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Outstanding Republic Navy enlisted personnel have been formally recognised for their achievements following the week long Senior Crewmember Leadership Course, smashing the course’s long standing records. An award ceremony to congratulate the course graduates was held at Admiralty Plaza and attended by Admiral Reugen.

The Senior Crewmember Leadership Course, colloquially known as the SCLC by Naval personnel, is one of the Republic Navy’s premier training courses, designed to push senior non-commissioned officers to the limits in order to assess their leadership skills and determine further potential.

Qualification from the course enables these NCOs to return to their units and adopt a wide range of additional command duties, often the course acts as a springboard for the NCOs that pass with high marks to apply for a commission and become officers.

The most recent batch of NCOs to complete the SCLC beat the previous mark average by a significant margin, setting a new standard for future course cohorts. The NCO who set the new course record, Petty Officer Armand Hugh (RSS Coruscant Dawn), was warmly greeted at the reception held at Admiralty Plaza by Admiral Reugen. PO Hugh had this to say:

“After all my years in the service, I have to say the SCLC has been one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had in the Navy. The calibre of the other guys and girls on the course was incredible. Despite everything going on in the galaxy right now, knowing that they’re out there serving on ships and at bases to defend the Republic makes me feel a little safer.”   

Narrowly missing out on the new course record was Petty Officer Tomas Dyston (RSS Resolute), who beat the previous record but closely missed out to Petty Officer Hugh. PO Dyston was not able to attend the reception as he was forced to return to his unit prior to classified operations, he was unavailable for comment.

Admiral Reugen, current commander of the First Expeditionary Fleet and a chairing member of the Republic Navy Admiralty Board following the Zakuul occupation, said the following at the reception:


“The dedication and level of skill demonstrated by this cohort of NCOs is nothing short of extraordinary. That being said, non-commissioned officers throughout the Fleet are the backbone of the Republic’s naval service as a whole. The NCOs here today represent a small proportion of the best of the best, and it’s these men and women that will help ensure the continuation of our grand Republic.”


-Republic Naval News Network