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The Fleet's Standing Operating Procedures (SOPs) are sets of In & Out of Character "roleplay regulations" that lay out any specific expectations the Fleet Command Staff has of members.  They cover many different aspects of how to correctly roleplay different, specific aspects of "shipboard life" that we aim to portray, from how Divisions are structured and who has seniority, to how Jedi serving in the military should be treated, and even to the correct format for reports and In-Character messages to be written.

Members should make themselves familiar with these regulations, and demonstrating the ability to follow and enforce them is considered a requirement for prospective non-commissioned and commissioned officers who wish to rise to higher rank and leadership position within the Fleet.  The current list of SOP sets is:


  1. Core Regulations - Basic operating procedures regarding the most fundamental aspects of ship-board roleplaying in the Fleet and how it is organised.
  2. Data Documents - Procedures and templates for writing and submitting in-character reports, files, orders, and messages.

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