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Coruscant Blockaded!

Once again, for the second time in a little over as many decades the capital of the Galactic Republic has been blockaded. However, this time it is not the forces of the Sith Empire, but the forces of, until only a few months ago, an unknown power residing in the depths of Wild Space. These forces have already severely crippled the Republic’s military forces and the shipyards capable of repairing and producing new ships. We can only assume the same has happened to the Sith Empire.

For the past several months, now using their vastly superior naval forces, they have begun blockading supply routes, even further reducing the ability of the Republic Military to launch an effective response and destroying the galactic economy in one fell swoop. Ultimately this has all been a build up to what has to be their greatest victory to date, the blockading of the Republic capital, and I have no proof but must assume they have already, or soon plan to blockade Dromund Kaas as well.


From the information we have been able to gather, and after pointed questions to the Admiralty, we understand that there has been no attempt to break the blockade at this time, nor are we even sure the Republic Navy could muster a sizable enough force to do so given the losses sustained. We also have reports from insiders within the senate that Supreme Chancellor Leontyne Saresh has already quashed an attempt by several key and well respected Senators to put forward a motion for an unconditional surrender to the hostile forces now blockading the capital.


Other reports from Coruscant are already painting a rapidly deteriorating situation, with the scenes of twenty three years ago being brought to the front of one’s memory. Isolated public disturbances have already been reported and apparently dealt with by the Coruscant Security Forces. However, unsubstantiated reports indicate that at least small scale riots have broken out in Sectors Y-86, J-74 and D-43 and the military garrison forces to assist with at least one of these events.

As the blockade continues the supply situation is only going to get worse, with mass starvation expected to become an issue within a month. We believe the military garrison and CSF personnel have already been ordered onto half rations, in an effort to preserve their ability to respond to any more incidents of civil disobedience, it is the belief of our security correspondent that this will drop to quarter rations before the first month of the blockade is over. However, these personnel are surely to fare better than the estimated one trillion civilians that reside on Coruscant, who have no official food reserves to fall back on.


Within living memory there has been no darker time for the Galactic Republic, or perhaps even the Galaxy. It is the belief of this journalist that with the losses sustained, the superior technology employed by the hostiles and their vast numerical advantage, that there is no hope for the blockade to be broken and for supplies to be restored to the Capital. Even if such a feat were possible it would only be a brief respite. I have been informed by the Anaxes Scientific Institute, that unless basic foodstuffs are returned to Coruscant, the casualty rate will be in the millions per week, if not billions.

Therefore, in an unprecedented move for myself, someone who has prided themselves on presenting the facts through their career with no bias, but also someone who has family on Coruscant; I implore those in power to consider all options for the relief of the Capital. Even surrender.


--Perth Benten, Republic News Network