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New Evidence Found in Hunt for Vigilante

*A few bars of music play, the short and memorable opening theme for a Republic News Network broadcast*


Male News Anchor: Good evening. I’m Tykus Ondray.

Female News Anchor: And I’m Veeta Rokan.

Ondray: Welcome to your Six O’clock news broadcast this Primeday.

Rokan: More news from the Capital, now. It seems that Coruscant Security have made a breakthrough following their latest painful altercation with the 'Sector Seven Vigilante'.

Ondray: After weeks of planning, the local peacekeepers launched a seemingly successful sting, cornering the suspect. Despite early good news, the captive managed to escape, injuring a small number of officers in the process.

Rokan: The vigilante wasn’t able to escape completely unscathed, however. In the struggle, it seems that a piece of his armour was wrenched free, bearing some striking markings.  

Rokan: A spokesman for the CSF confirmed that the insignia is that of the long disbanded Six Battalion, lost after the fall of the RSS Gav Daragon. This should narrow their list of suspects to within a few thousand and, cross referencing with the evidence already gathered, they are confident that the identity of this masked criminal will soon be discovered.