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In return for the benefits of membership, we expect certain standards from those who wear the <First Expeditionary Fleet> guild tag. The following rules are expected to be adhered to by all members. Failure to do so may result in a Warning, Demotion, or Expulsion depending upon the severity of the breach:


1. Activity Requirements - How much time you put into playing SWTOR and being part of the guild is up to you, but we do expect a certain minimum level of activity from everyone to show that you're at least interested. Every active member must:

Login to their FEF character at least once per month
Attend at least one scheduled RP event per month

Anybody missing one of these two requirements will be mailed to confirm they are still active and interested in the guild. If a reply is not forthcoming within a further month, they will be removed from the guild. A post on the “Going Away Thread” on the forums is appreciated, particularly if you will be uncontactable for an extended period.


2. Conduct - We don't expect you to be a saint, and we don't expect you to share everybody else's sense of humour. Human beings inevitably get into conflicts, and tastes are relative. However we do expect you to be mature and reasonable. Take responsibility for your mistakes, praise others for their successes, and try to be helpful and honourable in your dealings with all people in the game.

Try to accept differences over minor IC or OOC issues, such as someone not wanting to interact or RP with your character. This is their right.

People who cause arguments, insult and harrass others, spread gossip and rumours, and generally create drama, will always be treated with a ZERO TOLERANCE approach in FEF.


3. Roleplaying - The golden rule in all our roleplaying is that IC Actions Have IC Consequences. This represents two ideas: first, that quality RP means accepting and playing out fully the repurcussions of what our characters do. If you get injured, you must roleplay your injury. If you pick a fight with a Sith Lord, you might lose an arm. Don't get your character into situations if you are not willing to accept the possible consequences. Heroism has its risks.

The second idea at work in this principle is that we should not "metagame" in RP: don't get OOC and IC mixed up. If somebody insults your character ICly, you should not hold an OOC grudge against them, and vice versa.


4. Star Wars Canon - Canon is extremely important to our guild's RP, and we will be strict in following it as roleplayers. Canon sets the important boundaries of our entire RP universe, and when a question arises of what is and is not possible in-character, we will always defer to Canon first. Despite most of the former expanded universe having been ruled non-canon by Disney, Wookiepedia is still a really useful resource.

This does not mean we expect every member to have a PhD in SW Canon, only to try to avoid contradicting it in their RP, and to accept when told by our Canon Scholars that they've erred, and adjust accordingly.


These are simple, common-sense rules which guide us as a guild in everything we do.  Remember them, and (role)play by them!


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