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Blastfield Shipyards


Security fears as insurgents raid Corellia

A Valor-class Republic cruiser has been stolen from Corellia’s Blastfield Shipyards. As Overwatch investigators leave Coronet City, it is still difficult to ascertain what happened here three months ago. What is known at this time is that a daring raid was carried out by unknown assailants, a raid that saw a long drydocked capital ship stolen from its resting place in the heart of Coronet’s Blastfield Shipyards.

Overwatch and Corellian Council representatives have largely declined to comment about the disappearance of the mysterious ship, some even going so far as to deny its existence entirely after reviewing Blastfield’s ship audit. The fact remains, however, that hundreds of dockworkers saw the Valor-class cruiser vanish into the Corellian sky, and the officer overseeing the shipyard has been reassigned off planet.

It was hours before ships of the Eternal Fleet appeared in the clouds above Coronet, as it seems the planets hyperwave transceiver, critical to sending and receiving information beyond the Corellian system, had been damaged in the raid. Pursuit of the stolen vessel, therefore, was impossible, and even now, the cruciform ships hover above the city as a silent reminder that the Eternal Empire, despite this blow, is still very much in control.

That doesn’t mean this isn’t an embarrassment for Corellia’s latest administration. Rumours abound that the shipyards air defences were also taken offline, allowing several renegade fighter ships to strafe the area. This in turn caused enough of a distraction for another team of seditious thieves to board the ship itself, subduing the loyal servants of the Eternal Throne and making their hasty departure.

A further remarkable facet of this whole episode is that, despite overcoming insurmountable odds, the mystery attackers do not appear to have killed a great number of people. Skytroopers, yes, but when encountering organics, the thieves largely left them unconscious, or seem to have circumvented them entirely. Whether this was an attempt to hide their movements without drawing the attention that blaster fire would, or a strange attack of morality during their heist, is unknown.

The question remains, how did a small group of insurgents gain access to a heavily guarded facility in the middle of Corellia’s capital? And what repercussions await the innocent dockworkers and guards who failed to stop them?

This is not the only instance of rebellious activity to strike back at the Eternal Empire of late. Several attacks have taken place against Zakuul itself, along with an arms factory on the desert world of Darvannis, and the recent damage caused to former Emperor Arcann’s treasury ship, The Gilded Star. Time will tell if the Eternal Empire will continue to live up to its name.