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124 Dead. 362 Injured.

That is the current casualty report from Anaxes.

At this time emergency services have stated that they are unlikely to find anyone else alive within the rubble.

The number of dead is expected to rise as bodies are recovered, and some of the seriously injured succumb to their wounds.

I state the facts above in a plain manner not through apathy, but because there are no words that can better describe this injustice.


This Primeday at 8.32am a speeder-truck, we now know to have been packed with high explosives and a large amount of liquid accelerant, was parked outside of the Azure Spaceport on Anaxes. At 9.01am the explosives within were detonated remotely. The exploding vehicle and rapidly expanding accelerant combined to create a shrapnel filled firestorm, engulfing the entire frontage of the spaceport entrance. The shockwave was felt over a kilometer away. 9.06am, a large section of the Azure Spaceport, concentrated around the detonation site, collapses as the structural supports are crippled by the effects of the firestorm.

It is now Benduday, five days have passed since this deplorable act was carried out. One hundred and twenty hours in which emergency response teams aided by members of the Republic Military and students of the Anaxes War College have battled sleep deprivation, thirst, and hunger in an effort to save lives.

Throughout this week some hope was to be found at times, sweet nectar to those involved with the rescue efforts. Babies, infants and children pulled from the rubble. Covered in dust, often wearing that thousand yard stare that is normally only seen on the most battle hardened veteran. But alive.

Yet now these same men and women sit dejected, many with wet streaks running down their dust coated faces. The order has been passed down, rescue operations are to be stopped. No longer the frantic rush forward to find as many survivors as possible, risking their own lives among the unstable rubble. Instead to be replaced with the slow and methodic search for the victims of this tragedy, now aided by the rank upon rank of heavy machinery that has been awaiting the call.


The amazing thing? As I stand here reporting, not one has made an attempt to leave. Not a single person. They are beyond tired and caked in filth, yet they remain ready. Resting but alert, waiting for the recovery operation to commence. Willing to give their blood, sweat and tears so that those who remain within the rubble can be afforded that basic right of every sentient.


Dignity in death.   


I must now move onto darker matters and report to you the facts we have on the perpetrators of this base crime.


Later on Primeday a holo-vid was released via the holonet. Within it the group known as the ‘Republic’s Fist’ claimed responsibility for the bombing. An unidentified spokesman stated several times that they carry out these “Acts of Patriotism” to force the “Illegal” and “Unworthy” governing body of the Galactic Republic to surrender its authority, allowing the “Republic to rise once again!”

As you well know this is not the first attack that the Republic’s Fist has claimed responsibility for, in fact over the past four months no less than eleven terrorist actions have been linked to the group. The attack this Primeday puts that at an even dozen, with the casualty report for this one bombing overtaking that of the previous eleven combined.


In a statement released earlier today the Anaxes Security Forces and the combined Intelligence services of the Republic have committed themselves to stopping these terrorists, no matter the cost.


We can only hope that these men and women in uniform act swiftly, lest I be reporting from another scene of devastation.