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Spate of Murders Attributed to Copycat

*A few bars of music play, the short and memorable opening theme for a Republic News Network broadcast*


Male News Anchor: Good evening. I’m Tykus Ondray.

Female News Anchor: And I’m Veeta Rokan.

Ondray: Welcome to your Six O’clock news broadcast this Benduday.

Rokan: A chilling update from the Capital this evening. After a string of murders in the name of ‘Justice’, it seems that a notorious copycat vigilante has left his latest victim alive, though seriously maimed. We turn to our correspondent in the field, Maysandre Tark, for the story.  


*The camera cuts from the studio broadcast over to a young, female reporter standing outside an imposing looking building.*


Tark: Thank you, Veeta.

Tark: I’m here once again at the Sector Seven headquarters for Coruscant Security. This time, however, my team have been refused entry, and the officers within have declined to comment on these latest developments.

Tark: Almost eight months ago, the combined peacekeeping forces of Coruscant Security and their Zakuulan attaché succeeded in capturing, and executing, an apparently dangerous vigilante known unofficially to the locals only as ‘Sparrow’.

Tark: However, it seems that death wasn’t enough to end his crime fighting activities, ones that had long split opinion between the citizens of this sector. Instead of delivering his captives to the doors of the headquarters behind me, the vigilante arisen has since taken matters further into his own hands. One by one, high profile suspects have been found dead, their faces covered.

Tark: Coruscant Security are adamant that this ‘Sparrow’ was appropriately dealt with all that time ago, and that the dramatic, harrowing change of tactics only reaffirms that what we’re dealing with is a copycat.

Tark: Despite these developments, it seems that this vigilante still draws a large number of supporters, particularly due to the Zakuulan or Underworld links of his victims. I’ve also heard unconfirmed reports that he is often seen to protect or even supply places of need, such as schools, children’s hospitals, or orphanages.


*The reporter pauses for a moment, lifting a hand to her ear.*


Tark: I am now able to reveal footage leaked today from an unspecified source within Coruscant Security itself. It shows part of an interview with the vigilante’s latest victim, this time left alive, though seriously maimed. I must warn you that the report may contain scenes that some viewers will find distressing.


*The camera cuts to a darkened room. An overweight, middle aged man cowers on the floor in the corner, despite the presence of a table and chairs. He can be heard to be mumbling to himself, though the words are unintelligible. An interviewer speaks, though he stands somewhere out of shot, behind the camera.*


Interviewer: Do you know where you are?

Victim: Throw away the key. Throw away the key. Somewhere safe. It isn’t safe!

Interviewer: What happened to you?

Victim: Took away my weapons. [Censored] said he’d took away my weapons. Said he’d took em both! [Censored] shot off my [Censored] hand! Took my [Censored][Censored]!


*The man wails and gurgles, wracked by rage, and fear, and tears. The camera shifts slightly, showing a bandaged stump where his right hand had once been, before focussing on his midsection. The man remains in a foetal position, his left hand shielding his groin.*


Interviewer: Who did this to you?

Victim: Monster! [Censored] Monster! It isn’t human. It isn’t. Can’t be. Six black wings. Beast was on fire, burned everything it touched. Monster. Looked at me with one eye… and you’re judged. You’re judged. It’s going to come back. It’s going to come back---!


*The man lunges for the camera, at which point the footage cuts out, returning to the reporter.*


Tark: That was Mr. Thaddick Groan, suspected of armed robbery, kidnap, and rape.


Tark: That’s all from me, and back to the studio.