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TOPIC: Objective : Hydroponics

Objective : Hydroponics 2 years 3 months ago #17106

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Objective: Hydroponics

The recent opportunity for trade and purchase offered by the shadowport, Blackstar Station, has widely been deemed a success. The crew of the RSS Empress Teta once more has access to fresh produce and medical supplies, specialised tools and equipment, and serviceable arms and munitions.

It has also, however, demanded a huge drain on the limited discretionary funds made available by The Architect. If the crew is to thrive and succeed in their near impossible mission, steps toward self sustainability must be made. Scavenging and hunting may have the potential to be bountiful, but carry unpredictable yield and incalculable risks.

After long discussion and counsel from various members of the crew, Commander Yasra has deemed construction of a Hydroponics Bay to be the highest priority for the survival of the Empress Teta.

Note: Items marked in Yellow may only be obtained under special conditions.

Raw Materials

Whilst the raw materials required to begin production will by far be the easiest resources to come across, they will also be required in the greatest volume. As such, fulfilling these objectives might not be as straight forward as they may at first appear.

Primarily referring to fertile soil and purified water, the subsection of Raw Materials also includes seeds or saplings from which supplies will be cultivated. These can be further broken down into three main subgroups; Fruits (edible), Vegetables (edible), and Saplings (oxygen production).

In order to facilitate an optimal rate of production in the small space available aboard the Empress Teta, only high quality, fertile soil should be brought back to the vessel. Scavenging parties should ensure a high positive readout on their analysers, zero toxicity rating, and should take steps to filter out any unwanted foreign materials and organisms.

• Soil: Fifty (50) Tonnes 30/50

Additional water must be sourced, existing separately from the Empress Teta's main drinking and hygiene supply, so as not to drain or contaminate basic supplies intended for the crew. Again, scavenging teams must take care to ensure that mineral and toxicity levels fall within optimal margins. A fresh water, running supply would likely require the least amount of treatment prior to collection.

• Water: Ten Thousand (10,000) Litres 399/10,000

Seedlings (Fruit)
Taking steps to ensure a wide variety of produce will be beneficial to the crew, both in terms of achieving guideline nutritional allowances, but also to prevent low morale with regards to stagnant or unchanging menu offerings. Early scavenging and horticultural teams are therefore recommended to collect at least one Fruit seedling from each of the following subgroups.

• Fruit Type: Berry (e.g. Boyy'lo, Wasaka berry, Beebleberry, Oi-oi)
• Fruit Type: Melon (e.g. Meileroon fruit, Wk'ou melon, Maroj melon)
• Fruit Type: Citrus (e.g. Sherbet fruit, Roonan lemon, Grapefruit, Goldfruit)
• Fruit Type: Stone (e.g. Sihan peach, Zherry, Dressellian prune, Ishi Tib-cracked coconut)
• Fruit Type: Tropical (e.g. Camba-fruit, Ioaa, Muja fruit, Slochan, Varos)
• Fruit Type: Other (e.g. Geldan sun-apple, Manta pear, Shef'na fruit)

Seedlings (Vegetables)
Just as with the recommended 'Fruit Type' selection, a diverse selection of Vegetables is equally as important. A healthy crew requires a variety of nutrients; fiber, calcium, vitamins and so forth. As such, scavenging and horticultural teams are advised to collect at least one seedling from each of the following subgroups, to appropriately satisfy these needs.

• Vegetable Type: Leafy (e.g. Revwien lettuce, Taba, Kiwip grass, Celto, Kinyenian Silvergrass)
• Vegetable Type: Root (e.g. Three-eyed Kinyenian potato, Calarantrum, Qiraadish, Ojomian onion)
• Vegetable Type: Cruciferous (e.g. Ferroan spinach, Kibla greens, Balka greens, Ootoowerg)
• Vegetable Type: Gourd (e.g. Sidi gourd, Jandarra)
• Vegetable Type: Legume (e.g. Antarian pea, Agamarian soybean, Bith bean)
• Vegetable Type: Herb (e.g. Cenwick, Spongewort, Millaflower, Bloddle)
• Vegetable Type: Other (e.g. Topato, Bellassan pepper, Radni, Rishi Corn)

The introduction of large woody plants will provide the crew with varied resources, such as some edible fruits, but also in timber and fibrous vines, which can be harvested and used as a crafting material. Certain flowering trees and shrubs also have bark and flowers that can be a source of certain types of naturally occurring pharmaceutical compounds. Finally, the addition of large woody plants to the hydroponics bay will aid with atmospheric purification and humidification, helping other, smaller plants to grow and subtly enriching the air the crew breathes.

• Sapling Type: Tree 1/3
• Sapling Type: Shrub
• Sapling Type: Liana


Creating a thriving farm, encouraging life to flourish in a completely artificial environment, is no easy task. The absence of natural sunlight, rain cycles and even insect activity means that in order to succeed, two clear things will demanded of the crew; Hard work and specialised equipment. Whilst the former can only be sourced from each individual crew member, the latter may be broken down into subgroups for ease of acquisition.

The most basic, and most useful, pieces of equipment in a budding farmer's arsenal are the following handheld tools. Unchanged in design over thousands of years of practiced agriculture, these irreplaceable staples require nothing more than honest sweat and effort to use.

• Ten (10) pairs of Protective Gloves
• Eight (8) pairs of Pruning Shears
• Four (4) Pitchfork 1/4
• Four (4) Long or Short Handled Hoe/Pickaxe
• Four (4) Shovel 1/4
• Four (4) Trowel
• Four (4) Yard Brush
• Two (2) Watering Can
• Two (2) Handsaw
• Two (2) Vibromop 1/2
• Two (2) Bucket
• One (1) Chainsaw

Water is necessary to sustain all life. This is especially true in an artificial environment. Though some nutrient rich soil will be used to feed and nurture the new growth, a hydroponics bay is designed in such a way that only a fraction of this resource is required when compared to a natural, planetside environment. Instead, water, enriched with minerals and nutrients, will continually feed and invigorate the multitude of crops.
To ensure maximum yield in minimum space, high levels of heat, light and humidity will be necessary. The latter will require specialised equipment, or creative thinking.

• Water Reservoir
• Automated Nutrient Infusion Device [Reservoir Mounted]
• Irrigation Channels
• Sprinkler System [Timed]

Most plantlife does not require a day and night cycle, and will continue to photosynthesize as long as light, water and an appropriate food source remains in place. Natural sunlight will always be preferable, as it contains a balanced mix of wavelengths for plant growth and blooming. However, artificial light can be just as effective if applied correctly.

• Fluorescent Lighting (High in blue wavelength light. Best for foliage growth.)
• Incandescent Lighting (High in heat, and red wavelength light. Best for flowering and fruiting.)


Constructing a functioning, well balanced Hydroponics Bay is only the first step towards repeated, successful harvests, and therefore the Empress Teta's much sought after self-sustainability. From the gentle tending and nurturing of fragile seedlings, all the way through to prepping the harvest for storage, there are multiple additional steps necessary for the upkeep of the fledgling farm. Some routine tasks or equipment are outlined below. It would be advisable to prepare appropriately for them prior to the first cycle of planting.

Though useful in a pinch, the cost of sourcing artificial fertilisers will serve only to act against the core point of the Hydroponics Bay's construction. Natural fertilisers will not only come at little to no cost, but also have the additional benefit of recycling some of the Empress Teta's organic waste through the use of composting bins. Food waste from the Mess Hall, along with solid waste from the sewage recyclers, can be repurposed here.
To that end, construction of a small Wormery will also be necessary. Scavenging teams must be very careful to obtain an appropriate species of worm, as well as being thorough in checking the organisms for unwanted parasites or diseases.

• Wormery
• Compost Bin

Gathering the produce is only the first step of the harvest. Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs, Funghi; All crops will need further preparation, washing and trimming before being sent away to their appropriate storage areas.
Should the crew be especially fortunate with their yield, facilities should be on hand to allow for the packing of precisely weighted crates, with the intention of using them for trade or barter.

• Harvest Workstation
• Accurate Weighing Scales
• Packing Station
Small Loadlifter

To ensure the level of food wastage remains at an acceptable minimum, it will be necessary to install appropriate means of storage. For the purpose of efficiency and accessibility, three distinct storage areas will need to be fitted. Ambient Storage; A simple series of shelves and containers meant for produce that may be stored at room temperature, and is intended for consumption within the immediate week. Refrigerator; A large, compartmented refrigeration unit, intended for temperature sensitive foods. Freezer Unit; A deep freeze unit, intended for long term storage. Particularly abundant harvests are likely to end up here, along with any packages intended for trade.
Careful, precise inventory must be kept on nearby terminals.

• Ambient Storage
Refrigerator 2/4
Freezer Unit

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Objective : Hydroponics 2 years 1 month ago #17154

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Event: Live
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Objective : Hydroponics 11 months 2 weeks ago #18576

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Garos IV: Marketplace Ended

The RSS Empress Teta is currently stationed near to Garos IV. The away team tasked with bartering at the marketplace have the following goods in their possession.

Sihan Peaches (2.5) crates
Camba Fruit (2.5) crates
Risan Glowblossoms (2) crates

Sidi Gourd (0.5) crates
Jandarra (0.5) crates
Beebleberries (2) crates
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Objective : Hydroponics 11 months 1 week ago #18578

  • Margo Faulkner
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