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Catch and Release

*A few bars of music play, the short and memorable opening theme for a Republic News Network broadcast*


Male News Anchor: Good evening. I’m Tykus Ondray.

Female News Anchor: And I’m Veeta Rokan.

Ondray: Welcome to your Six O’clock news broadcast this Benduday.

Rokan: We return to the Capital this evening, to catch up with our correspondent in the field, Maysandre Tark, and the fifth part of her report from the headquarters of Coruscant Security and their fight against rebellion and vigilantism.  


*The camera cuts from the studio broadcast over to a young, female reporter standing inside some sort of office. Beside her stands an older, stern looking man, clad in the Coruscant Security Officer’s Uniform. Beside him, another man, dressed in the Zakuulan Enforcer’s garb.*


Tark: Thank you, Veeta.

Tark: I’m here once again in the Sector Seven headquarters for Coruscant Security, where I’ve been following the fight against apparently dangerous individuals that seek to mete out their own ideas of justice across the streets of this sector.

Tark: With me now is Captain Foress Mitchum. Captain, thank you for taking a few moments from your schedule to speak with me once again. Can you give our viewers at home an update as to how this fight is progressing for you?


*The CSF officer before her seems grizzled and worn beyond his years. He speaks in a low, unenthusiastic monotone.*


Mitchum: Very well, in fact. We’ve been working for a good year, now, against this uprising. With the… guidance and assistance of Enforcement Officer Toross here… *He motions to the Zakuulan overseer at his side.* ...We’ve succeeded in capturing all but one remaining in the immediate sector. With the increase in… personnel on staff offered by Officer Toross, we anticipate the final outstanding to be brought in soon…

Tark: And what do the public make of all this?

Mitchum: I expect that they’ll be very pleased to finally have their streets considered safe to walk.

Tark: It’s interesting that you should say that, Captain. I’ve spent a few months here in the Capital, talking to the public about this. It seems that this elusive vigilante… this… *she takes a moment to check a small data readout.* … There’s not a singular name for him. Guardian, Justicar, Krayt, Sparrow… Captain Republic? Mmm, that’s a popular one, it seems, if a bit of a mouthful!

Tark: Whoever he is… One hundred and forty seven suspects, bound and delivered to the doors of this building. Every one of them with a container of carefully compiled evidence. One hundred and forty seven of them let free within a week. Thieves, smugglers, traffickers, murderers--


*The Captain speaks up, sharply cutting her off before she may continue.*


Mitchum: Evidence obtained in that manner is not admissable in any court of law. The authenticity of such cannot be proven, and has been necessarily destroyed in one hundred percent of cases.

Toross: Irrelevant…


*The Zakuulan overseer steps forward. His voice is calm, and deep.*


Toross: The crimes that were presented to us, were the crimes of collaboration with the Zakuulan Empire. As I am sure you are aware… There is no illegality here. The men were innocent, and were released.

Tark: So, you’re saying that--

Toross: Yes. I am. I believe this interview to be over, now.

Tark: I… That’s… all from me. Back to the studio.