once we’re established on the surface, we can begin ferrying down personnel and equipment in shuttles to set up a supply chain for materials and resources we collect during our….excursion.”

Brintar: “A terrain scan is simple enough. With your permission, sir, I can set the ship's sensors to map the archipelago overnight.”

Safion: “I can help with analysing the results, sir.”

Yasra: “Permission granted. I’ll have a course laid in for the system; from our present location, it should only take a few hours to arrive.”

Yasra: “Oh, Doctor Ryan. This might be of interest to you and the medical team. The preliminary plant samples that we recovered from the surface seem to indicate a compatible biology with other cultivated plants from around the galaxy.”

Ryan: “Hmm...those are good news it will make our job a lot easier, sir.”

Yasra: “I know xenobiology isn’t your specialty, but in the absence of a professional, I would appreciate your input and analysis regarding the toxicity and edibility of any plantlife we bring back.”

Ryan: “Of course, we wouldn’t want to intoxicate anyone with these new plants.”

Yasra: “Naturally. Make whatever preparations you need to in order to begin your analysis of the sepcimens we recover. On a similar note, as it seems we are proceeding with this expedition, I’d advise all departments to begin making the appropriate prepartions.”

Yasra: “I’ll contact Dyston and have the engineering teams ready our shuttlecraft and what tools we have so work can begin as soon as possible.”

Yasra: “Although we aren’t expecting any trouble, we should always be prepared. Faulkner, Rex; I’ll leave the security considerations and the distribution of our forces ground-side to you.”

Rex: “Understood, Commander.”

Yasra: “Safion, Brintar, I’ll direct you two, along with out other Intelligence operatives, to focus on reconnaissance and scouting. We’ve a whole planet to search for the resources we need, and we’ll need all the help we can get to find them.”

Safion: “Aye aye, sir.”

Brintar: “Understood, sir.”

Faulkner: “Timeframe, Commander? When do we drop?”

Yasra: “Assuming we can get a good run up the Triellus trade route, we should be there within a few hours. Adding in time for orbital scans and team prep, I’d say we should be good to go in about twenty hours or so.”

<<Alert: Quartermaster informed of operation. Sending known planetary information. Request appropriate kit.>>

Faulkner: “Very well. I’ll have the advance team ready to deploy tomorrow evening. I presume we’ll be setting down on a part of the planet that’ll give us enough daylight to work with...morning to mid afternoon. I’d recommend the away team rest well. It’ll be a long day.”

Yasra: “Indeed. We’ll prioritise locations on the day-side of the planet, so we can get to work as soon as possible. Are there any other questions or points people wants to raise?”

Safion: “Are any Enn-Eye-Dee (NID) operatives needed on the ground?”

Yasra: “Absolutely. As I say, there’ll be a lot of reconnaissance and scouting, and Naval Intelligence is the best placed to gather such information. On a more individual level, your finely attuned force sense could help us navigate the jungle.”

Safion: “I’ll start preparing my equipment as soon as we finish the scanning, sir.”

Yasra: “Very good. If there’s nothing else...we can bring the meeting to a close.”

Yasra: “Bridge - Commander Yasra: Lay in a course for the Oh-Hach-Ess One-Seven-Eight-Two-Dash-Zero-Three (OHS 1782-03) cluster and engage. Yasra, out.”

<<Recording Ends>>

<<Alert: Response from Quartermaster. Supplies/Hostile/Jungle/FOB/ClassificationAurek confirmed. Supplies/Hostile/Jungle/Recon/ClassificationBesh on standby. Supplies/Medical/FOB/ClassificationAurek on standby. >>

<<Addendum. In attendance: Commander Braya Yasra, First Lieutenant Margo Faulkner, Staff Sergeant Gloridenis Rex, Lance Corporal Kakyro Migon, Specialist Lexihes Ryan, Private Col Brintar, Private Safion>>

Col Brintar,
Naval Intelligence
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