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Security Forces put an end to Vigilante threat

*A few bars of music play, the short and memorable opening theme for a Republic News Network broadcast*


Male News Anchor: Good evening. I’m Tykus Ondray.

Female News Anchor: And I’m Veeta Rokan.

Ondray: Welcome to your Six O’clock news broadcast this Benduday.

Rokan: We turn to the Capital now, to catch up with our correspondent in the field, Maysandre Tark, and the eleventh part of her report from the headquarters of Coruscant Security and their fight against vigilantes.  


*The camera cuts from the studio broadcast over to a young, female reporter standing inside some sort of office. Beside her stands an older, stern looking man, clad in the Coruscant Security Officer’s Uniform. Beside him, another man, dressed in the Zakuulan Enforcer’s garb.*


Tark: Thank you, Veeta.

Tark: I’m here once again in the Sector Seven headquarters for Coruscant Security, where I’ve been following the fight to capture the final active vigilante operating in this sector.

Tark: With me now is Captain Foress Mitchum. Captain, I understand that there’s been a recent development with regards to your hunt for the People’s misguided hero.


*The CSF officer before her seems grizzled and worn beyond his years. He speaks in a low monotone, but his expression betrays some sort of defeat.*


Mitchum: Thank you, Miss Tark. *He pauses for a moment, before launching into his scripted response.* I am pleased to announce to the people of this sector that in the early hours of this morning, thanks to a combined effort between our own forces and those provided by Enforcement Officer Toross, we were able to activate a long planned sting and apprehend the individual in question.

Mitchum: Due to the inherent and immediate danger to life that this individual posed to our officers and to the general public, and as a response to the vicious crimes perpetrated by this individual, he was subsequently escorted to an undisclosed location and executed under section eighteen-besh of Zakuulan peacekeeping law.


*There is a momentary pause before the reporter makes her response. As she speaks, the Zakuulan Enforcer once more steps forward to take control of the situation.*


Tark: Exec-... How is that possible? How is that legal, Captain? There’s been no trial!

Toross: Our peacekeeping laws dictate that under extreme circumstances, our Knight-Enforcers may cast judgement. The situation was deemed to be volatile. It was dealt with appropriately.

Tark: Extreme circumstances? The man was in custody!

Toross: Where he still managed to murder three of my Knights, my best Lieutenant included, before the sentence was struck and his head removed from his shoulders. Yes, I would deem these to be extreme circumstances.

Toross: Our desire is only to protect your people. To show you the same peace and safety we enjoy on our homeworld.


*The reporter pauses once more. Though apparently unnerved by the situation, she continues on, ever the professional.*


Tark: I… Could you at least tell us about who he was? Perhaps shed some light on his… motivations?

Toross: No.


*The Captain steps in once more, turning the attention of both the reporter and the camera back onto himself.*


Mitchum: Perhaps… we can reconvene at a later time.

Tark: Yes, I think that might be wise. That’s back to the studio. Hopefully I’ll have some answers for you soon.