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An end to War

Eight years of war come to an end. Blood, spilled for justice, for freedom, for peace, may finally cease its flow.

Alas, I predict no celebration, no banners to fly, no parade march, no crowds to line the walkways and embrace their fellow Republic citizens in joy.

Our battle with the Sith Empire has always been difficult. Indeed, there are countless among us who cannot recall a time when we weren’t preparing the next just strike against our heartless foe, or readying defenses against its ruthless grasp upon the free worlds. It has always been difficult. It has always been bleak. It has always been possible.

This last year, as I have no doubt that each of you is so intimately aware, has been unlike any trial the Republic has ever had to suffer. The Eternal Empire. So unexpected, and so powerful, an enemy. So much so, that it has succeeded in crippling the Republic and Empire, simultaneously, within barely a matter of months since its emergence from the unknown.

The Republic has never come so close to annihilation. Freedom has never come so close to annihilation.

And yet, it is our freedom that we must sacrifice, to broker our survival. Our lives. Word has reached the Capital that the Galactic Republic, and the Sith Empire, have forged a treaty with the Empire of Zakuul. There are to be limitations. The armed forces are to be all but dissolved, tributes are to be sent. Compliance will be ensured through power. The unstoppable fleet, impenetrable fortresses, ‘representatives’ to disguise the hard truth of occupation. Even now, I see the armed Zakuulan delegation arriving at the doors of the Senate, and I expect their numbers only to swell. The Republic must live on underfoot. The Republic must live on in oppression.


The Republic must live on.


-- Merrik Sc'oi, Republic News Network